Black Bathroom Fixtures Pros And Cons

Having black fixtures around the bathroom makes it appear more refined. The sleek appearance of black can minimize the chaotic look around the bathroom, which is a common occurrence among households. These black fixtures usually come in matte and are applied to brass, steel, or iron materials–although black porcelain tiles are also applied on sinks or shower areas.

There are a number of benefits and disadvantages to installing black bathroom fixtures. Here are some of its well-known pros:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can blend in a variety of color schemes
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Does not expose fingerprints

And here are some disadvantages of owning black bathroom fixtures:

  • Fades over time
  • Risk of damage from plumbing
  • Requires specific cleaning materials and methods
  • Easily highlights dirt and bright stains

These pros and cons will help you weigh your choices and guide you towards making your bathroom look neater and put together. If you are willing to invest some time to learn about the correct–and easy!–maintenance of black fixtures, then this design is perfect for you.

Elegant black themed bathroom with black lavatories and oval shaped mirrors, Black Bathroom Fixtures Pros And Cons

Advantages of Black Bathroom Fixtures

Black fixtures are, in theory, picture-perfect. They create sleek lines that make your bathroom look elegant, on top of being low-maintenance since they can easily hide scratches or dirt. However, it will all still depend on the finish to determine if they are indeed durable.

An elegant minimalist vanity with small tile backsplash

Aesthetically pleasing

Black fixtures have become a design trend in recent years because of their sophisticated and chic appearance. Black is a timeless color in fashion and it seems to have made its way to interior design, making it a staple among fixtures around the home, especially in bathrooms.

Bathrooms are no longer deemed as purely functional. It has evolved to a place that can make a statement–and that’s exactly what black fixtures can do.


Black fixtures, especially in matte, are immune to dark smears, marks, and scratches compared to metallic surfaces. It is even more beneficial if your black countertops are water-resistant since you will be eliminating the risk of water stains.

A simple, regular wiping should clean up any mess and leave your bathroom looking elegant again.

Can blend in a variety of color schemes

Black fixtures blend in well with any interior design, and they also add a sense of solidity that ties up any aesthetic.

Most bathrooms have a soft-neutral color palette, and the contrast of dark fixtures against a light-colored finish is a treat to the eyes. Black fixtures can serve as statements, adding to the bathroom’s visual allure.


Black bathroom fixtures are easily affordable, but with the advantage of looking expensive. Compared to other materials such as oil-rubbed bronze, black fixtures are more accessible in your local hardware store or online shops.

Budget-friendly fixtures that do not compromise quality are an advantage to your household, and one of the gold standards in determining what goes into your home.

Does not expose fingerprints

Seeing fingerprints all over metal surfaces can be irritating and ruin the relaxing vibe of the bathroom. You can remedy this problem by replacing your fixtures with materials made of black finish since it is excellent in hiding fingerprints and maintaining a sleek look in your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Black Bathroom Fixtures

A black faucet inside a modern contemporary bathroom

Although popular, there are still downsides to having black fixtures installed around your bathroom. You will need to consider if these disadvantages are minor enough to ignore, or if you need a different finish altogether to avoid them. Either way, your convenience should be your top priority.

Fades over time

Black furnishings look sleek and elegant, but they will easily fade especially since they are frequently exposed to steam.

One solution is to wipe the surface after every use or after you bathe with steaming water. This may sometimes slip your mind, but it is a method that will prolong the deep color of your fixture.

Risk of damage from plumbing

Incorrect installation will cancel out the wear-resistance feature of black fixtures. Your plumber should be familiar with how to take care of the exterior as they fix the pipes, protecting the coat from hard scratches and dents.

Requires specific cleaning materials and methods

This is not too much of an inconvenience, since the only rule you need to remember is to avoid harsh cleansers that can ruin the texture and color of your black exterior. Use only gentle solutions when deep-cleaning, and dry using fiber cloth.

Easily highlight dirt and bright stains

A dark finish might hide inconspicuous dust and scratches, but it will emphasize any light-colored stains and watermarks. It is especially hard to look at when the dust starts to accumulate caused by neglect.

Black fixtures are not recommended if you live with toddlers or rowdy pets who can easily stain your fixtures and ruin the sleekness of your bathroom.

What are durable bathroom fixtures?

Some of the more durable bathroom finishes that can come in darker colors are oil-rubbed bronze, satin bronze, stainless steel, and polished chrome.

However, a matte black finish is the most accessible and cost-effective, and they have gone under multiple coating processes that can ensure a good level of durability.

It may come at a higher cost than bronze, but it is affordable enough to consider if you take note of its quality that can compete with oil-rubbed bronze.

How to Clean your Black Bathroom Fixtures

As with all interior, you will need to constantly maintain your bathroom to keep its luster and appearance. Many owners forget to take care of their black fixtures since they cannot easily see if there are any imperfections.

However, you will start noticing it over time as the wear-and-tear will be glaringly obvious if you fail to protect it from the elements.

  • Use warm water and ph-balanced cleaning solutions. Mix these together so there will be no water residue that can potentially stick to the surface in case it is not properly wiped off. This mix will not damage the surface, and effectively remove dust and dirt.
  • Wipe the surfaces with a fiber cloth. Although the exterior is scratch-resistant, it is still best to use micro fiber to avoid any abrasions that can decrease the luster of your fixture.
  • Wipe your surfaces regularly to eliminate bacteria buildup. Matte surfaces are water-resistant, but huge and accumulating water stains can still fade its rich color.
  • Do not leave soap residue or toothpaste to accumulate for long periods of time. Harsh chemicals can affect the color of your fixture, going from a sleek black to a faded and dull shade.

Do Matte Black Fixtures Scratch Easily?

Interior of a contemporary black designed bathroom with a round mirror and a black paneled cabinet

Matte black fixtures, which is the most ideal material for a black exterior, do not easily scratch. It will ultimately depend on the quality of how it was made, but matte finishes can normally withstand corrosion and accidental scratches.

However, you still need to regularly take care of it to maintain its luxurious appearance especially if you have toddlers or pets running around.

Are Matte Black Faucets Out of Style?

Modern luxurious contemporary living room with a round mirror and a black bathtub

Matte black faucets have been on-trend in recent years, and some people might wonder if it is still in style.

The answer is that black finishes are a classic style; they can match any aesthetic, and it encourages a more modern and industrial approach to design. Data experts even saw an uptick in searches about black faucets, which means the timeless style is still being appreciated today.

How to Effectively Style Matte Black Fixtures

A black bathtub inside a gorgeous modern bathroom

Matte black fixtures are often blended into predominantly gray–often made of concrete–and white color schemes to exhibit a cool, detached exterior.

However, combining them within retro bathroom spaces where pops of color are present can add depth and a sense of structure amidst the flurry of design. They are also ideal in bathrooms with soft-toned or pastel color palettes for a hint of elegance and sophistication.

Final Thoughts

Elegant black themed bathroom with black lavatories and oval shaped mirrors

Matte black fixtures are an excellent choice for your bathroom because they fulfill their purpose both in form and function. However, you should reconsider getting them if your bathroom is prone to mess and you think black fixtures will make you constantly anxious instead of making you feel relaxed.

Ultimately, you will need to weigh your lifestyle first to determine if such fixtures will fit well with your everyday life and not make you stressed out–as is the goal for any bathroom design.

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