11 Best Colors For Kitchen Curtains

Choosing the right curtain color for your kitchen gives it the perfect vibe and look, making it a more inviting place for everyone. But with so many different colors to choose from, it can be easy to get lost. Fret not! We’ve compiled some of the best colors for kitchen curtains! Let’s get started.

Modern eclectic theme inspired kitchen with dark ceiling high curtains, 11 Best Colors For Kitchen Curtains

1. Shades of Teal 

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Looking for a bright curtain color without being too overwhelming? Then shades of teal are for you! It’s noticeable enough to make a statement without being too bold. Teal is also easy to put together as it goes well with any kitchen accents, design, and style. 

2. Lime Green 

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Bright and lively, lime green curtains can make any kitchen look absolutely vibrant! Shades of brown blend perfectly with it, just like nature’s color. But of course, you can pair it with just about any color or accent, depending on your preference. You may opt for plain or patterned lime green curtains. 

3. Classy Black & White

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As they always say, opposites attract, just like the timeless combination of black and white. They radiate a classy and sophisticated kitchen style that can stand time.  

You can go from traditional, vintage, modern, to glamorous black and white kitchen curtain style! Either way will certainly look exquisite. This gorgeous black and white kitchen below will surely inspire you!

4. Glossy Pastel Blue

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This goes well with a kitchen that consists of vertical and horizontal lines without many decorative details, also with wooden accents, as the color will be enhanced. Also, with wooden accents. But don’t be afraid to mix and match until you achieve the vibe and feel you are after.  

Calm and serene, a blue pastel curtain makes any kitchen a more inviting place. Accent it with pastel pink and green and you can create a deeply comforting and peaceful ambiance.

5. Prussian Blue

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Prussian blue is the color of the ocean, thus, hanging a Prussian blue curtain will breathe a tranquil and soothing atmosphere in your kitchen. This is also an easy way to break up dominant light decor schemes to produce a dramatic and intense effect.

You can go bolder by pairing it with yellow and tangerine. But if you prefer something more subtle and discreet, you can choose white or natural earth tones.

6. Mustard Gold 

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Mustard gold curtain makes any kitchen appear more vibrant and larger as it maximizes and reflects natural light. Mix it with dark wooden decors and you can achieve a rustic effect. Or add fresh-cut sunflowers for a summer vibe! This can also greatly complement a sleek and modern silver kitchen.

7. Soft Peach

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A soft peach curtain gives kitchens a classic and inviting look, particularly when paired with blush and natural white tones. You will be more inspired to cook delicious meals!

For a cozier feel, match it with pink and white. For balanced undertones, accent it with charcoal. But if you want to go retro, choose some mint or lime green colors.

8. Sage Green

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Sage green is a trend for kitchens today, but it’s not just a fad. You will surely love this color scheme for many years because of the light, airy, and inviting ambiance it creates in your space.

Feel free to play up with the texture to add depth and a dramatic impression. If there are gray and dark walls in your kitchen you want to offset, go for Sage green curtain! 

9. Bright & Clean White

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A bright and white curtain emanates neat and positive vibes that make any kitchen look pleasant and welcoming. It can also enhance your decorative schemes without going overboard, so you can add more furniture! That said, it is ideal for modern and contemporary kitchens.

10. Subtle Greige

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Greige is the color that falls in between gray and beige. Extremely versatile, it produces cool and warm effects, depending on your accents and undertones. If you have any bold decors and furniture in your kitchen that you want to stand out, pair them with gray and white striated curtains.

11. Tomato Red

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Red is a powerful color that can stimulate appetite. If you always come together and dine in the kitchen, a red curtain makes a great choice. Choose from different shades of red, based on your kitchen accent and decors.

There you have it! The 11 best curtain colors that can make your kitchen pop! Go ahead and give them a try.