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Does White Go With Brown Furniture

White and brown are two neutral colors, contrasting to each other. But then, both shades give aesthetic style to the room. Yet still, does white look pleasant when paired with brown furniture? Let’s find out how whites bring to impact to the brown sofa. Check out the compilation of ideas from our thorough research.

White offers a clean, minimalist style to the room. So, white will indeed look fabulous with brown furniture. The versatility of white also allows you to mix and match the light to dark shades of brown. Indeed, white’s neatness and clean appeal would highly complement brown hues. 

If you wish to add your white accents to a room with brown furniture, don’t hesitate to check out the following ideas below. See how your brown furniture showcases extra chicness and elegant appeal by pairing white details. Also, find out other colors that go along with the white and brown theme living room.

Blank horizontal poster frame mock up in scandinavian style living room interior, modern living room interior background, brown leather sofa - Does White Go With Brown Furniture

White Accents for Your Brown Furniture

Bring better style to your living room with a white and brown theme. Enjoy how these two contrasting colors balance the whole color scheme of the room. Besides that, watch out how the little details of white accents help you bring more color. 

White Walls 

living room with white wall and Leather sofa

The brown leather sofa would look stunning with a white backdrop. The white wall accentuates other colors effortlessly. Also, the white accent even gives emphasis to the sofa without overpowering the brown tones.  

The combination of white and brown also provides a trendy style, showcasing an elegant minimalist design. This home interior even balances the warm shade of the sofa as it pleasantly gets supports from the white background. 

If you like the simplicity and sophisticated touch of this color scheme, you may begin by painting crisp white walls in your living room.

White Blanket

Real photo of handmade macrame and mockup poster hanging on the wall in bright sitting room interior with leather sofa and metal rack with decor and books

Other than the walls, you can also add white accents to your brown leather sofa. In the picture above, a gorgeous knitted blanket provides a cozy appeal to the couch.

You can also put it just across the brown sofa or lay it nicely onto the side. By just putting this extra piece of cloth, the whole living room with a brown sofa would look phenomenal! 

If you’re thinking of getting a blanket for warmth and beauty, a white blanket will level up the whole game.

White Pillows

Living room and empty space for artwork of apartment or coffee shop

You can always use pillows to enhance the style of your sofa. In this case, your dark brown couch would showcase lovely touch with a couple of white square pillows.

These pillows would help to prevent any plainness of the brown sofa. Also, it keeps the furniture more inviting with highly contrasting tones. 

Your living room could feature a splash of color by simply adding two to three more pillows. So, you can try adding different shapes of pillows to flash more style into the room. In this way, you keep the minimalist theme with a stunning color scheme.

White Lamp, Vases, and Other Decor

Modern House Insterior with Leather Sofa.

Even if your living room flaunts darker hues, you can still add white highlights using lamps, side tables, and vases. For example, the picture above demonstrates a stylish brown couch with a muted black background. Yet still, a white lamp and vases complete the whole interiors. 

So, if you like spicing up things a bit with your darkroom, white accents on decors would do the trick. Try inserting white items to break the dark hues, adding extra white color to the living room. As a result, it would look more welcoming and cozy.

White Accent Center Table

Room Interior With Front View Of Leather Sofa, Coffee Table And Bookshelf.

Similar to the previous style, your living room might be primarily dark tones, so the secret to making it look appealing is adding the color white in the center. In this case, a small lowered center table brings a new style to the room. 

You may use other shapes, designs, and materials for the centerpiece. But then, stick with the white tones. With this uncomplicated technique, you would create a ravishing home interior! 

White Area Rug

Coffee table with vase and mug in the middle of elegant living room interior with comfortable leather sofa, stylish purple chair and armchair

Another living room idea presents lighter colors like the picture here. The main secret of keeping its comfy look is using a plain white rug. It helps the room look bigger while adding more style to the floor. Besides that, this white carpet complements the white curtain. 

Modern living room interior with brick wall blank wall, leather brown sofa, green lounge chair, table, wooden wall and floor, plants, carpet, hidden lighting.

On the other hand, if you have a darker theme for the living room, the white rug would still make a huge impact. It is because it balances the variations of patterns of the room. So, the white carpet focuses on the dark brown leather sofa. 

White Floor

home and decoration and mock up furniture interior design

White rugs are just temporary decor for the room. But, if you want to have permanent white accents in your living room, white flooring is the best option. In this case, you see stylish white marble floors elevating the room’s whole look. 

Did you see how the white floors bring on new brilliance to the brown sofa? Of course, you will always enjoy adding other brown furniture as long as you use white floors for your living room.

White Sofa

Beautiful living room with fireplace.

Your brown leather sofa could even go along with white couches! If you wish your living room to have more seating capacity, adding sofas or accents chairs would be awesome. So, never worry about using white furniture to complement your brown leather furniture.

To make your white sofa indeed fit in with the brown couch, you could simply add warm tones pillows or even the same brown shade of cushion. 

An Overall White-Themed Living Room

Blank horizontal poster frame mock up in scandinavian style living room interior, modern living room interior background, brown leather sofa

Now, the above ideas prove how white works well with brown furniture and you can surely apply it to your living room. In this case, your white-themed living room would look phenomenal with a brown leather sofa! 

The picture gives a stunning home interior for you. It lets you use white walls, white floor, white center table, and white decor to suit excellently with the brown furniture. So, you would never worry about getting this color scheme for your lovely abode.

Is brown coming back to interior design?

Brown never goes out of style. But today, it has become a trend! This neutral tone brings a more friendly, warm touch to a space. Yet still, it should complement white styles to complete the whole look. 

Brown is a preferred living room color because of so many wood furniture pieces. In addition, the nordic and contemporary styling of white and brown gives in a minimalist look for the room.

Also, most people begin to include indoor plants and flowers in their space, which is indeed a perfect pair for brown interiors.

What looks good with brown?

Besides the fresh and clean look of white, there are still other colors that look fabulous with brown furniture. Other decorators consider orange, green, yellow, mustard yellow, purple, blue, pink, and red to match brown tones.

Additionally, neutral shades like grey and brown can also balance the home interiors of brown furniture.  Above anything else, you can always add a pop of white accents to the room with all these color scheme suggestions.

How to style your brown furniture?

The first thing to consider in styling your brown furniture is to seek balance in tones and colors. You can also consider some shapes that you’re about to add to your brown sofa. Besides that, material matters to secure a high-fashion styling to the living room.

So, you may add a few interior decors like pillows, blankets, covers, and other accents for your brown furniture.

Make The Best Out Of Your Brown Furniture Today!

Highlighting your brown furniture is a great way of styling your living room. That’s why experts recommend better ways to improve your area. With a few pairings of colors and furniture, you could come up with an excellent living room. 

So, begin trying the suggestions mentioned above. These ideas would help you match colors to your room without neglecting the beauty of your brown furniture. In this case, go with white accents and see how it would never fail you.

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