Living Room Design

15 Awesome Living Room Color Schemes

The living room is the center of any home’s welcome space. It’s a great place to entertain guests and a great color scheme can make or break a room’s vibe. Depending on what style you may be looking for, these color schemes can help you design your space.

Choosing the colors for your living room can be stressful, but knowing the feel and vibe you want to convey can definitely help make the choice easier. Read on to see which color scheme ideas suit your living room.

Luxurious and contemporary inspired living room with a huge sectional sofa, 15 Awesome Living Room Color Schemes

1. Soothing Greens

Bring nature’s fresh vibe into your home by using soothing shades of greens for your living room. Adding a few splashes of nature-inspired colors like warm earthy gray hues or deep blues can help your space achieve that calming, soothing vibe.

Bright color themed living room with golden lamps, chairs and round tables matched with plants

A darker basil green shade can make your space look intimate, while a lighter sage green looks best for homes with wide, open windows.

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2. Warm Reds

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Red may be an unusual color for many homeonwners as it popularly evokes fire and passion—colors that aren’t commonly associated to living room spaces. However, red is a wonderful color for those who are seeking a warmer, yet elegantly dramatic living room.

Use multiple shades of red in your walls and furniture to achieve the drama, and add a few contrasting accent pieces like bright white pillows or lush green indoor plants to round out the color scheme of your space. 

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3. Neutrals

Bohemian themed living room with wooden flooring, gray sofas and a brown wall

If you are looking for a more classic laid-back look for your living room space, consider picking a neutral color scheme. Choose a taupe or fawn-colored base for your walls and layer it with lighter neutral shades like cream, ivory, and buff shades to provide contrast to your space.

Highlight and round out your living room decor by adding quirky minimalist art pieces or comfortable throw blankets for a warm, inviting vibe.

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4. Punchy Pastels

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Muted pastel shades are becoming popular nowadays for those seeking a feminine, softer look for their homes. A good choice would be to pick contrasting pastel shades like blush pinks and seafoam greens.

Pair them with warm, neutral tones from wood pieces and white walls, and you’ve got a space that looks bright and inviting with a youthful charm.

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5. Crisp Black and Whites

Black and white patterned carpet with white walls, black sectional sofa and white painted wall

Black and white is the classic go-to color scheme for those looking for a modern, eclectic monochromatic vibe for their living room space. It’s a great choice for minimalists who prefer clean lines and a sophisticated style.

Start with a clean white base as the color of your room, and layer blacks into key accent pieces like light fixtures, windowsills, and tables. Adding a geometric black and white area rug ties the whole space together by giving your space a modern look.

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6. Cool Blues

Teal inspired living room with white sofa matched with blue throw pillows

A blue wall for your living space can give it a cool, soothing look with a comfortable, intimate vibe. Blues and whites have now become the new monochrome palette and the multiple shades of blue that you can play with mix well together.

In this living room, white becomes the focal point of the entire space, and punches of textured blue cushions and throw blankets tie together the entire room. The sandy shade of the wood flooring is reminiscent of the beachfront, making it look like a relaxing space to be in.

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7. Beachy Vibes

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The soothing, cool turquoise green colors of this living room is a beautiful way to bring the ocean close to you. Incorporate the beachy vibes by adding turquoise green shades to cushions and light fixtures, layered with a crisp white couch.

Add more to that beach look by putting some neutral brown elements like beige-colored coffee tables or some seashells to complete the look of your space.

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8. Golden Yellows

Interior of a bright yellow colored living room with black colored sofa and pictures on the walls

The color yellow may be reminiscent of sunny days and bright smiles, and if you are looking for a color scheme that can lift up your spirits then look no further. Use yellow in your living room space to bring in that bright, energizing vibe that would be great to have if you’re entertaining guests.

Yellow is also very warm, so add a few cooler shades like lapis lazuli blues or smoke grays to ground your space from all the brightness.

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9. Earthy Hues


The warm, earthy hues can make an empty space look comfortably warm and inviting. Using multiple shades of browns can make the room very inviting, as darker earthy shades can make the space feel very cocooning.

Add a big indoor palm tree to bring a bit of fresh green to your living room, without overwhelming the entire design. This color scheme is great for bachelors or families who prefer a laid-back, industrial look for their home.

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10. Blushing Berry

Gorgeous magenta schemed living room designed with white flooring and wooden furntures

Taking in the color scheme of lush, punchy berry shades in the living room can make the space look dramatic with a feminine touch. Make use of coordinating berry shades like plums and mauves, blended together with rouge pinks for that subtle warmth for your room.

Some neutrals like cool grays and whites can diffuse the layered warmth from all that color, making the space look inviting. Add a few gold accents to your room to tie the look altogether.

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11. Timeless Grays

Gray inspired living room with gray furnitures and industrial themed cabinets and coffee table

Grays might be an unusual choice for a living space as it connotes a bit of a drab feel, but this color scheme looks absolutely stunning when partnered with contrasting shades. Make use of the lighter, cloudy grays mixed in with some metal grays.

Use darker shades like charcoal or black for key pieces like shelving and individual seats. Accentuate the space by using black and white for small decors like couch cushions to round out your room’s look.

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12. Inky Tones

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The dark, inky tones of shadow and iron grays may look too moody for most, but for those who are looking for a space that can be dramatic and modern, this color scheme will be perfect. Dress up your living space with a dark, iron gray-colored wall with a contrasting white ceiling to keep the space from being too suffocating.

Make use of lighter shades of gray for your big pieces like couches and ottomans, making sure that it has a different tone from your accent wall. This color scheme is also great for homes with big windows as the space can definitely change its vibe when bright lights streams in the room.

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13. Vibrant Orange

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Orange hues may be an unpopular choice as the shade often looks too striking and bright for most homes, but adding neutral tones to this shade can make your space look warm and cozy. Cream walls can often diffuse the brightness of a bright tiger orange, making the room look lighter.

Use neutral grays for your couch and rugs to make the space look more relaxing. Complete the space by adding a dark gray or black area rug as a contrasting color to the bright orange of the room.

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14. Light and Airy


If your living room area comes with big, open windows, then a light and airy color scheme would be great for your space. Making use of white as the main color of your room, play around with different white shades for your space to create an airy look.

Your living room space would look great with textured, semi-opaque curtains to keep the space from being too blinding when the light comes in. Bring in the classic cornflower blue for your decorative pieces to keep your room from drowning in too much white, with a few shades of pink for contrast. 

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15. Elegant Violets


Aubergine violet shades bring elegance to your living room space. This color works great with neutral grays and whites to mute the heaviness of the dark color.

Use multiple shades of violets like lavender and grape, as well as complimentary green shades for accent. This color scheme looks wonderful with modern, open living room spaces with a lot of light coming in.

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In Closing

Your living room’s color scheme should be something that you will love looking at all day. Make sure to choose one that fits your personality and style, and your living room will look absolutely awesome.