Do Ruggable Rugs Curl?

The Ruggable rug system is an easy-to-wash set of rugs that you can use for your home. It comes in two pieces—a top, removable rug cover that you can wash in your washing machine and a non-slip rug pad that holds the cover in place. This rug system sounds like a dream, but some of you may wonder if it has issues similar to standard rugs like curling at the edges. We’ve taken a closer look to find the answer.

A quick answer to this question is yes—Ruggable rugs may curl sometimes, especially after being washed. Just like other standard rugs, a Ruggable rug still uses the same tension and experiences the same wear and tear that may cause it to curl. However, do not worry because there are many ways to prevent your rugs from curling and lifting at the edges.

Now that you know that Ruggable rugs can curl, it shouldn’t deter you from getting one. If you are looking for ways on how to prevent this, we’ve listed down all the possible methods to keep your Ruggable rugs from curling and lifting. Continue reading to learn more and find the best method that will work for you.

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Why Do Ruggables Curl?

A Ruggable rug is a new rug system that makes washing easier for homeowners, but this doesn’t mean that it will not experience the same struggles as a standard rug. Just like any other rug, a Ruggable will curl because of certain causes that lifts the edges instead of laying flat on the floor. Unfortunately, curled rugs are not just unsightly but it is also a tripping hazard.

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One big issue that might cause your Ruggables to curl is when a force pushes the edges off the floor. You may find that most of your rugs that are close to high-traffic entryways like doors have curled edges. It can also be because of kids pushing their toys over the edge of your rug over and over, therefore making it curl and lift on those edges.

Another issue that might cause your rug to curl is using it after too many washes. This is because one curling is caused by poor tension in the binding, and it tends to loosen up because of washing. Also, curling may occur on your Ruggable Rug if you place the cover incorrectly over the non-slip pad.

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How To Stop Ruggables From Curling

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There are a number of ways to stop your Ruggables from curling. Most of them have already been addressed by the company, but there are also additional ways that can help you prevent this from happening to your rugs.

Silicone Corner Pieces

The brand has introduced a silicone corner piece to their rugs that are already attached upon purchase. These corner pieces provide additional weight that keeps the edges and corners down and it works similarly to anti-curl rug tape.

Proper Installation and Washing

One of the things that most homeowners don’t focus on is installing their Ruggables properly. To prevent the Ruggable from curling, make sure to center it on the rug pad and not to pull the cover too tightly.

Always remember to lay it down gently to keep the fibers relaxed and flat on the floor. Washing the Ruggable is also important because it can cause edge curling as well. When washing a Ruggable, make sure to use cold water and air dry it completely, or use the lowest dryer setting.

Weigh It Down

The best way to hide curled edges in your rug is by utilizing your furniture to weigh down your rug’s edges. Put your rug underneath tables, dressers, couches, or cabinets and let their weight do the work for you. This method may take some time to work, but it’s a quick and easy fix if the problem persists.

Steam Mop

Another way to uncurl your Ruggables is by running a steam mop over the edges of your rug. Run a steam mop over the edge of your curling rug, and work your way slowly by moving your steam mop over and over the edge.

Do a few passes with your steam mop until you see your Ruggables’ edges flatten completely. You may do this method every time you see the edges of your Ruggable start to curl.

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Final Thoughts

Ruggable rugs is a new rug system that is pretty impressive for many households, but it also suffers the fate of curled and lifted edges. That being said, these rugs are still great and there are ways to prevent the edges from curling.

Simply make sure that you install your rugs and wash properly to prevent the rug’s binding from getting too tense. You can also do other methods like weighing it down or using a steam mop to flatten out the edges.

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