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What Are The Best Fabrics For Kitchen Curtains?

Choosing the best type of curtain for your kitchen not only boosts its appearance but also makes time spent in your kitchen pleasing for you. In this article, we have researched the best type of fabric to use for your kitchen curtains to help you choose the right one for you.

Kitchen curtains are also known as cafe curtains. Linen, cotton, and lace are the most common type of fabrics used in making these. If you are on the lookout for new kitchen curtains, either of these types of fabrics could be the best bet for you.

Interested in learning more details such as how should you dress your kitchen window, what size do kitchen curtains come in, are kitchen curtains fire hazards, and more? Continue reading as we discuss those subtopics in the sections down below.

modern interior of a kitchen with a bunch of flowers on top of the table, What Are The Best Fabrics For Kitchen Curtains?

How do you pick kitchen curtains?

The above-mentioned fabrics are the most used type of cloth for making kitchen curtains and for good reasons. In this section, we will discuss they are best and what makes them popular among kitchen decorations. We will also tell you what can you expect from each type of fabric.


Linen has one of the most widespread uses of variety from all the types of fabric there is. It represents luxury and fabulous style but at a very affordable price.

It is very easy to clean, you can have it dry cleaned or machined washed. And as you wash linen, it only gets a more soft feeling and flowing appearance to it. You can also expect good insulation from linen, especially during wintertime.

Although it might add heat in the summertime, particularly if you are cooking. Linen is also very customizable and coordinates well with other types of fabric.

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One of the most commonly used types of fabric is cotton, and for amazing reasons. The versatility that cotton offers is unmatched, as it is easily washable, and also ages well wherever you use it.

Cotton is also very affordable but some cotton curtains such as sheer ones can be expensive depending on the style and whether it is blended with other types of fabrics. Although very easy to clean, sheers do also get dirty quickly.

Cotton also gives you a light and airy ambiance in your kitchen, especially lightly woven curtains. Cotton also offers a ton of designs and patterns that you can choose from.

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Lace curtains are very light and offer the best amount of light source permitted from outside. Lace also gives you a romantic feeling, perfect for small houses where the kitchen and the dining room are the same.

It is very easy to clean and not a sensitive fabric, so will age well. Lace curtains usually come in neutral shades, such as white, ivory, and ecru, making it easy to coordinate with other color schemes.

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Picking curtains would ultimately boil down to your personal preference. Since there are no hard and fast rules on choosing any kind of curtain for your kitchen, you are free to pick whatever you want -even fabrics that are not usually used as kitchen curtains.

What are curtain swags?

Swags are loose fabric wrappings over a curtain rod designed to add more element to your curtain design. This type is usually designed over things that you want to be displayed or the focus of attention in a room.

Curtain swags are more commonly used in living rooms. Some curtain swags can also be seen in older-styled homes as these have become less popular in recent years.

Putting curtain swag in your kitchen might not be your first choice, but it can work. When putting curtains on your kitchen, you would like it to be as simple as possible. You can even use a swag as a single window treatment, and let the light flow in at the window’s bottom half.

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Are kitchen curtains a fire hazards?

Since curtains are cloth, yes, of course! Curtains can readily burn if exposed to fire. Kitchen curtains are only a fire hazard when placed too near your range or countertop ovens/appliances and, especially hazardous having developed a build-up of grease.

Since modern kitchens are now mostly fireless, this risk is lessened. But we still highly recommend not putting any curtain near anything that can catch on fire. We also strongly advise against using polyester fabric as curtains for your kitchen as they are highly combustible.

We advise that you regularly wash your curtains as prolonged exposure to kitchen activities creates the buildup of oil and grease residues on your curtains which also makes them highly combustible.

In conclusion

Linen, cotton, and lace are the most common and best fabrics for kitchen curtains, but this ultimately boils down to your preference and the look that you are looking for. The only fabric that we are warning you against is polyester, avoid it as much as possible. And in making your decision, you can always refer to the suggestions that we have given you above.