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15 Color Schemes That Go With Light Blue Sofa

Light blue sofas showcase a sweet, relaxing vibe in your living room. It flaunts an amusing appeal while it keeps its cool color at home. But unlike the usual black and brown couch, a light blue sofa brings on a challenge for completing your living room color scheme. 

The good news is there are lots of homeowners who also risk their home interiors with the blue sofa. And these home designs that are available can help you work on the color palette of your living room. So, you could now enjoy the chic style of your living room while it highlights the refreshing light blue couch.

To start off planning the best color scheme for your living room, check out the top 15 ideas below. See for yourself what color combination heightens the whole glam of your room with a light blue couch.

Modern room with light blue sofa and a floor lamp, 15 Color Schemes That Go With Light Blue Sofa

1. All White 

The safest color for your living room with a light blue sofa is white walls and floors. White accents bring out a fresh and clean look without overpowering the light blue sofa centerpiece.

White Living room interior design with blue velvet furniture and decorative plant with white wal

So, if you are afraid of mixing and matching colors for your light blue couch or you prefer to be extra minimalist, going with a white theme would be enough. Just add a bit of decors like plants, clocks, or vases, it would surely complete the style of your living room.

2. White, Blue, and Green

Ideas of light blue and white living room geometric wall art paint design color full style on wooden floor

Other than the simplicity of white walls, adding geometric shapes to your white and blue combination is good. It still makes your single-seat light blue sofa look wonderful. But then, a splash of green in the form of plants gives a colorful touch to this pastel blue combination.

3. Shades of Blue

Luxurious fashionable living room in blue and light blue colors classic style

The fabulous light blue sofa can surely blend in wonderfully with the different blue shades! So, you can always choose muted blue, royal blue, grey-blue, and even a touch of pastel blue. In this case, you will never worry if it sits nicely with other colors in the room.

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4. Pastel Blue with White Accents

White living room decor with blue sofa, white-blue wall, orchid, carpet, lamp, fabric, armchair, flower

Your light blue sofa can also belong to the pastel blue color scheme. It can have a sweet soft tone bringing a charming appeal to the room. The use of other pastel shades of blue on the walls and other furniture even emphasizes the pleasantness of the whole color palette.

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5. Shades of Blue with Gold Accents

Luxurious fashionable living room in blue and light blue colors

This picture depicts just similar blue shades as our previous example. But now, it also features additional gold furniture, making the room extra flashy and stunning. 

6. Orange, Pink, Peach, and Green

Bright composition of a light blue sofa with cushions and a white table on the white carpet

Besides the safe zone of white accents, you can also play around with other colors for your light blue sofa. In this picture, adding a bit of color like orange, pink, peach, and green, can still uplift the fascinating look of your couch.

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7. Mint Green

Blue living room

Instead of using the usual blue shades, you also have the option of considering other pastel colors like mint green. In the picture, you can see the cohesiveness of mint and super-light blue in the beautiful printed walls and floor. This color palette gives a sense of serenity.

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8. White, Brown, and Gold

Trendy modern living room in light turquoise color and golden home accessories

Your light blue sofa can also extend to its beauty through the white walls, brown floors, and gold accents. It brings a nordic look while promoting a stylish appeal on blue tones. Imagine how a simple touch of gold can uplift the whole ambiance of the room! That’s how important for you to invest in metallic decorations, suitable for any other color sofas you have. But, in this picture, it brings out the best look for your light blue sofa.

9. White, Brown, Gray, and Yellow

Room with wooden floors and white brick walls

Another incredible color combination for your light blue sofa includes a yellow accent piece. So, white and gray walls with brown floors and furniture can also match yellow furniture to upgrade your living room. In this case, your light blue sofa goes hand-in-hand with a yellow seat.

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10. White and Pink

Bright and cozy modern living room interior have sofa and lamp with white wall

Your light blue sofa can work nicely with white walls and floors, too. Additionally, popping out a pink shade for furniture can also bring extra style to the living room. Besides that, pink tones can surely blend in perfectly with the pastel blue sofa. As a result, it brings a brighter touch to the room.

11. White, Purple, and Green

Bright and cozy modern living room interior have sofa and lamp

The simplicity of the light blue sofa can include additional decors like green and purple. It brings a fresh and cozy look to your white backdrop and brown floor.

So, if you wish to add more colors to the room, the trick is in the details like cushions, picture frames, or flower vases. In this case, inserting purple and green shades with throw pillows.

12. Dark blue, Yellow, Green, and Gray

Interior of modern living room with blue sofa panorama

Despite the light blue sofa giving a soft and cool appeal, you can always pair it with a darker shade of blue. In this case, dark muted blue and charcoal gray give a modern look. However, adding a touch of green through the plants and yellow on the pillows balances the whole strong and cool interior.

13. Gray and Brown

Modern nordic scandinavian styled apartment with large sofa with blank wall

If you wish to have a more contemporary look for your living room, the gray and brown combination will never let you down. In this picture, it suggests you put your light blue sofa on different shades of brown with additional gray walls and floors. It can surely make the room quite intense, but very chic.

14. Green and Brown

Interior of modern living room with white pillow and sofa

Other than the neutral gray and brown, it would also be great to pair your light blue sofa with green and brown. In this case, adding some plants on the broader side of the room pops a good color.

Thus, it blends in nicely with your light blue couch. So, your plants along with other brown furniture can always look great with your light blue sofa. Well, it can even work with other light-colored couches!

15. Green Accents

Modern living room interior with sofa and green plants,lamp,table on light green wall

Let’s try eliminating the other colors. Why not use a monochromatic light blue tone to your sofa, walls, and floors. However, to keep its unique style and interiors, you can add vibrant green as extra decor. In this case, adding plants would make a huge improvement.

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Make your light blue sofa stand out!

After reviewing the possible color scheme for your light blue sofa, you can surely enjoy designing your living room. Try the suggestions above and see which style suits your interest the most.

Most importantly, you can always experiment with the color palette you wish for your living room. The main deal is that the color combination makes you feel good and comfortable.

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