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11 Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Ideas

Turn your bathroom to the incredible farmhouse theme! How? Merely add different styles and decorations to your walls. To make it easier, here are some fabulous farmhouse bathroom wall ideas perfect for your homes. 

Farmhouse bathrooms bring a catchy feel, suitable for Scandinavian style and Nordic interiors. It also gives a contemporary appeal that enhances the whole look of the bathrooms. 

If you are someone who loves minimalist but stunning interiors to your bathroom, farmhouse themes would be perfect for you! Also, farmhouse bathrooms provide both a warm and aesthetic vibe, guaranteeing you a safe haven room. Most importantly, gorgeous bathroom decors can add a unique touch to your walls.

The good thing is that you have varieties of choices to develop farmhouse bathrooms. So, check out our top 11 farmhouse bathroom wall ideas you can do today!

Clean black brick bathroom interior with window view. 11 Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Ideas

1. White Brick

The iconic white brick tiles would never fail you in bringing a unique and minimalist style! It is also highly recommended for your farmhouse bathroom. Its clean and classic white wall effects bring a welcoming effect to your bathroom. It even allows you to blend in different tan and natural wood furniture!

Farmhouse bathroom with shiplap wall

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2. White Walls

White cozy bathroom interior, farmhouse style

Of course, other than the white bricks, your clean, plain white walls still top the list! It carries a fresh and stunning look with just its simplicity. In addition, the power of white walls allows you to add rattan accessories and even play with shades of brown for a more farmhouse look.

3. Hanging Shelves

Bathtub in the loft interior

Pairing your white bricks with hanging shelves lets you pop up another best farmhouse style! With plain white walls and windows, your accent white brick wall and the refined hanging shelves give a unique effect. Of course, keeping a vintage-style bathtub and stylish ladder would spice up the whole bathroom.

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4. Half & Half 

Remodeled Master Bathroom

You can also make your farmhouse extra modern by giving it two-color combinations of walls. For example, see how this farmhouse-style bathroom showcases ecru top paint and wheat brown tiled walls. These walls highly complement the whites and brown walnut theme. 

5. Boho Interiors 

Boho scandinavian style in home interior background. Beige bathroom with natural wooden furniture

Another way to develop a farmhouse-style bathroom is through the boho Scandinavian designs. With a simple beige backdrop with smudge effects, your bathroom caters to chic and stunning interiors! Moreover, adding sophisticated accent mirrors completes the whole farmhouse look.

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6. Wood Accent Wall 

White sink on wood counter with a round mirror hanging above it. Bathroom interior.

Besides the half and half appeal, you can also do accents walls with the natural wood-colored backsplash. The wooden counter also comes with a massive round hanging mirror.

How this wood accent wall brings more emphasis? It is due to the clean white wall! So, another trick to bring out a farmhouse bathroom is through wooden accent walls!

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7. Graystone Wall 

Modern contemporary bathroom. There are gray nature stone brick wall, wood floor.

Other than the iconic white walls, you could also use a gray stone brick wall for a new modern look. However, to keep the farmhouse styling, a wooden vertical wall accent should still make an appearance.

It even complements the large windows for a more farmhouse vibe. Enjoy this graystone wall for modern contemporary interiors.

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8. Patterns 

Modern restroom with timeless appearance

Your bathroom wall could also highlight patterned designs. Similar to the image, you could have your tiles in iconic patterns. This timeless styling can also enhance the farmhouse interiors through wooden sinks. Adding gray walls on the sides could also uplift the whole room.

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9. Prints on Prints 

Vintage bathroom white brick and gray tile wall

Besides the iconic patterns, you could also complete your farmhouse bathroom with a white brick wall and painted gray walls. This print-on-print finish gives both vintage and contemporary look. However, never miss out on the wooden basin table and wood floor for a better farmhouse style.

10. White and Light Shade Blue 

Elegant bathroom in pastel blue tones with white bath tub, cabinets and shower.

To further channel the minimalist style of your farmhouse bathroom, you can also use pastel blue colors. It gives you a calm, relaxed, but somehow contemporary design.

However, adding white vertical woods as another wall decor can still embody the warm touch of farmhouse style. Besides the color blue, you can also use a light shade of green and purple.

11. Warm Toned 

Modern minimalist bathroom interior, pastel decor concept, modern white bathroom cabinet with interior plants,

You can also upgrade your farmhouse-theme bathrooms with entire warmed-toned walls! The image brings you a warm peach wall bringing both an elegant and chic style.

Also, you could use the glass windows for a better view. But then, don’t ever forget industrial lamps, classic round mirrors, and wooden chairs and cabinets. These decor items would complete your farmhouse bathroom.

Are you ready to decorate your farmhouse bathroom wall?

With all the ideas given above, you might wonder about the best style for your bathroom. 

Another tip for you is to sit down, wonder, and imagine your ideal farmhouse bathroom wall. Then, review the top 11 ideas mentioned earlier and choose the one that captures your eye. In this way, you’re giving your fullest time and effort to make a better farmhouse bathroom wall.