11 Best Colors For Small Living Room Walls

Finding the ideal paint color for a living room that’s modest in size can be a challenge. You don’t want the area where you share precious memories with your family, entertain your guests, and enjoy peaceful moments to feel tight and cramped.

The good news is that the right paint color can make even the smallest living room look spacious and inviting! There’s a wide array of hues that can open up your living space.

Now there are a few factors to consider when it comes to your living area’s paint color. For instance, your color choice should complement your flooring and furniture. The amount of natural light your living room gets should also play a part in which hue you pick. Bold colors are best for spaces that get a lot of natural light, while softer, lighter hues are ideal for spaces that don’t.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve come up with a list of the top 11 paint colors that can make your humble living room look bigger! Take a look at this wide array of options to guide you in finding the best hue for your space.

A small Living room with sleeping sofa and reading corner in yellow and green, 11 Best Colors For Small Living Room Walls

1. Classic White

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Of course, white is the go-to choice for small living rooms. Not only does it possess a timeless appeal, but it also reflects light exceptionally well which creates the illusion of a larger area. White is a great choice for anyone with a taste for colorful furniture and eclectic decorations since it can bring even mismatched colors and patterns together.

2. Lovely Cream

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If white feels too stiff for you but you still want a color that’s versatile, then cream is the perfect alternative you’re looking for! This hue brings brightness and warmth to your space, making it a great choice for living rooms with little to no natural light.

3. Cool Gray

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Who says gray has to be dull? A cool gray with blue undertones can make your living area look larger while also creating a fresh vibe. If you want the style of your space to toe the line between modern and homey, this is the color for you.

4. Baby Blue

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A color so soothing it instantly melts your worries away, a baby blue hue makes your living room a peaceful haven all your own. It’s also a great way to add more color to your walls without overwhelming the whole room. For a unique look, go for a beach theme!

5. Deep Navy

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While it’s true that light colors make a space feel more open, you don’t have to stick with them to make your living room look bigger. A rich navy blue color adds depth to your space, creating a dramatic effect that blurs the edges of your room to make it feel more expansive.

6. Pale Beige

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Cozy yet elegant, beige is the ultimate color that truly makes you feel at home. Its ability to make any space feel open and airy is unmatched by any hue. Beige also complements different colors and textures, serving as a beautiful backdrop for your furniture pieces and decor.

7. Pastel Yellow

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Live it up with a pastel yellow that brings a burst of color and charm to your living room! This hue is all about the fun, showing off your bright personality while creating more space visually. Top tip: choose white for your trim colors to add contrast.

8. Soft Pink

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There’s nothing like a soft pink or blush color to cocoon your living room in irresistible warmth. It opens up even the tiniest space and adds a unique touch of color. If you’re worried about its flexibility, rest assured that soft pinks can go with a wide range of furniture colors and styles.

9. Ruby Red

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Got an adventurous spirit? Let your living room reflect that with ruby red walls that show off your bold side. This vibrant hue adds depth to your space and makes it stand out from the rest. Its daring look takes attention away from the size of your room and into its chic style.

10. Sage Green

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For those who love nature-inspired designs, this is the hue that best suits you. Sage green is an earthy shade that brings the beauty of the outdoors into your living room and also does a spectacular job at making it appear larger.

11. Bold Black

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There’s nothing more mesmerizing than a space painted fully black, and your living room is no exception. This hue doesn’t just widen the space visually, it also creates an enticingly glamorous vibe that makes a lasting impression. Perfect for anyone with a flair for the dramatic!

In Closing

Remember: you can experiment with different hues before deciding on a final one so you can be completely certain in your choice. You can go for a safe choice like light shades and neutrals to complement your more adventurous choices in furnishings, or make a statement with bold colors.

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