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How High Should You Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

One of the things that can add functionality to your room are full-length mirrors. These mirrors are quite big and while having one in your room will look great, you might also be wondering how high these mirrors should be hung. To help you, we’ve looked into the best ways you can hang your mirror.

Full-length mirrors should be hung at a height wherein the user should be able to see their entire body. On average, most full-length mirrors are hung at a height with its bottom about 9-10 inches off the floor or baseboard.

Now that we’ve discussed the ideal height to hang your full-length mirror, we can delve deeper into the questions you might want to know. Keep reading to learn more about where to place your mirrors and how to best utilize them.

A bedroom evenly spaced out with gorgeous beddings with huge windows on the side and a full length mirror on the side, How High Should You Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

Full-Length Mirror Height

True to what it is called, a full-length mirror should be able to show you the entire length of your body when you are facing it. If you are still deciding how high your mirror should be hung, the ideal height should allow you to see everything, including your shoes in the reflection.

A bohemian themed living room with a full length mirror matched with a wooden cabinet

Of course, everyone’s height is very different and it is important that the people at home who will be using it the most will be accommodated. If your height is shorter or taller than most, simply make sure that whoever is the tallest can be accommodated by your full-length mirror. This will ensure that everyone will be able to utilize it well.

Ideally, most mirrors are placed about 10 inches off the floor, or just about at eye level. Depending on how tall you are, you should be able to see your entire body when a full-length mirror is hung at this height by simply adjusting your viewing distance from the mirror.

Where Should A Full-Length Mirror Be Placed?

A bohemian themed living room with a full length mirror matched with a wooden cabinet

Now that you have your own full-length mirror for your home, you can freely decide where to put it as long as you have enough wall space. However, there are certain locations in your room that can make your mirror more functional and help beautify your space.

Get To See Your Outfit

First of all, a full-length mirror’s job is to let you see your entire body from top to bottom. When dressing up, full-length mirrors should be able to reflect everything that you are wearing from your hat to your shoes as closely as possible.

When deciding the location of where to hang your mirror, the best place would be:

  • as close as possible to where you get dressed—like your closet or bathroom door.
  • the hallway, so you can check everything before setting off to that appointment.
  • by the entryway, so you can see your outfit just before you head out of the house.

You can also hang your full-length mirror on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door if you don’t have too much free space in your home.

Make A Space Look Bigger

A mirror’s quality is being able to project light into different spaces. If your home has dark spots or corners that need a little light to make it look bigger, then a full-length mirror should do the trick.

Strategically placing full-length mirrors in areas like dark hallways can help reflect light from the outside, making the room look more spacious.

One of the best places to place your full-length mirrors would be in areas that won’t directly reflect light. This is because mirrors tend to flash people when light reflects directly on them, and this experience isn’t something that you’d enjoy having every day. Simply place it in a location where light can bounce off to where you’d like to project the brightness into.

For small rooms, you can add a full-length mirror to make the room look more spacious. Place it on the largest wall space available, or towards the focal point of your room to draw the eyes towards it. Your mirror will surely give the illusion that your space is bigger and wider.

How Do You Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

Hanging mirrors can be quite easy, but it does require a little bit of know-how before you can proceed. Make sure that you have chosen the right kind and size of mirror for your space before starting this project. This will prevent any accidents or issues from happening while you are trying to hang your mirror.

Here are the instructions on how you can hang your mirror on a wall. Also, make sure to have a helping hand with your if your mirror is on the bigger and heavier side to prevent accidents.

Materials Needed:

  • Mirror
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Plastic or rubber bumpers
  • Mirror hangers


  1. Understand your wall. Some walls like drywall and plaster may not be able to handle heavier mirrors, so make sure to note the kind of wall that you have. Knowing your wall will also help you choose what kind of screws and hangers you will need.
  2. Pick your mirror and get the weight. Make sure that you choose the right size and style of mirror that you like, as well as the weight of your mirror. Knowing your mirror’s weight is important because it will determine what kind of hooks you should purchase.
  3. Choose the perfect spot. Get a spot in your home that has enough space for your mirror, as well as its relation to the other items in your room.
  4. Mark the spot where you will be hanging your mirror. Hoist the mirror to where you will be hanging it and mark the spot where top of the mirror is. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure that it will hang straight.
  5. Measure the place for your hangers. On the back of your mirror, measure the distance between the fasteners, as well as its distance from the top of the mirror. Transfer these measurements on the wall where you plan to hang your mirror.
  6. Drill your hangers on the wall. Once you’ve transferred the measurements, you can now drill your hangers on the wall properly. Make sure that they are secured properly to prevent the mirror from falling down.
  7. Put the bumpers on the back of the mirror and hang it on the wall.

If you don’t have the wall space but would still like to have a full-length mirror in your home, then the door is the next best place. There are different doors for different homes, so mirrors can be hung in a number of ways. Here are a few options.

  • Use over the door mirror hangers. These mirror hangers are usually right-angled and sits flush against the door. Simply screw them behind your mirror and hang them over your door.
  • Use mirror clips for lightweight mirrors. You can place lightweight full-length mirrors on the back of the door by installing mirror clips to the most secure parts of your door.
  • Use a pre-prepped mirror. These mirrors already come with a pre-installed hook or brackets that you simply need to install to your door. They come complete and require very little to no effort to install.

Do I Need To Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

A full length mirror next to a table with patterned throw pillows

If you are looking to have bigger, wider full-length mirrors, you may find that more of them are built with a stand to lean on the wall instead of being hung.

Some full-length mirrors can work either by hanging or leaning them against the wall. This is a very flexible choice for many homeowners because they can transfer or move the mirror anywhere. It also has more options on how you can display the mirror.

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A wood-framed full-length mirror on the other hand looks best when it is leaning against the wall. It’s great for rooms that carry that bohemian or rustic style. They also tend to be a little bit heavier than aluminum alloy frames so placing them against the wall is a better option.

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For those with limited space, a full-length door hanging mirror is your best bet. These already come with door hangers included with the mirror and installation is pretty easy. This is great for bedrooms and closets so you can check your outfit right away.

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In Conclusion

A bedroom evenly spaced out with gorgeous beddings with huge windows on the side and a full length mirror on the side

A full-length mirror is a great way to add function and design to your living space. In order to get the most out of it, full-length mirrors should be hung at a height where the user can see their reflection from head to toe.

The easiest way to do this is by hanging your mirror at eye level. If hanging is quite difficult, mirrors can also be placed behind the door or leaning against the wall.

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