21 Hardwood Floor and Wall Combinations

In recent interior design trends, hardwood floors are making a mark in many homes. It is a timeless and elegant flooring option that suits any style of home, and its sturdiness is known to last for a very long time.

Hardwood flooring options have a lot of choices for stains, and this can make choosing the best wall color for your home a little difficult.

Choosing a complementary wall color with your hardwood floors can be simple. Hardwood floors are very flexible in design, and most classic wood stains will work well with different color schemes, particularly neutrals. If you’d like to see more inspiration for hardwood floors and walls, do continue reading as we’ve compiled some of the best for you.

Modern residential living room and dining room with mounted television, 21 Hardwood Floor and Wall Combinations

1. Birch Wood and Light Gray

Birch-stained hardwood floors are light in color and are perfect for homes that are a little smaller in size. This is because lighter elements tend to make the space look bigger and more spacious, and coupled with a light, neutral color such as light gray, the room will surely look bigger and more inviting.

Computer generated image of a luxurious and modern living room interiors

2. White Wood and Cream

Modern living room with sofa interior

For homes that would like to have a vintage feel to them, white hardwood floors come to mind. These white-washed hardwood floors look beautiful, especially for spaces that have big windows.

It’s a very neutral wood stain, making it easy to pair with light, natural colors like cream. This color combination makes the room look really bright and airy.

3. White Wood and White

Modern interior of living room with plant

Another wall and floor combination that makes your space look really bright and spacious are white hardwood floors and pristine white walls. Light color schemes are known to really open up the space and partnered with big, floor-to-ceiling windows, your room will look like it extends well into the outdoors.

4. Espresso Brown Wood and Gray

Modern living room design with leather brown sofa

Dark stained hardwood floors are the usual classic styles many homeowners go for. In this space, dark espresso brown hardwood floors are paired with a dark gray wall to create that industrial, masculine feel in the room.

The cold undertones of the gray walls beautifully complement the warmth of the dark hardwood floors, making the room look really cozy to be in.

5. Natural Wood and White

Modern scandinavian living room interior

One of the most popular hardwood floors used in many homes is a natural wood stain. They are interior classics that a lot of designers choose, especially for Scandinavian-styled interiors. The natural wood stain looks beautiful against white walls, giving off that modern, minimalistic feel a lot of homeowners are going for.

6. Natural Wood and Blue

Vintage modern interior of living room with pink sofa near black lamp on gold table

If you are more inclined to add a bit more color to your space, then these dark navy walls paired with a natural wood-stained floor might be something that will inspire you.

The natural colors from the hardwood floors emanate a warmth that rounds out the space, complementing the cool undertones from the navy walls. This combination would look great for masculine spaces, or those looking for an intimate feel in their home.

7. Jacobean Brown Wood and White

Interior of a bright living room

These Jacobean dark brown wood floors are beautifully complemented with white walls and brown accent walls in this home. It looks very classic and it gives the space a warm, homey feel to it. This color combination also brings out an intimate feel to a decidedly modern space.

8. Walnut Brown Wood and Dark Gray

Interior design of modern kitchen in a new house

Walnut brown wood has a warm and rich tone that gives the space an air of elegance. This wood stain looks beautiful in spaces that are intimate in nature, like kitchen spaces or living rooms. The dark gray walls draw in elegance to the space and it works beautifully with either classic or modern styles.

9. Natural Wood and Black

Modern classic black interior with capitone brown leather chester sofa, floor lamp, coffee table

For rooms that are looking for a dramatic, masculine feel to their space, this color combination might work for you. Natural stained wood is set against a heavy backdrop of black walls to create this heavily dramatic space, perfect for those who would like to add an air of mystery to their room.

10. Maple Brown Wood and Beige

Well lit dinning room with connected living room with lots of decor

This combination of maple brown hardwood floors and the classic beige walls work for houses that have an open layout. The combination brings about an airy, lighthearted feel to the space and looks beautiful even with a traditionally designed interior.

11. Natural Wood and Yellow

Modern living room interior with sofa

If you are more into having a space with lots of colors instead of neutrals, then this combination will be perfect for you. Bright, sunshine yellow is painted on the walls and a natural stained hardwood floor completes this room’s look.

The hardwood floor helps make the room look comfortably cozy and warm, great for homeowners who prefer using color to bring life to their space.

12. Natural Wood and Dark Blue

Modern interior design mock up with dark walls and vertical slats pane

Another option to bring color to your room is to use darker hues of what otherwise would look like a bright pop of color to your walls. These dark blue walls with a few greenish undertones match beautifully with wood panels that complement the natural stained hardwood floors. This combination looks like an excellent match to this modern space.

13. White Wood and Light Blue

Empty bedroom with a white bed on hardwood floor in front of white ruined brick wall

This color combination may sound too light for some, but it’s a great combination for a bedroom. The light blue walls bring about a relaxing feel to the space and the whitewashed hardwood floors give it a vintage vibe.

Together, the white wood and light blue combination is very calming and relaxing to the eyes, and would work best for children’s rooms as well.

14. Natural Wood and Green

Stylish living room interior idea with green, blue and gold colors

These two colors are naturally occurring in the real world, so it comes as no surprise that they will work for interiors as well. Green is a naturally refreshing color, and natural stained hardwood floors are very reminiscent of the trees in nature.

If you’re looking for a combination that brings nature into your space, then this design might spark a bit of inspiration for you.

15. Maple Wood and Brown

Living room corner with chair and two windows and hardwood floor

Brown walls in rooms are very warm and soothing to those residing in that space. Maple-stained hardwood floors complement the warmth that neutral browns bring to the space, and it makes for a very intimate feel to your room.

In this example, the color combination feels like this is a space that is very comfortable to stay in, making you want to snuggle and relax in the living room.

16. Dark Walnut Wood and Green-Brown

Luxury modern living room interior, dark green brown wall, modern sofa with armchair and plants

Similar to the green and natural wood combination earlier, this dark walnut hardwood floor and green-brown walls give the space a natural feel to it. The darker hues, however, make it feel more intimate and elegant.

It’s perfect for spaces that have a modern design to them, and adding a few plants to the space can give it that refreshing outdoor feel to it.

17. Cherry Wood and Beige

Interior architecture luxury foyer with beautiful hardwood floors house

Cherry hardwood floors are rich and bold, thanks to their reddish undertones. Truthfully, cherry hardwood floors are also seen in many homes because they complement beautifully with most wall colors.

In this example, neutral beige walls are complemented well by the cherry hardwood floors, giving the space that traditional, yet cozy feel to the home’s entryway.

18. Cherry Wood and Concrete Gray

Industrial style loft apartment with work space

One of the most recent trends in interior designs lately is the industrial look that quite a lot of modern homeowners like. Having an industrial look to your space doesn’t require for the room to have everything look cold—simply add a hardwood floor to bring warmth to the space.

Here, we can see that the cherry-stained hardwood floors complement the concrete gray walls of the room, preventing that unfinished look that some industrial-designed spaces fall into.

19. White Wood and Pale Pink

Interior of living room with armchair and coffee table

For a lighter, airier feel to your home, this color combination might be the perfect one for you. Whitewashed hardwood floors and pale pink walls make the space look like it’s a pastel dream.

It’s very light and relaxing and would be beautiful for little girls’ rooms or a nursery. The lightness of these colors also makes the room look bright and spacious.

20. Gray Wood and Indigo Blue

Interior with armchair and coffee table

Gray-stained hardwood floors are quite uncommon, but they are beautiful in interior spaces nonetheless. For those who are going for a modern, but more colorful approach to their space, a gray-stained hardwood floor will work beautifully with these indigo blue walls.

It is very calming and sensually relaxing, and the dark hues from the indigo undertones make the space look very intimate.

21. Dark Walnut Wood and Green

Contemporary lounge  living room with sofa, curtains, table and vases

Another colorful combination is this turquoise green and cream color scheme, partnered with rich dark walnut hardwood floors. It’s very reminiscent of the rich, bold colors of the Mediterranean, making your space look like it’s a vacation paradise.

The richness of the hardwood floors is also complementary to the cool, refreshing undertones of green, and the cream walls tamp down the slightly suffocating feel of the darker hues.

Final Thoughts

Hardwood floors are timeless classics, and will surely work well with any wall color space of your choosing. Many classic wood stains work beautifully with neutral color schemes, but they can also work for some brighter, more colorful interiors.

These hardwood floors should withstand the test of time in your homes, and because of their classic appeal, it wouldn’t be a problem if you’d like to change the color scheme in your homes in the future.

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