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Does Gray Go With Brown Furniture?

Using gray and brown in your space might sound like an unlikely duo, but you’ll be surprised to find out how well these two make a great color combination. If you’re wondering how gray goes with brown furniture, set your thoughts aside because we researched every possible idea and guideline in store for you!

Gray goes well with brown furniture since gray and brown are both neutral colors that complement each other. However, incorporating these two can be tricky as you need to balance the right shades and ensure other surrounding decorations do not clash with them.

Gray and brown furniture color schemes can either make your space aesthetically pleasing or too busy. That’s why it’s important to understand interior design rulings before matching colors. Read further and you’ll have so much more to learn about them!

Color combination of brown and gray wall and furniture, Does gray go with brown furniture?

Gray And Brown: Handsome Neutrals

In color psychology, gray symbolizes neutrality and balance. Gray falls perfectly in the middle ground of colors.

The color’s effect can be calm, refined, and conservative. When combined with brighter hues, it can pull off a cool color scheme very well.

Gray can also be associated with mystery. However, excessive use of this color can look distant and boring as it also represents solemness.

Brown, on the other hand, is a solid and earthy color that reflects warmth, strength, and comfort as it is deemed a conventional color. But like gray, brown can be associated with negative emotions too. Additionally, large quantities of these colors look drab and unflattering.

Brown, in Feng Shui, embodies wood and earth. It has a nurturing quality that balances other colors in the room to create natural energy.

Both gray and brown are relatively neutral. Despite that, they make a classical pair. Their fusion sets out a masculine, dominant, and country-side vibe that’s great for aesthetics.

Both colors are usually found in our homes. Making them a key color combination to your living space can bring out a unique and effortlessly stylish place. But of course, this can only be achieved when you’re doing the styling right.

Pointers For Styling Gray And Brown

Simple color scheme of lighter shades and gray wall

One of the safest ways to style gray and brown furniture is to constantly stick to its color scheme. For modern simplicity, you can have gray walls and lighter shades of brown furniture to match, as the photo above exemplifies.

You can add other shades of gray on rugs and decor, and use black and white accents on frames, lamps, and paintings. Black and white are universal colors that help balance the interplay of neutral gray and brown.

For a contemporary look, you can get creative and add patterns to plain gray colors and match it with brilliant brown textures, like this picture of a living room below.

[PIN id=”350717889741977157″ size=”large”]


Adding indoor plants is also a great idea to give life to gray and brown neutrals. It sets a natural ambiance to your place. 

Green is one of the ideal colors to accent with gray and brown because it brings enough contrast and balance to brown colors, thus making an earthy theme. 

[PIN id=”107030928636372539″ size=”large”]


To tone down the darker shades of brown in an area, you can utlilize other shades of brown like beige or khaki. If you find indoor plants difficult to maintain, try to decorate with artificial plants or dried plants/grassses for a rustic, feminine touch. 

Click here to see this dried grass decor on Amazon. 

Quirky side of a rustic setting of a kitchen

For kitchens, you can have medium gray cabinets and style your windows with brown curtains or shades to complement other brown furniture in the area. 

You should also go for lighter shades of brown on table mats, coasters, and kitchen utensils to correspond with brown chairs, tables, or shelves.

A wooden wall decal can be a fun way to show off your quirky side. This idea is great if you want to express some rustic farmhouse setting in your kitchen. 

See this wooden decor on Amazon.

If you want to associate other colors to your gray and brown duo, always remember the safest way to do this is to focus on accents.

The best way to maximize coziness in a gray and brown room is to decorate it with natural elements. That being said, think of warm and friendly colors to accent the area like yellow, green, or red. You can use these colors on throw pillows, rugs, and table trays.

This bedroom with a dark wooden bed frame looks comfortable with gray and yellow sheets. It maximizes enough visual balance as each color stay put in their own element.

[PIN id=”350717889741977841″ size=”large”]


Aside from the ideas discussed above, there are still so many ways to experiment with gray and brown furniture. For more inspirations, you can have a look at this video by Decor Tipson YouTube. 

Factors To Consider When Styling With Gray And Brown

Airy and spacious wooden furniture

Before choosing other decor that goes with gray and brown, there are four important factors to consider prior to styling your area. These factors play a significant role in the results of gray and brown coordinates.


Simple minimal color and interior wall mock up

The amount of light you have in your area can change the darkness or brightness of gray and brown.

Large windows and ample natural light make a room look airy and spacious. They can also make the gray colors look bright and cool. Brown colors may change when exposed to natural light, especially wooden furniture.

Minimal light can make a gray and brown-colored room appear dark and mystifying, which is why it’s best to keep dimmable lights for a changeable ambiance that you can easily adjust according to your preference.


Interior design of an empty concrete wall

Being one of the elements of interior design, space includes two types: positive space and negative space. Positive space pertains to objects present in a room, while negative space refers to empty space, including space between objects.

It’s paramount to properly balance positive and negative space to avoid overcrowding or bareness.

Understanding the size and scale of furniture is also important in considering space as these objects also contribute to the illusion of light and the functionality of your area.

Color Shade

Corporate a color scheme to evaluate your mood space

It is essential to consider what shades of gray and brown you’re going to incorporate within your area as this creates the whole mood of the space.

Color shades stimulate memories and emotions. It elicits physical and psychological responses in our bodies.

You can choose your color shades according to the activities that will take place in your area.

For instance, if you spend more time cooking meals in the kitchen, you can stay active by surrounding yourself with light shades of brown and warm gray to keep you psyched up.

Textures and Patterns

This refers to finishing, grains, lines, and shapes that make up the design of a specific object and space.

Textures and patterns add appeal to your area, so it’s important to add the right amount of patterns that blend with gray, brown, and other color accents.

Textures and patterns can add life to your space. Utilizing enough of this will definitely make a space have enough visual balance.

What Other Colors Go With Brown Furniture?

Standing out color of a furnitures

If you want to experiment with other colors aside from gray, here are some stand-out colors for brown furniture:


[PIN id=”25614291621332787″ size=”large”]


Blue and brown results in cooler tones that create a peaceful blend. Blue warms brown hues in furniture. Together, they make a fine balance of traditional and modern ambiance. 

With these colors, you can also get a coastal vibe. This is great for places near the beach. 


[PIN id=”196751077462555602″ size=”large”]


Gold and brown is a great pair if you want to go extravagant. Together, they make a room lively, luxurious, and extremely refined. 

You can use this color in bedrooms and kitchen to speak personality. 


[PIN id=”405253666470239474″ size=”large”]


Orange and brown bring out a lot of funk, energy, and fun because of its contrasting colors that set out a hipster-inspired style and even a modern and sleek appeal. 

You can use this combination on bedrooms, living rooms, and small spaces. 

Can You Have Brown Furniture With Brown Walls?

Fantastic design of brown furniture and wall create bizarre shade

Brown walls and brown furniture might seem bizarre. But this is actually a fantastic choice!

The main thing to establish this is to incorporate the right shade of brown walls for your brown furniture so that they won’t clash.

A variation of brown colors makes a ravishing space with minimal effort. 

Final Words

Color combination of brown and gray wall and furniture

Gray blends well with brown furniture. Now that you know all of this, you can now have fun miximg them to create handsome neutrals!

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