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11 Basement Bathroom Wall Ideas

Do you want your bathroom to have a more refreshing look? As a homeowner, you might have thought of redesigning your bathroom walls. To do that, you must reach out to the artistic nature within you.

A well-designed bathroom has positive psychological effects. It can give you an environment where you can unwind and relieve stress. Not only that, it is a place that provides solitude and serenity. 

To have that tranquil, cozy atmosphere you yearn for, start with clearing off materials that cause clutter inside your bathroom. A tidy, spacious room is a plus. You will feel more relaxed without all that clutter in your bathroom.

Another way to create a warm, homey environment is through your bathroom wall decor. Check out this list of ideas. It can help you decide which style is appropriate for your taste. 

Lavish rustic bathroom with laminated walls and flooring with round mirrors and a white bathtub, 11 Basement Bathroom Wall Ideas

1. Rustic Bathroom Wall

A long white bathtub inside a wooden paneled bathroom wall

Do you have a strong vibe for the countryside? Well, this rustic bathroom wall design is the most suitable for you. 

Decorating your bathroom with a wooden wall paired with leaves or other rustic elements, like this pendant light, creates a more soothing environment. The peacefulness of the rustic style paired with natural beauty has a different vibe. 

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2. Use of Wallpapers

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A simple way to design your bathroom wall is with wallpapers. Peel and stick wallpapers are becoming common in this modern age. Luckily, there are some decorative materials you can use that are waterproof. 

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3. Biophilic Design

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One of the ways you could decorate your bathroom wall is by incorporating natural materials like plants and natural light. This is a modern architecture design that helps in emphasizing human’s inherent connection with nature. A mixture of green and white helps pull off this design. 

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4. Industrial Style

A big white bathtub inside a gray themed bathroom with a black cabinet vanity

Do you want to get in with the trend? Then, try out this industrial-chic design.

A way to achieve an industrial-style bathroom wall is with polished 3D concrete. Exposed structural elements and the use of found art are some appropriate materials you can use to pair with an industrial-style bathroom wall.

5. Paneling and tiles

Rustic and white bathroom color incorporation with a long white bathtub

If you wish to achieve a more luxurious bathroom wall, all you have to do is have a spacious bathroom with a certain amount of visual interest. An excellent way to do this is by using paneling as a design. One material you can use here is wood paired with tiles. 

6. Wainscoting and Wallpaper

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Wainscoting is a type of paneling. With this kind of design, all you have to do is to put wood on the lower half portion of your bathroom wall. This technique is not only for decoration but also has a protective function. 

Instead of using tiles on the upper part, you can use wallpapers that could truly capture the essence of what you like.

7. Hang Framed Art

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One way to truly spice up your bathroom wall is by putting decorative framed artworks. This activity could give you a lot of fun if you are interested in arts and crafts. Hanging every piece of painting or drawing you have done could give your bathroom wall a fresh look.

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8. Floor-to-ceiling Tile

A white bathroom interior with a glass shower wall with white fixtures and lavatory

The most common of all bathroom wall designs is this. You can do this style by covering your entire bathroom with tiles. White tiles paired with a daylight lamp is a great material you can use because it helps complement design as a whole. It is advantageous in a windowless basement bathroom to create the illusion of a sunlit room.

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9. Mural.

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If artistry runs deep in the family, all you have to do is use this talent. Painting the wall with any artistic concept you can think about is a way to have fun while designing your bathroom wall. An image of a tree branch with a blue background will suffice if you are interested in doing this kind of mural.

10. Custom Paint Job

Green painted bathroom wall with a wooden vanity matching the green marble countertop

This may be the easiest way to design or redesign your bathroom wall. All you need to do is grab that paint and start coloring the wall with whatever hue you like. You may use green if you want a more nature-vibe bathroom, or you could use any other color – whatever it is that will suit your taste.

11. Minimalist Bathroom Wall

Minimalist inspired bathroom with white walls, glass shower area with a big white bathtub

If you are a minimalist, this type of design will match your taste. White tiles can be used in order for you to achieve the simplicity and monochromatic aura of minimalism.

In Closing

Lavish rustic bathroom with laminated walls and flooring with round mirrors and a white bathtub

There are many ways to enhance and beautify your basement bathroom – framing, plants, wallpapers, tiles, lamps, and murals. Any environment that is part of a home should be functional, comfortable, and aesthetic.

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