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17 Awesome Kitchen Curtain Ideas

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The kitchen is one of the most significant rooms in your home. It is the center at which your family interacts during regular day-to-day living, be it for cooking, eating, or social gathering.

Kitchen windows give the room a breathable space by allowing natural light to come in. Curtains and window treatments that match the room add aesthetics to the windows and provide privacy while filtering the natural light.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the numerous options when it comes to adorning your kitchen windows. We’ve found 17 curtain and window treatment ideas for you to keep visual appeal and functionality in check!

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Why Install Curtains To Kitchen Windows?

Curtains in kitchen windows serve several functions: ambiance, utility, and personal style. We have a list jotted down below for the perks and drawbacks that come along with kitchen curtains.


  • Kitchen curtains protect your kitchen from direct light from entering through the windows to minimize fading on furniture and decor.
  • Kitchen curtains can help with climate control.
  • Curtains provide privacy.
  • Curtains enhance the kitchen’s interior.


  • Kitchen curtains are likely to experience mold growth and/or stains because of moisture and grease in the area.
  • Long kitchen curtains can get dirty easily.
  • Kitchen curtains may take a lot of time to maintain; washing, drying, and ironing.
  • Kitchen curtains can be costly depending on the fabric and design.

1. Full Window Café Curtain

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This window curtain best suits kitchens that have wide-open spaces. It balances the entrance of light and air and regulates too much wind and heat from coming through the kitchen windows.

2. Floor Length Sheers

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If your kitchen shares a space with the dining area, this is the perfect style that combines a great amount of lighting while having the privilege of privacy.

3. Floor Length Curtain Panel

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This curtain style is totally expansive and has complete coverage of the kitchen window to the kitchen floor. Most of the time, this type of curtain is heavy and protects the kitchen from extreme dust, pests, and heat.

4. Valance Curtains

Valance curtains give a historical vibe because it has a Victorian-style demeanor. It only covers a small portion of the kitchen window, particularly at the top. It makes it look simple and sophisticated.

5. Swag Valance

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This curtain style is another version of the classic Valance curtain. Its appearance is more sophisticated since it has an added design to its folds to allow to flow of air and light through the windows and at the same time, add some swag to it.

6. Box Pleats Valance

Box pleats are another updated version from the previous Valance curtains mentioned. It has a pleated shape that makes your kitchen look more elegant and stylish because of the folds that arch the curtain’s structure.

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7. Semi-Sheer Shades

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This curtain style has a nontranslucent color shade and best suits a monochromatic kitchen. It blocks the sunlight from coming in and at the same time, offers more privacy because it lessens the transparency from the outside.

8. White Shutters

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Simple, multipurpose, classic, and chic. Although it’s not fabric, this style for your kitchen offers the most convenience and modernity.

9. Neutral Linen Shades

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Neutral linen shades are perfect to combine and balance the neutrality inside your kitchen since they can go with just about any style and provide an equitable amount of visual flow.

10. Woven Shades

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Woven shades are best applicable if you want to add texture and mood to your kitchen since plain blinds can be oftentimes boring. This is woven out from natural materials like bamboo, natural grasses, rattan, and jute.

11. Bamboo Shades

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Bamboo shades give your kitchen a distinctive look, you might even say a tribal feel. This is a unique kitchen curtain set-up because you get the best of both worlds from being ecological and stylish.

12. Pull-Down Shades

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This curtain style is flexible to the extent that it can be pulled down and rolled up according to your liking. It provides the advantage of adjusting lighting during the day and adds more privacy and security during the night.

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13. Ruched Roman Shades

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Ruched Roman shades have a lot of styles that you can choose from. This curtain style provides cute and dainty features, giving your kitchen a romantic touch.

14. Sheer Curtains

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Sheer curtains look smooth and please the eyes by providing a soothing and free-flowing appearance. It gives a lot of freedom for air and heat to enter through the kitchen windows because it is entirely transparent.

15. Classic White Shades

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This window treatment style fits almost any kitchen design. You don’t have to opt from matching your curtains to your kitchen. Classic white shades are universal keep a bright and open space for your kitchen.

16. Half Curtain With Hooks

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This curtain styling looks a lot like a Valance curtain because it is only designated to cover the top of the window, too. The only difference is that instead of curtain rods, towel hooks are used to hold them for a laidback look.

17. Bare

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In the right environment, you can just let go of all the fuss about all the curtain styles and stick with the most simple and functional way of keeping your kitchen windows; all bare and natural!

Kitchen Curtain Considerations

Choosing the kind of curtain that will suit your kitchen window is challenging. So, it’s important to be prepared, well-equipped, and most importantly, have plenty of room for considerations when certain matters arise.


Choosing the right kind of curtain fabric is the most fundamental part of the process simply because this determines your curtain’s functionality and durability.

The best option for kitchen curtains is linen or linen-blend because the fabric looks clean. Moreover, it’s neutral and can fit both the contemporary and traditional theme you want in your kitchen. These fabrics are also durable since they do not wrinkle or fade easily.

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There are a variety of fabrics that you can definitely choose from. Just remember, that you should always go for functionality over style.

Colors & Patterns

The curtain colors and patterns add a touch of character to your kitchen. These two factors largely influence the aesthetic and lighting condition of the space.

If you want your kitchen to have a contemporary look, go for light and plain colors such as white, beige, or grey with a grounding fabric such as linen. This is also applicable to small kitchen areas because light and cool colors add brightness to the area, making it look larger.

On the contrary, dark colors set a mood for the kitchen, it makes it look more entrancing. Adding patterns to these colors additionally adds a dose of attractiveness to the kitchen’s appeal. However, these patterns should match your kitchen style. You can go for geometric or asymmetrical patterns for a counterbalanced look.


Curtain rods should also match the fabric. If you’re going for a velvet curtain or any fabric that has a large amount of weight, you have to make sure that you do not purchase a flimsy curtain rod and sag your curtain in the middle.

For you to ensure that the curtain will hang proportionately, always go for a sturdy, quality curtain rod. This Ivilon curtain rod is made from metal that is fit to hold any type of curtain.

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More importantly, ensure that the brackets are positioned accurately so that you won’t risk the whole curtain and rod from falling down!

Luckily, Ivilon’s curtain rod also comes with sturdy brackets to complete the who curtain set-up.  It’s easy to install and the product itself has mounting hardward inclusions. It’s gold-plating and can reliably support a higher weight of curtain with its 3-inch projection. 

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Length, Width, & Size

One of the common mistakes homeowners make when installing curtains is placing the curtain rod in the wrong spot and purchasing curtains that are too short or narrow. To prevent these errors, it’s very crucial to get your measurements right.

You have to decide first how high above the window do you want your curtains. Measure from the top of the window and the height in which you want your curtains to hang.

Measure the width of the window and ensure at least four to eight inches on the side to ensure the curtain’s ampleness.

To Sum It Up

There are absolutely a lot of ways and more to style your kitchen windows with curtains! You should have to master the balance of functionality and style for you to truly indulge in the presence of the heart of your home.