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Do You Really Need Two Nightstands?

If you are the type of person who values home furnishings and decor, you may be wondering if you really need two nightstands in your room. If you do, this is the right place to come to since we have already done our research on the internet to satisfy your curiosity.

To balance your bedroom’s overall unique and aesthetic look, you must put two nightstands on the opposite sides. But you can also put just one if you wish to give your room a focal point. So placing one or two nightstands is acceptable, although having two is highly suggested; the choice will depend on your style and taste in room design.

If you need help with your decision-making, we suggest you read and finish this post. Doing so will also give you all the information you need since we will provide more details about nightstands and additional suggestions for room decor.

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why do you need two nightstands

Bedroom interior.

You may be someone who loves sleeping—someone who considers the bedroom their sanctuary. You want the best for your room for sure, a place where calmness and peace dominate.

Your bed is essential to your room, and it is necessary to give life to it. That is why it is recommended to place two bedside tables near it. Plus, those nightstands will also add strength and proportion to your room’s layout. However, you must put identical nightstands as much as possible to ensure harmony with your room’s appearance.

Having a nightstand is good, but having two is more satisfactory. It expands the space where you can put your belongings and creates a sense of balance in your room to make it more relaxing. In addition, you also need to figure out where to put your lamps since you need good lighting, too.

“Lighting is everything; it creates atmosphere, drama, and intrigue in a room.”-Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Interior Designer.


Match Your Nightstands With Your Bed

Your bedroom has the bed as its primary focal point, and it is a vital decision to match your nightstands with it.

Matching is an easy process only if you purchase a new bedroom set. But if you attempt to match the nightstands with your existing bed, it could be a challenge. Although coordinating every piece of furniture to your bedroom theme is truly difficult, keep in mind that it is not impossible.

Use some design elements such as headboards and chandeliers to customize and achieve the right finish for both your nightstands and bed.

Customizing The Room

To help you achieve a better look, you can use these three alterations below to modify your bedroom:

1. Stain

To give your room a more aesthetic feel and allow easy work in decorating, considering wood textures or stains is an excellent choice for bedroom furniture. You can revive an older piece, or create the same tone to match slightly differing woods. Or you can stain furniture to match hardwood flooring or the room’s trim.

2. Paint

If your room’s color bores you, it is time to change it!. Plus, it is the easiest way to complement each of your nightstands. Choose a new wall color to make your furniture pieces stand out. You can opt to paint your nightstands, instead, for a more manageable DIY project.

3. Drawer Pulls or Knobs

Knobs and drawer pulls have so many variations and types. Consider changing your old ones to the same or complementary color as your newly painted or new nightstands.

Having Dissimilar Nightstands

White ladder with pompons next to bed with shaped pillow in pastel child's bedroom with rugs

Some people don’t love the idea of having furniture that is identical in color and style. If you’re one of these people, you don’t have to fret about having a different and extensive approach when it comes to your nightstands.

Matching is good, but mixing and matching works too! Everything about your bedroom will depend on your taste and style, and you shouldn’t doubt it.

Here are the furniture suggestions that you can pair with your nightstand:

  • File cabinet
  • A wooden chair
  • An antique trunk
  • A bookshelf
  • Green plants
  • Wall art
  • An old fashioned suitcase
  • A cabinet for files
  • Mounted shelf
  • An old sewing maching

Different Types Of Nightstands

Portrait white frame mockup on retro wooden bedside table. Modern white ceramic vase with dry Lagurus ovatus grass and cup of coffee. Beige linen and velvet pillows in bedroom, Scandinavian interior.

Conventionally, there are three essential types of bedside tables for your bedroom to keep it organized. They are:

  1. A nightstand that has two or three storage drawers.
  2. A bedside accent cabinet is mainly a combination bottom shelf and top drawer.
  3. The usual nightstand may contain a finite space for storage, such as just the top or one drawer.

Keep in mind that you don’t have a limit when choosing your nightstands. The only thing you should be careful with is the styling and matching process. Consider the additional tips below:

If you love nature, you may want to consider having natural wood bedside tables like acacia, birch, or oak.

Check out this acacia bedside table on Amazon.

Sleek and lustrous surfaces may be your style. Why don’t consider having glass bedside tables for a lighter feel?

Check out this tempered glass top nightstand on Amazon.

If you are into sophistication with a more traditional motif, try having a baroque style table with a darker finish.

Check out this Baroque nightstand on Amazon.

Your bedside tables or nightstands could be anything you want. You don’t have to limit yourself, as long as they perform the way you need them to.

Organizing Your Nightstands

Cozy bedroom interior with book and reading lamp on bedside table

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to reach for something, only to knock over your books, alarm clock, or water? A little organization on the nightstand top can prevent this!

Start With A Clean Up

Before even putting anything or additional items on your bedside table, you need to execute some purging first.

  1. Remove everything that is on top of your nightstands and all the things from your drawers, too.
  2. Throw away any trash; sort out any unused items for donation, or repurposing if applicable.
  3. Put away itmes that are in use but do not belong at the bedside. Leave as few items atop the nightstand as possible.

We made the steps for you as easy as possible to quickly finish the cleaning process.

What To Put On Nightstands?

bedroom at night illuminated by electric lamp with clock on night table beside the bed with blue wall

We have discussed so much about the choosing and styling of your nightstands. And now, let us talk about the essential things you should put in there.

1. A Lamp

Of course, a lamp is one of the essential things you must put on your bedside tables. However, keep yourself from using it to read until dawn. The longer you can keep your bed as a designated sleeping area, the better.

2. Any Medications

You may need any medications such as lip balms and hand and body lotions during the night. Placing them by your side will keep you from having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to access your medicine cabinet.

However, make sure to organize and keep your medications away from children’s and pets’ reach to avoid accidents.

3. A Tray or Small Dish

This item on your nightstands is suitable for glasses, jewelry, hair ties, dentures, or earplugs. Struggling to find them anywhere won’t happen again since this will help you have more organized storage.

4. Reading Materials

Whether it is a book, newspaper, or magazine, keeping it within your reach will aid you in your restless nights. They can also be an addition to your bedroom decor.

5. Flashlights

A flashlight is a must-have in your nightstand. You must keep one within your reach to find your way when there is a power outage or in case of emergency.

In Conclusion

Luxury modern bedroom interior at night.

Follow your style taste whenever you try to decorate something to attain satisfaction. You can always cut the traditional design methods and trust your process better.

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