11 Ceramic Bathroom Tile Wall Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of designing a bathroom isn’t just in the amenities you’d like to put in, but also in the vibe of the space. Planning out the look of your bathroom requires laying out the tile patterns and design on both your floors and walls.

A popular choice for bathroom walls is the use of ceramic tiles. They come in a multitude of colors, textures, and styles. If you’re looking for some tile wall ideas, we’ve compiled a couple of classics and fresh designs for you to choose from. Continue reading and you might find an inspiration you’d like to try for your own home!

Marble mosaic herringbone tiled shower feature wall in a contemporary ensuite bathroom, 11 Ceramic Bathroom Tile Wall Ideas

1. Gray

Modern bathroom with grey tiles, seamless, luxurious interior background.

For this bathroom design, stone gray textured tiles were laid out in a stacked grid pattern to create this industrial, concrete finished look for the bathroom. Complemented with a porcelain white bathtub, this bathroom design screams minimalist and modern, and it has a very calming and luxurious vibe to it.

If you’d like to make it a little brighter, add some plants into the space—it’ll surely break the monotony of the gray colors in the bathroom.

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2. Black

Modern minimalism style bathroom interior in black and white tones

If you’re going for a masculine look for your bathroom space, then black ceramic tiles for your walls can bring in that bold, dramatic look you are looking for. Pair it with a lighter set of tiles like gray for the floors to prevent the space from looking a little too closed in.

What makes this bathroom design look fantastic is the use of good lighting and mirrors. It makes your bathroom look big and spacious despite the dark tile.

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3. Off-White

Corner of hotel bathroom with white and tiled walls, concrete floor, comfortable bathtub standing under window and sink on wooden countertop with round mirror.

Some bathrooms are blessed with the presence of wide, open windows, making it a perfect room to be designed in a white color scheme.

This bathroom design makes use of stacked vertical off-white tiles paired with a speckled gray tile floor. The room also makes use of wooden elements for the sink and ceiling, lending a modern rustic feel to the space.

4. Neutral Browns

Toilet, bidet and huge washtub in stylish bathroom

Stylish brown ceramic tiles in varying shades make this bathroom look elegant and classic. Using neutral browns as the base of your bathroom color scheme gives it that relaxing, chill vibe that makes you want to drink that wine while soaking in the tub.

The dark brown accent tile wall provides a warm contrast to the room, accentuating the unique shape of the space.

5. Beige

Luxury and modern bathroom interior with wooden elements

Big cuts of beige ceramic tiles laid out in a stacked grid give us that modern, luxurious bathroom style that is becoming popular these days.

For this particular design, wood elements like the tub and shelving units provide contrast in texture from the beige tile, tying the look altogether. The color scheme also looks very clean and cozy, perfect for homes that are more traditional in design.

6. Blue and White

Modern spacious bathroom with bright tiles with toilet and sink.

For those who are looking to use more design and color in their bathroom space, try going for a classic blue and white combination. This bathroom wall uses blue and white encaustic tiles as an accent wall.

The random patterns are an excellent accent for the otherwise plain white tiled wall. It’s a simple way to integrate design in your space without having to add too many items to your room.

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7. Blue

Modern bathroom with vanity cabinet.

Bathroom tiles do not need to be straight-edged and square all the time. For this bathroom wall design, scalloped tiles were used in varying shades of blues to create this elegant mermaid-tail look for the wall.

The sink and vanity become the focal point of the bathroom space with this accent wall. These scalloped tiles can be paired with a simpler color like a lighter shade of blue or white to create a beautiful contrast in the room.

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8. Green

Modern spacious bathroom with bright tiles with toilet and sink. Side view

Sometimes, a pattern makes the space look better. A tiled accent wall made up of pine green and gold hexagonal tiles is stacked together to create this uniquely patterned accent wall in this bathroom. It’s a simple way to create a design in the bathroom space and it works beautifully with the classic white and wood elements in the room.

9. Marble

Modern bathroom interior with stylish white folding screen

A classic marble look doesn’t have to end with using the precious rock alone. Marbled ceramic tiles in white were used in this space to create this modern, minimalist bathroom space.

The white marbled tile gives the space a very spacious feel, perfect for bathrooms that have bright windows. It also works beautifully with neutral wood elements, giving off that calming, soothing look for the space.

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10. White and Brown Mosaic

Modern beautiful bathroom design. White and brown mosaic

For those seeking a more artsy, maximalist look for their bathroom space, this tiled ceramic wall may be the one for you. This modern bathroom design incorporates the use of brown and white mosaic tile, making the room look like it is bathed in gold.

This tiled wall design looks great for bathroom spaces that have a lot of edges as the mosaic tiles accentuate these lines very well.

11. Red

Red tiles on the wall in modern toilet

Some modern homes call for bathroom spaces that have spice and kick to them. For this bathroom space, grid-stacked vermillion red tiles paired with some gray and white tiles provide a bold, modern look to the room.

This color scheme is very unique and may be uncommon for some homes, but it’s a great way to incorporate modern design in bathroom spaces.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other space in the home, bathroom walls also deserve their chance to be showcased. Nowadays, there are quite a number of ceramic tiles in varying colors, shapes, and designs. There are different tile patterns and layout designs that you can work with for your bathroom walls.

With the perfect color choice for your ceramic tiles, you will surely have a bathroom space that suits your design style.

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