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11 Black And White Living Room Ideas With An Accent Color

The black and white color combination is a classic one. This classic color combination is everywhere. But when designing your living room in black and white, you could add another hue to give it color.

Black and white living rooms can have bold-colored accents of your favorite color. Ensure that you balance the two hues in your living room. Designers encourage having 50/50 of both colors. This way, an accent color in a balanced-out black and white living decor will pop out!

Continue reading as we elaborate on the perfect accent colors for black and white living rooms. We also have pictures of the different accents you can choose from.

Monochrome living room with wood and grey tiling accents, 11 Black And White Living Room Ideas With An Accent Color

1. Barbie Pink

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Yes! Barbie fans can show their love for their favorite doll with Barbie Pink in their living rooms. A splash of pink on an accent wall coupled with sofa cushions is gorgeous.

2. Imperial Blue

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A stately yet comfy living room sofa or armchairs will make a black and white living room majestic. The calm and crisp imperial blue will balance the black and white hues in the living space.

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3. Spring Green

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Invite the fresh feel of spring to your living room with a dash of green in the living room. Put fresh leafy plants in huge pots to add color to the living room. Alternatively, small green bushy plants will work just as well.

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4. Mustard Yellow

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Mustard yellow is a mellower version of yellow that is more inviting. Comfort, relaxation, and homeliness are feeling associated with mustard yellow. Introduce mustard yellow shelves, floor pillows, and baskets into a black and white living area.

5. Passionate Red

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To add vibrancy, passion, and energy to a black and white room, use red. Designers suggest having an accent wall or a grand piece of furniture in red.

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6. Lovely Lavender

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If you seek silence and grace in color, go for lavender. Your living room will be able to come across as serene and graceful with a lavender or purple carpet or area rug. You can echo the lavender color with throw pillows or paintings in the room.

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7. Sweet Oranges

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Orange will bring joy and creativity within the confines of a black and white living room. Depict warm sunshine with hanging pendant lights in exotic styles. They will liven the contemporary interior without overwhelming it.

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8. Nature Brown

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Brown comes with a sense of earthiness to the black and white contemporary look in your living room. Brown shelves, fireplace mantle, baskets, coffee table, or a brown couch will add that traditional country yet modern vibe.

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9. Fancy Fuchsia

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Balance the black and white living room with fuchsia. Fuchsia will add a feeling of trust to a dull and gloomy living room. Little details go a long way. Fresh flowers and small accents might be all you need.

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10. A Golden Touch

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Bring a magical touch to a black and white living room with gold. Touches of gold here and there create a brush of the magical gold dust. You can use golden candle stands, luxurious throw pillows, picture frames, or flower vases.

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11. Grey Areas

Modern minimalism style drawing-room

Minimalism is trending and grey will assist you in achieving this goal. Grey is an ideal color that seamlessly intertwines with a black and white living room. It is perfect for those who prefer less dramatic and radical color splashes in their living space.

Final Thoughts

Adding color to black and white living rooms is easy. Ensure that you pick an accent color that goes with the dominant of the two colors in the living room.

Some accents colors will complement a living room with more black than white and vice versa. You can now confidently start designing your living space!

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