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What Accent Colors Go With Gray Walls?

Neutral colors will always be versatile. Gray is such an elegant color that it can blend with any other color! It is not just a mixture of black and white. Gray can express sophistication, warmth, and calmness. It’s best for people who like to keep their house simpler.

Gray is the perfect neutral color. You just have to find the right color to match it. Say you are planning to add an accent to your gray wall. Something that can go not only with the walls but also with the furniture. What color could this be? Here are some colors you might consider.

Spacious room next to a table with flowers against a gray wall, What Accent Colors Go With Gray Walls?

1. White

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Yes, you read that right. White can be perfectly paired with gray! Match your neutral-colored wall with another neutral color. To achieve a modern look to your room, use white paint for the borders of your walls, and some white pillows and sheets to get that beautiful accent.

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2. Dark Blue

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This color will beautifully match with gray. In every shade of blue, there is a shade of gray that will work well with it. Blue is a rich tone that can add extra elegance to your room. You won’t get enough of the coziness in there!

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3. Pink

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How about matching elegance with a touch of sweetness? There are many shades of pink that can work well with gray but try blush pink since it is a soft color. Want to give it a try? Get some cute blush pink pillow covers for your throw pillows.

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4. Emerald Green

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Do you like it when a place is calm? A gray-colored room with an emerald green accent will be best for you then! Emerald green gives shows tranquility that can make your mood better. Adding some green artificial plants will go well with your room.

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5. Brown

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Often, brown is the least picked color to match any color with. If your favorite color is brown, you can actually pair it with gray! Although you might want to go with a darker shade of gray and a lighter shade of brown so that will work pretty well. Brown couch? Yes! 

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6. Bright Orange

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Nowadays, the modern style type of houses is quite popular. If you like bright colors, this shade of orange is the one for you. An orange accent for your gray wall will create a very enthusiastic mood in your home. 

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7. Burgundy

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Achieving that bold and daring look for your home? Burgundy is what you are looking for to match your gray walls. This powerful color gives a very graceful vibe like a fine wine. You can try adding burgundy art decorations to display.

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8. Teal

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Another shade of blue that you might want. This soothing color sends out a balance and calm mood since it is a mixture of blue and green. It gives a nice depth to your room, especially with your gray walls. To add accents, use some teal-colored drapes.

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9. Yellow

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Make your living room stand out with yellow! Of course, gray is a great color but if you like to spice things up, pick this color. Yellow is a radiant color that gives happiness and optimism. This will be a good match for your gray-colored walls. 

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10. Mauve

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Mauve is a deeper shade of purple that evokes the feeling of youth and purity. This color is also a perfect pair for your gray walls. You can add this as an accent by painting a portion of your wall with mauve or maybe a carpet with this shade. 

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Final Say

Playing with colors to match a neutral color is fun, especially with gray! The versatility of this color is one of a kind. It can go along well with the softest to the darkest shades of each color. And that is, of course, by also looking for the right shade of gray.

Given the different colors above, pick which one you like the most that you think will work amazing for your walls. Gray is beautiful but you can make it look more inviting and fun by adding more colors to it!

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