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11 Best Feng Shui Colors For Living Room Walls

Feng Shui in its most basic form is essentially the interaction of humans with their environments. This ancient traditional practice enables you to harmonize the energy forces to harmonize with the environment to achieve life improvements. This influence can be done by positioning key items and designing the space to the principles of a natural energy flow.

One of the best ways to enable this energy flow is by choosing the right color for your living environment. Depending on the Feng Shui principles you are following for your space, the right color can attract and create harmony in your space. Here, we have listed a number of color choices you can use for your living room walls according to the art of Feng Shui.

A chair and decor in living room with dark blue wall, 11 Best Feng Shui Colors For Living Room Walls

1. White

In Feng Shui, white is the colorless color, the purest, and the absence of all colors. This creates a positive and active flow for the energies to surround your living room space.

Modern living room interior with sofa and circle mirror

The color is also associated with mental energy and supports the feelings of carefulness and focus.

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2. Black

Nordic natural interior in stylish open studio for a freelancer with sofa

The color black is not always the first choice, but this color is considered as one of the five most important colors in Feng Shui. It is the sum of all colors and represents the water element.

It connotes stillness, wisdom, and contemplation. While it does invoke positive energy, it should be known that black should be used sparingly—as in the case of this accent wall.

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3. Red

Japanese interior style living room

Red is the color of pure energy, fire, and passion. This color supports the energy of life and love. It is also a popular color that is mostly associated with luck.

However, this fiery color shouldn’t be abused as well as it also calls for the energy of violence. Use it sparingly in your living room such as an accent wall or décor in order for the energy to not overwhelm the space.

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4. Green

Modern living room interior with green plants, sofa and green wall

Green is the color of balance, harmony, and tranquility. As a color that is mostly associated with nature, green is a color that neither attracts nor repels energy.

The color green is also related to the wood element. It inspires growth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings—just like in nature.

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5. Yellow

Modern living room interior with sofa, potted plants and yellow color wall

Yellow is the color of pure energy. It attracts the most positivity and generates warmth to your space. It is known to be the color of the earth element and health, and it is grounding, nurturing, and stable.

This color works best for places with strong earth elements. You can also use yellow as an accent color to living rooms that needs an earthy balance.

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6. Brown

Spacious cozy living room designed in vintage style

Brown is an earthy tone that brings the earth and wood element to your home. It is a color that can be related to self-care, grounding, and stability.

Because the color is related to the earth, it can both fuel fire and calm water when used as an accent color to these energies.

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7. Blue

Spacious cozy living room designed in vintage style

The color blue changes its meaning and energy depending on its tone. Mid-tone blues are connected to the wood element, while a deep midnight blue reacts well to the water element.

Blue is a color that connects well to the family and knowledge of feng shui. When used in the home, it can support concentration, contemplation, and meditative energy to keep you calm.

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8. Pink

Interior design of modern living room with sofa , floor lamp and coffee table with tulips

The color pink connotes the delicateness of love and partnership. It invokes self-love, softness, and attraction in a relationship.

For homes that are looking to have a better relationship whether for a lover, your family, or with yourself, the color pink can bring this energy into your home.

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9. Orange

Living room interior with sofa in orange wall

Orange is a color that attracts energy depending on the tone in which it is used. It is a mix of both yellow and red, two colors that connote the earth and fire.

Make use of orange sparingly as it is quite a strong color. It does bring in the energy of nurturing and help, both of which are needed for stability and power in the home.

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10. Gray

Modern living room mock up with dark blue sofa, armchairs near coffee table

Gray as a neutral color is a combination of black and white and is also known to connect you to the helpful people in your life. Like the combination of black and white, (also known as the colors of yin and yang), gray brings about a sense of balance to your space.

This color is also connected to the metal element of Feng Shui. It is also a color that can be connected to the energy of support and desire for travel, which makes it a perfect choice to attract this energy to your life.

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11. Purple

Interior design of luxury living room with stylish sofa

The color purple is most popularly known to be the color of nobility, royalty, and wealth. In Feng Shui energy, it can connect to the energies of power, respect, and abundance.

Purple, when used in your space can invoke harmony and balance in your living room. It also connects to the energy of self-worth.

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Final Thoughts

Feng Shui makes use of these different colors to invoke the energy residing in the space of your living room. It is a great way to make use of these colors to bring a certain harmony into your home. Let these colors bring about the energy and power to revitalize your space.