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10 Best Designs For Kitchen Curtains

Decor contributes to the overall kitchen design as much as furniture and appliances do. Most homeowners usually think no one notices elements like curtains around a kitchen.

So, they end up picking up anything that does the job. But the styles, fabric, patterns, and even sizes should fit with the theme, or it will catch too much attention.

Kitchen curtain designs impact the room differently based on the elements surrounding it. Finding the most fitting pattern and color is the key to keeping your kitchen cohesive.

It’s essential to know how they differ and where they work best to make the most of their features. In this post, we’ll be discussing ten kitchen curtain designs for you to choose from.

Narrow and gray inspired kitchen and dining area with minimalist chairs and table, 10 Best Designs For Kitchen Curtains

1. Floor-Length Curtains

A floor-length curtain can go up to approximately 145 inches long. These are best used in kitchens that have a lot of floor space. The length also offers privacy and can protect the kitchen against harsh weather conditions.

A narrow apartment kitchen area with dark gray tile flooring

Measure from the floor to the top of the kitchen door or window to find which length to purchase. Add a few extra inches to your measurement to give the curtain a pooling effect. Note that these curtains stain easily and so require regular washing.

2. Pull-Down Curtains

Interior of a luxurious modern contemporary kitchen area with gray chairs and a rectangular table

Another recommended option for additional privacy and ease of use is pull-down blinds. They offer a neat look with simple operation, making it hassle-free to use and easy to work around other décor styles.

While they offer great privacy and protection, most pull-down curtains block off natural light from coming into the home, especially when they come in opaque colors. These typically go with bright kitchens or rooms with multiple sources of natural light.

3. Valance Shades

Classic inspired kitchen area with striped red curtains and a marble countertop

Valance shades are a good choice for letting in more light into the kitchen.

Compared to traditional curtains, these are shorter and usually cover only the top portion of a door or window. And so, they don’t offer much coverage.

One way to style a valance shade is by laying it over a sheer curtain. Some manufacturers produce them with an extra curtain underneath for added cover and function.

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4. Sheer Curtains

A narrow kitchen area with wooden countertop, wooden flooring and whit patterned curtains

Sheer curtains are made from thinner and lightweight fabric, giving them a translucent look. They are thin enough to let light pass through without sacrificing privacy. Because of its transparency, it makes colors appear subtle and elegant.

Nowadays, sheer curtains come with insulation properties. However, depending on the material, these shades may still be easily affected by the surrounding temperature.

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5. Bamboo Shades

A tropical inspired kitchen area with wooden ceiling white walls with bamboo blinds and tropical plants on the sides

Bamboo blinds add a unique touch to your kitchen when mixed with a similar or modern theme. The material allows a subtle amount of light to peek through the blinds even when you keep them closed.

Usually, bamboo shades come from all-natural materials, and they’re easier to clean than cloth curtains. However, it’s vital to handle them with care since they are much more fragile.

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6. Lace

A gorgoeus classic designed kitchen area with black marble countertop

The simplicity and convenience of lace make it one of the top materials used for kitchen curtains. Lace comes in several detailed patterns and varies in thickness, allowing homeowners to choose which style suits their theme the best.

When using lace curtains, take note they are delicate. It’s best to keep them away from spaces and objects that could accidentally unthread them.

7. Solid Colors

Modern contemporary hotel kitchen area with aluminum panel kitchen cabinets and cupboards

Solid colors make a classic choice for kitchen curtain designs. The right colors can instantly put together your kitchen’s theme.

One of the things to consider when picking the best color is knowing your space. Brighter colors look great in smaller kitchens to make them look larger. Use darker colors in wide kitchens to give it balance.

According to the color theory, some recommended kitchen colors include yellow, orange, and red to enhance appetite. If you’re still having trouble deciding, go for the classic blacks and whites or a neutral tone.

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8. Prints and Patterns

Spacious and luxurious kitchen with a breakfast bar and center island

A printed curtain is a quick way to increase your kitchen’s visual impact and brighten up the ambiance. In choosing patterns, you should consider what goes well with other elements in the room.

Although prints add character to the room, too much causes it to look cramped. To prevent this, keep the patterns around the kitchen only enough to add a pop of color or additional decoration.

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9. Plastic Blinds

Narrow and teal themed kitchen area with white cabinets and a marble countertop

Plastic blinds are known for being easy to clean and install. They come in simple colors, such as white, clear, or neutral, allowing them to fit with different themes effortlessly.

They last long but tend to deform when too much force is applied. One good thing, plastic curtains can keep out insects and dust coming from the outside.

10. Layered Curtains

Luxurious modern open space apartment area with black painted cabinets, gray dining chairs and black curtains

Layering different curtain designs is an inexpensive trick to giving your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look. It’s also one way to utilize the features each of them offers.

A popular combination is sheer curtains with printed or solid colored shades on top. It allows you to switch between the curtains whenever necessary while keeping its pleasing appearance.

In Closing

Narrow and gray inspired kitchen and dining area with minimalist chairs and table

Kitchen curtains and other décor affect the room’s overall appearance. Choosing the best curtain design adds to the kitchen’s safety and personality, allowing it to feel more comfortable.