How Big Should A Mirror Over A Console Table Be?

A console table is a multipurpose piece of furniture that you may use for several functions and in different areas inside the house. However, since console tables are usually about waist-high, it is paired with artwork or mirrors on the wall above it. So, if you are thinking about how big a mirror or piece of art should be above a console table, we found the answer to your question!

Ideally, a mirror should be one-half to three-quarters of the console table’s width. It should be 30-inches to 42-inches tall, and the bottom edge of the mirror should be 6-inches above the table’s surface to create a little gap between the mirror and the table decor.

When hanging a mirror above a console table, there are a few extra things to consider. Continue reading to learn more about how to style a console table and its surroundings.

A small wooden console decorated with vases and a withered whey plant on white vases, How Big Should A Mirror Over A Console Table Be?

Size and Placement of Mirrors Over a Console Table

A typical rule to follow when hanging a mirror or piece of art over a console table is to keep it smaller than the table’s width. The average height of a console table is 32-inches, so the painting or mirror above it should be roughly the same height. Also, between the tabletop and the ceiling, there must be a balance.

A round mirror and matched with a white console table

A console table mirror should be at least 6 to 8 inches above the table’s surface to allow the placing of the items on the table without blocking the mirror. More so, the mirror should be around three-quarters the width of the table.

Additionally, a console table can also complement several mirror sizes. A taller mirror is possible with a high ceiling. However, it should not be placed too close to the ceiling.

Tips on Hanging a Mirror over a Console Table

The width of a console table is narrow, while its height is commonly waist-tall. Below the table, some have cupboards, drawers, or shelves. These tables are typically used to beautify an entryway or to provide a place to keep keys, pictures, or other things. However, hanging a mirror can be a bit tough.

Here are some tips you could use to determine other things to consider when hanging a mirror above the console table’s wall.

  • Stick to your preferred decorating style. If you prefer a modern aesthetic, go for a metal design with a sleek mirror frame instead of a rustic wood frame. When it comes to choosing the proper design (and color) of the mirror for your home, your aesthetic is still important.
  • Consider putting mirrors together in a group. An easy method to add flair to a room is to hang a group of mirrors on the wall. Simply place them in the same way you would artwork, with proportion in mind. Each mirror must have the same amount of space between them.
  • Another thing to note is that vertical mirrors are excellent for tall rooms, while horizontal mirrors are better for long rooms.

Add More Style to the Wall Above the Console Table

A canvas next to a wooden console table with a plant and books

The most typical item to hang above a console table is a mirror or a painting. However, these aren’t the only objects that can occupy that area. Also, you can place other decorative items to make the space above a console table look more attractive.

Here are more of the items that to hang over a console table:


Tapestries are wall hangings that can be also be used above a console table. In fact, the same sizing standards apply to tapestries and other rectangular-shaped textile hangings as they do to single, large art pieces. Textiles with non-uniform forms, on the other hand, have more flexibility.


Over console tables, two-panel artwork is one of the usual things to see. In placing such decor, the alignment of the outside borders of the panel must be perfect.

Artwork with three or more panels is usually too large to fit the wall above, except for the longest console tables. However, it can still make a stunning look as long as it doesn’t overlap with the table’s edges.


Metal wall sculptures can spruce up the area over a console table. Several sculptures of various sizes can be arranged pleasingly to fill the area that a single giant painting or mirror would have taken up.

Photo Collage

A photo collage is a great method to preserve a memory. Moreso, these photo memories can be the perfect adornment over your console table.

How do you know if a mirror is good quality?

Mirrors are ornamental as well as practical in a home. However, mirrors are fragile, yet, attractive decor pieces. So, you wouldn’t want one that keeps getting cracked or damaged now and again. With that, here are some pointers on how to select mirrors for your home.

When shopping for a high-quality mirror, consider the following three factors: glass quality, mirror thickness, and mirror silvering. In terms of glass quality, check to determine if the mirror’s glass is free of flaws and does not distort reflections. Home mirrors come in thicknesses of 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch.

Moreover, a mirror with a 1/4 thickness is recommended since it will not distort a reflection, even if the wall on which it is mounted is not flat. Meanwhile, silvering on high-grade mirrors is dense and of high quality.

What are Good Mirror Frames, Styles, and Materials?

The final piece that characterizes the decor style that most mirrors fit into is the frame. Other factors, such as cost and weight, will be affected by the frame style and material you select.

Wood, glass, and metal are the most prevalent frame materials, and each comes in a variety of colors and textures, whether it be glossy, matte, etc. Mirrors with wood frames go nicely with a variety of design types.

To obtain a Scandinavian aesthetic, choose light wood that is both light in color and light in weight. Solid oak, particularly when stained darkly, looks best in more classic settings.

Mirrors with glass frames look more modern, especially if they are tinted in tones or shades of smoke or chocolate. Due to their eye-catching finish, metal framed mirrors will provide industrial style appeal and are an excellent alternative as a decorative element. Brass, copper, and black are all options.

How to Hang a Mirror on a Wall?

It takes a little planning to hang mirrors, but it’s worth it. However, if you miss a step, your dream mirror could end up falling apart. So, before you begin, double-check that you have the correct screws and wall anchors for your mirror’s weight and wall type.

Because plaster or drywall isn’t sturdy enough to support a hefty wall mirror, ensure sure any hooks or screws are hidden below the plaster.

⦁ Mirrors are most effective when their center is at eye level, which is about 5 feet above the ground. If you’re hanging your mirror over furniture, make sure there’s at least 5 to 10 inches in between the bottom of the mirror and the top of the piece.
⦁ Check for wires, pipes, and studs with a pipe and live wire detector at your desired location.
⦁ If your mirror comes with a hanging wire, mark the wall where you’ll hang it. If it doesn’t, you might want to use a mirror bracket, which you should attach to the mirror first, then indicate where each drill hole should be on the wall.
⦁ If you’re using a drill, make a hole in the wall, insert your rawl plug, and then screw the rest of the way in. Repeat until all of your holes are filled.
⦁ If you’re using a hammer, drive each nail through the wall with the end exposed.
⦁ After hanging your mirror, make sure it’s straight and clean.


A small wooden console decorated with vases and a withered whey plant on white vases

There are several ways how to style a console table, as well as the area that surrounds it. One of the things you could try is the traditional look, which can be achieved by hanging a huge mirror or a piece of artwork above it.  You can also place a few small items on the tabletop along with the mirror on a wall above it.

Experimenting with an off-center mirror placement or using metal or macrame can also be fun. Although these guidelines help you create a space that’ll look great, it is still up to you whether what design suits your taste and needs.

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