25 Awesome Bathroom Walls Ideas

An average person spends at least 30 minutes in the bathroom daily. It is basically the place where you start and end your day. It’s a sacred space where you maintain and care for yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The bathroom is often seen as functional. However, styling this is also as important as the function it serves because this is a personal space where you can have a moment of solitude, most especially on tough days where all you need is a nice, warm bath to relax.

The bathroom is impeccably a judgment-free zone where you can have all to yourself! Thus, show your bathroom some love and find inspiration with these 25 bathroom wall ideas we listed just for you.

cozy bathroom in bohemian or urban jungle style with white tub, green tropical plants, candles, wooden and wicker home decor elements. 25 Awesome Bathroom Walls Ideas

1. Plain White Tiles

A crisp, clean, and classic design. Plain white tiles are versatile and can style any wide or small-scale bathroom because it makes the area spacious and breathable.

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2. Glass

Glass bathroom walls look so chic and classy! Like this photo above, its transparency allows light to come through. Glass windows are just right for people who spend hours in the bathtub because it provides a new perspective to the eye, rather than the typically enclosed bathroom walls.

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3. Floral

Gothic and feminine is what this photo above instills. Floral patterns added to your bathroom may be too overrated, but it is optimal to any modern traditional bathroom setting simply because the pattern never goes out of style.

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There are a variety of floral patterns to choose from. You can go bright and colorful with floral pattern schemes that have cartoon-like styles to add a playful touch to your bathroom.

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See this vinyl floral pattern on Amazon.

4. Mixed Tile Patterns

Don’t be afraid to go crazy! Take for instance this photo inspiration above that mixed geometric tile patterns with rectangular porcelain black tiles. All you need are the pattern proportion that matches accurately to make it trendy.

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Adding statement mirrors also adds texture to patterns. Mirrors that give a striking impact on your bathroom’s appeal. This mirror from Umbra is made of metal that has hexagonal edges that add modern sophistication.

Click here to see Umbra’s statement mirror on Amazon.

5. Moroccan

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This photo inspiration above made use of floor-to-tile Morrocan patterns. This type of pattern is flamboyant, jazzy, and creates a whimsical look to your bathroom.

6. Wall Decals

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Wall decals add a subtle expression to your bathroom. You can get creative with whatever symbols you might like. It’s a total advantage if you’re an artist yourself, so can doodle all you want.

If you think symbols are too common, you can opt for letter decals. Adding quotes or bathroom sayings unleashes the wordsmith in you. Zonon’s decal stickers have a fun way to present the bathroom rules, plus it has cute bubble cartoons to make bath time fun!

Click here to see Zonon’s decal sticker on Amazon

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Who says art only exists in museums and living rooms? Upgrade your bathroom and make a quirky statement by hanging part paintings and graphics on bathroom walls! It adds a touch of artistry and freshness to the bathroom because of popping colors and textures.

8. Niche

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Niche is an ideal bathroom wall for minimalists. Take for example this photo above, niche simply makes look the bathroom neat. At the same time, it provides convenience because you can store essentials in it.

9. Metal Tiles

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Adding metal tiles to your bathroom reveals your inner diva! Like this photo above, the metallic tiles give the bathroom an extravagant look, giving off some pop star concert vibes. This is totally posh for people who fancy a lot of glam.

Luckily, there are readily available items for this type of design. BeNice has this similar metallic tile in rose gold color. It’s made of aluminum composite, and it’s easy to install! Just peel and stick!

See this metallic tile on Amazon.

10. Stripes

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Mixing different patterns can be confusing so why not just go completely straight? Hence, this photo inspiration shows simplicity and finesse with horizontal black and white tiles. It looks pristine and at the same time, voguish.

11. Greenery

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If you’re an absolute earthling, you can simply just put hanging plants on your bathroom walls. Plants reduce toxins in the air, so you can bathe in a healthy atmosphere and feel attached to nature in the comfort of your bathroom.

12. Wainscoting

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Wainscoting is one great alternative for expensive bathroom tiles. It’s traditional, pleasing to the eyes because of its texture, and most importantly, gives you the benefit of protecting your drywall from water that causes damage.

13. Rustic Walls

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Rustic style is another way to express nature’s beauty. Like this photo, the rustic wooden walls imply an earthy tone to the bathroom. A rustic bathroom soothes your lust for nature. It keeps you calm and collected when you relax.

14. A Touch Of Vintage

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If you’re an old soul who loves old pieces of stuff, this style can be ideal for you. Like this photo above, the bathroom’s design made use of gray vertical stripes incorporated with old 18th-century frames to set a vintage mood. Now, that’s classic!

15. Marble

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One thing that a marble bathroom really guarantees: ultimate luxury. Marble bathroom provides the right amount of charm, without going over the top. It’s just immensely cosmopolitan and is timely to any modern-style setting.

16. Beadboard Wainscoting

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This is another option to choose apart from the ordinary wainscoting. Beadboards are water-resistant, so it serves the same purpose of keeping your drywall from humidity. Just like this photo inspiration above, you can also turn it to shelves for functionality.

17. Damask

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Setting damask patterns on your bathroom is an expression of decadence and royalty. The pattern has been existing since 300 B.C. but the Victorian period has made the pattern sensational. Despite its classic history, the damask pattern also suits modern settings like this picture idea below.

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Light or dark damask pattern, it all depends on your personal preference. You can steal this look or even outshine the previous examples with this golden-textured damask wallpaper from KALRI. It’s made of polyvinyl chloride, waterproof, and the pattern is oh-so-fabulous!

18. Fish Scales

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Feel the entire seven seas at the foot of your bathroom with these fish scale tiles. This pattern grants you the vibe of marine life while expressing your fun and bombastic side! You can also go for peel and stick wallpapers if you want to DIY the wall yourself without getting costly.

19. Animal Print

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What’s your spirit animal? Play with animal patterns and give your bathroom some funky groove. Just like this photo inspiration above that has zebra and arrow decals incorporated to the deep blue wall color. It’s aesthetically eccentric and ideal for contemporary bathroom settings.

20. Botanical Print

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Welcome yourself to the wild side of the jungle with botanical prints! This is a great alternative if ever you find indoor plants time-consuming and difficult to maintain. It’s stylish, vibrant, and naturally soothing to the eyes and body.

21. Bamboo Walls

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Bamboo slats are not only for villas, but it blends well with modern touches too. This photo above combines bamboo finishings and marble. You get to stay modish, cultured, and Zen with these white and bamboo fusions.

22. Stone Wall

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If you like rough and natural textures, stone walls are definitely your thing! It’s durable and a very exclusive material. Additionally, it’s another way to express your love for rustic and shabby themes.

23. Colorful Bohemian Styling

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Show off your free-spirited soul by styling your bathroom walls with any bright colors associated with Bohemian hippie. It’s a great way to stay cool, trendy, and a total stand-out. This photo inspiration above has a playful blend of colors from frames, tapestries, and decals.

A tapestry is one of the best ways to get started with Bohemian styling. Psychedelic patterns give your bathroom some outrageous trippy vibe. This evil eye mandala from Enjoho’s gives off that trippy effect.

See Enjoho’s psychedelic tapestry on Amazon.

24. Graffiti

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A graffiti wall in your bathroom may sound bizarre and messy, but this guarantees free-style artistry and also add youthful vibrations to your bathroom.

25. Touch Of Neon Light

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When all else seems complicated, don’t worry! You can simply make lighting a great option to dictate your bathroom’s personality. This neon decal above adds the right exposure and texture to the bee-hive panel and plain wainscoting. Not to mention, it’s artsy and club-like stylish!

In Closing

Unlike other rooms in the houses, your bathroom can be very personal so it’s definitely fine to style this however you like, just be sure that it still serves its daily function. Have fun in the process, don’t be afraid to go too creative and personal!