8 Types Of Pillowcases

Our pillowcases go through a lot every day. They absorb oil and sweat coming from our skin, scalp, and body. It is also the breeding ground for different bacteria, allergens, and germs.

To avoid this, we need to change our pillowcases as needed. We must keep them clean and fresh to make them last longer and protect our bodies from any untoward ailments. Clean pillowcases are also super comfy for a good night’s sleep!

There are many pillowcases available on the market today. But the choice will differ from one person to another based on your needs and preferences. That is why knowing the types of pillowcases is important. In this article, we’ve looked closely at eight types of pillowcases according to fabric, design, and more.

An elegant bed with soft pillows, 8 Types Of Pillowcases

Types of Pillowcases – According to Fabric

1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular pillowcase fabrics on the market today. It is cool, absorbent, and easy to wash. Cotton has various thread counts that make it more soft and comfortable to use.

Stack of pillows in pillow cases made of natural materials

On the contrary, cotton fabric has a downside too. It leaves a non-permanent crease marks on the skin, especially on the face.

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2. Polyester

If you are looking for a budget-friendly pillowcase, then look for polyester material. It is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. Some are spun to look like cotton, woven tightly into a microfiber, while others have a silky feel.

The polyester fabric absorbs heat and makes you feel warm during winter. The downside according to some experts says that it has a static cling and has pilling problems.

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3. Silk

Cup of coffee on bed with soft silky bedclothes

Silk is the epitome of grandeur and luxury, thus a popular textile in fashion and design. Many people choose this fabric because of its durability, shine, and luster.

Silk is believed to be good for the skin, mind, and body. It is less allergenic compared to other fabrics. Others do not believe in such claims, but there is no harm in trying!

There are a few cons that you need to know about silk:

  1. Silk pillowcases easily crease.
  2. Prevents your skin to moisturize during night becuase it is too absorbent.
  3. Typically more expensive than the other fabrics.
  4. You need extra time and care when washing.

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4. Satin

Make your bedroom look stylish and sophisticated by adding textures and tones. Satin pillowcases already serve the purpose. It provides your bedroom with a sense of innate luxury.

To contrast this style look for a rough texture such as cotton cushions or a wooded bed frame. Now you can visualize how comfortable your sleeping time is.

The bad aspects are the following:

  1. More expensive.
  2. Requires ultimate care just like silk.
  3. Less breathable compared to cotton.

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5. Flannel

Flannel fabric is similar to cotton fabric. They are soft and great for warm and cozy nights. This material is not as delicate, but it will last longer.

One of the surprising facts about a flannel pillowcase is that it has a therapeutic effect on your neck and back. It also reduces pressure sores. Flannels are stretchy which makes them the best fabric of choice. It provides a nice touch in any room, especially in the bedroom.

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Types of Pillowcases – According to Design

Pillowcases feature three styles, according to the actual design – housewife; oxford; and bag. Since pillowcases are being used in different places, the design will depend on a certain use.

For example, the bag pillowcase is used commonly in a hotels or commercial areas. The oxford and the housewife are ideal for your bedroom.

6. The Housewife

You can find this in almost every home. One side of the pillowcase is stitched to close the pillow, while the other side has a big gap.

Besides, your pillows will fit nicely on the pillow covers, there is an inside of that fabric that will secure the open end of the pillowcase. One more thing, housewife pillowcases are available everywhere and the price suits your budget.

Cleaning bedding for a refreshing bed

7. The Oxford

Oxford pillowcases are fancier than that of the housewife pillowcase. It has a border surrounding the sides around two inches wide. Being the primary pillow, it is simpler and plain compared to other types. Although many people would prefer this pillowcase as a decorative to their beds.

Many soft pillows on large comfortable bed indoors

8. The Bag

This one is the easiest and the low maintenance pillowcases on the market. It is most loved by the hospitality industry. Rather than integrating the hooks, buttons, or flaps of the normal housewife pillowcase, the main entrance of the bag-style cover is entirely open.

The ends can be tucked and provide all the finesse and neatness of a pillowcase. You can have this when you want to easily change your beddings.

Selecting Pillows

Bedding comes in different sizes and shapes. We all know that the standard size of the pillow is based on the mattress size. But there is an easy method to determine the best type of pillow to purchase. Thankfully we have made a guide for you to find the perfect pillow for your pillowcase and room.

Bed Size

Woman relaxing inside her beautiful bedroom

As mentioned, pillows come in different sizes and shapes. Small and medium are considered to be the standard size. Most sleepers prefer this size because it is not too small and not too big.

However, there are larger styles such as Euro-style, king, and queen. In the US, Euro pillows are popular and commonly used as decoration. In European countries, the Euro pillow becomes the norm.

Be Creative

King pillows are for king-size beds. Queen pillows are for queen size beds, and so on. But this should not stop you to become creative. Add some visual design and concept to your bedroom and become the best interior designer.

You may start with the bigger sizes then layer them with smaller pillows. It will not just meet your bedroom needs but add an opportunity for you to mix and match your pillowcases to your bedding. You can also combine colors and patterns too.

Pillowcase Sizes

Standard size

A regular pillowcase is a widely used pillowcase, especially for many sleepers. The standard pillowcase size is 20 inches by 26 inches long. A regular size pillow is ideal for a single twin bed.

You can also match a queen-sized bed with a standard pillowcase. You will require at least three pillows to fill the space in a king-sized bed.

Queen size

It is very obvious for a queen-sized bed to have pillows of the same size. Typically, the queen-sized pillowcase measures 20 inches by 30 inches long. It is longer than the regular or the standard size.

However, they have the same width. It is large enough to fill in the bed. If you want to create a bigger look for your pillowcase, insert a queen-sized pillow in a standard pillowcase.

King Size

The king-sized pillowcase is the largest size that every individual would love to go for unless they wanted to get something that is personalized. A custom-made pillowcase is feasible. You need to buy a pillowcase because they are made to order.

Compared to other pillowcase sizes, the king-sized pillowcase measures 20 inches by 36 inches. What people loved about this size is that it can use it on both sides of the bed. It has a good-looking appearance while having the same comfort as other pillowcase sizes do.

Unique Pillow Shapes

For most people, the standard-size pillow is big enough. Having a bigger pillow is definitely okay as long as you can maintain a good sleeping posture. If the pillow is too thick or too thin, you will be having difficulty sleeping.

Remember that you must keep your spine in its natural position to avoid any spinal problems in the future. Check if the pillow and the pillowcase fit each other. Do not force a huge pillow into a smaller pillowcase, or swallow the small pillow into a larger pillowcase.

Additionally, pillows come in forms and sizes. Choose one that will help you support your body.

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