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Does White Bedding Go With Gray Headboard?

Grey headboards are popular amongst modern and minimalist bedrooms because of their muted tone and versatility. These headboards come in a variety of fabrics, from velvet to upholstered to linen. Grey headboards are found in interiors with a fairly neutral color palette—bedding being an element of that color palette—so you might be wondering if white bedding is a good choice for a gray headboard.

Since gray and white are both neutral colors, white bedding pairs perfectly with a gray headboard. In fact, this combination is classic and tried-and-true, so you cannot go wrong with it. You can place this bed in any interior and it will seamlessly blend with the aesthetic as it is essentially made of basic color palettes that you can transform however you want.

We have gathered designer tips if you want to know more about how to dress your bed with predominantly white and grey themes, as well as what aesthetics feature white and grey bedding combinations. White and gray are foundational colors, so there are a lot of elements you can experiment on that can transform your bed’s look and comfort level.

Different pillows on bed in room. Idea for interior decor, Does White Bedding Go With Gray Headboard?

How to Dress Up Your Bed

King-size bed with gray square headboard, large rustic wooden mirror and textured wall in trendy minimalist apartment

First, you want to look at your bed and feel immediately relaxed. Achieving this lies in choosing colors that harmonize well with one another. Choose solid colors, preferably neutrals, as your base before you go on choosing textures and patterns.

Choose Monochromatic Colors

Interior of modern master bedroom with King size bed and built in closet.

If you want an effortless but elegant appeal, go with the same hue with different shades. This makes your bed look instantly polished, on top of being easier to manage.

Choose Complementary Colors

Grey stool in front of bed with blankets and cushions in dark hotel bedroom interior.

Colors such as gray and white complement each other well, but you can also experiment with other color palettes—earth tones, pastel tones, and neutral tones make your bed look fresh and welcoming.

Complementing colors add to the serene vibe of your bedroom and cements the theme of your space since it is the biggest piece of furniture.

Play with Textures and Fabrics

Close-up, side view of cozy modern bedroom with gray headboard

Textures play a big role in transforming your bed’s look. It is instantly elevated if you put in silk sheets, fur-textured blankets, or knitted fabric.

These fabrics add dimension to your bed, compared to when you only dress your bed in linen-cotton fabrics. You can also throw in novelty pillows such as a knot-shaped or round pillow to add some personality and uniqueness to the look.

How to Elevate Grey and White Bedding Combinations

Add Gold Accents

Creative use of small space in a stylish bedroom interior with designer decor and cozy white and beige bedding

Gold is an elegant element that can make the minimalist gray and white colors pop. However, it is not visually overwhelming and it is still consistent with the classic and elegant appeal of your bed. These gold elements can be your pillow, throw blanket, or duvet—whatever it is, it will surely transform your bed.

Add Pops of Blue

Modern bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, lamps, and many details around. Many books and decoration, wall is rich in texture.

If you want your grey and white bed to be on the more casual side, adding blue elements is your best option. You can go for pastel blue for a softer appeal, or you can opt for navy blue to lean into a more masculine and structured look.

Throw in Coral Accents

White bedroom with wooden headboard and coral and grey bedsheets

If you want to emphasize more color in your color scheme, adding coral into your bedding is a great option. Coral blankets or pillows can make your bedroom feel warmer, which is ideal if you want a more cozy and intimate vibe in your bedroom.

Coral balances out the detached coolness of a gray and white palette, so this is worth considering as well.

Introduce Patterned Fabrics

Modern Gray tone bedding and bedside table and lamp in black

Patterns add a dash of energy and personality to any furniture. Pair your grey headboard and white bedding with patterned pillows or throw blankets, or you can throw in a patterned duvet for a bolder aesthetic.

Patterns make your bed more whimsical, which can make you feel more comfortable if it’s your preference.

Final Thoughts

White bedding is a perfect choice for a gray headboard, and you can play with this combination with more freedom since they are both neutral colors. Do not be afraid of incorporating other color palettes to go with your aesthetic, whether they may be bold, muted, or soft—the most important factor is your comfort, and how you will feel relaxing in it after a tiring day.

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