Curtain Design Rules

Do Brown Curtains Go With Gray Walls

Do you ever wonder, how on earth to match your curtains with the intricate style of your room? Well, you are in luck because this article provides everything you need to know since we’ve taken the time to find the best coordinating ideas for you.

To answer the question, different shades of brown go well with gray walls. You can choose between lighter tones of beige, almond, chestnut, or tan. Alternatively, choose from darker tones of mocha, walnut, or umber. It all depends on the gray tone of your walls -typically it’s recommended to contrast lighter walls with darker curtains and vice versa.

Choosing the right color can complement the room in a way that will help create a cozier atmosphere. With that being said, please continue on reading if you wish to learn more about choosing the right curtain.

Open plan design for living room with dining area with brown curtain, Do Brown Curtains Go With Gray Walls

Brown Curtains Go With Gray Walls

One of the most soothing hobbies is interior designing. The refreshing feeling you get when refurnishing your room is really one of a kind, but sometimes it can be stressful especially if you began to be confused about which color scheme fits your needs.

For a start, choosing the right drapes can affect the entire mood of the house. Take note that a lot of colors go well with gray walls, brown is one of them.

The first thing you need to do to choose the right shade is to look at the grayness of your wall. You read that right, color tones do matter! The darker your wall, the lighter your curtains are. The opposite holds true as well.

Wooden and grey minimalist kitchen set near window with white curtains and marble floor.

There are a variety of browns you can pick, from the lighter ones – beige, warm tan, almond, chestnut, to the darker ones – mocha, walnut, and umber. These are just some of the hues that can put an accent on your room.

Gray-white-brown tones of the room design. Curtains and bedding in dark colors. Gray panels and white velor, decorative mirror stripes.

Do curtains have to match the walls?

Interior design must be treated as artwork. That being said, it is necessary to match the drapes with the overall tone, style, and texture of the room you are furnishing. In order for it to be aesthetically pleasing, everything must have balance. But how do we achieve that?

Curtain Coordination Tips for Your Room’s Design

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Determining the style of the room

Which room in your house would you change curtains from? It is important to examine the room first before deciding what color your curtains would be.

For instance, your bedroom might have a modern or a traditional design. You must match the texture and the color of your curtains with that of the overall style of the bedroom. Having this knowledge can help you narrow your choice.

Knowing the right fabric

Learning the difference between curtains and drapes can be very helpful. Curtains are fabric panels that are made of light materials that cannot entirely block sunlight making them good for your living room.

Drapes are also fabric panels; however, the materials used are heavier enough that sunlight cannot entirely penetrate through them. Draperies are best used in the bedrooms.

Selecting the design: print or solid?

To have the desired, less chaotic effect, curtains must go with the overall decor of the room. It is best to opt for a solid design if the furnishings of the room have printed tones and textures, and this advice goes vice versa.

Keep in mind that solid curtains add balance and lessen visual weight than that of printed ones. That is why it is best that your room accessories, throw pillows, etc., have printed designs.

Choosing the right length

Floor-length curtains provide rhythm. Drapes puddling on the floor gives a more dramatic effect. It also gives the appearance of a high ceiling.

However, if you have kids or pets, it is better if you would not let the drapes sprawl on the floor. Curtains a few inches above the floor should do you the trick.

Should all curtains in a house match?

Modern living room interior design with bar counter and large corner sofa.

If you take interior designing seriously, you have to decide whether you would apply a universal theme or if you prefer your rooms to have a unique style of their own.

Coherence is one way to achieve aesthetic balance. You can do this by not necessarily deciding to have the same color as every curtain in your house.

You must take into account the color of the walls. If the interior color of the entire house is the same, you can match them with curtains that go well with the color scheme.

However, if it is not the case, it is not necessary to match all curtains inside your house. You can treat each room as its own.

In Closing

3d illustration of bright and cozy living room with fireplace and mirror

Harmony and balance are crucial to everyday life. Every element, down to the most simple ones in this case, a curtain, matters.

It is always the best idea to factor in these fabrics when furnishing your house. Choosing the right draperies can have an effect on the overall decor of your room.

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