How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle

One of the challenges of home decorating is how to deal with a wall that has a window in the middle. It might cause unbalanced decorations, making it quite tough to add to the room. But the good thing is we’ve prepared different options for you after thorough research on this matter. 

The key to decorating a wall with a central window is to maintain balance by framing the window using decor items or centrally positioning decor items along the windowsill. Here are nine great decor items you might use for decorating a central window:

  1. sheer curtains
  2. wall clocks and floor lamps
  3. picture frames, paintings, or other artwork
  4. potted plants
  5. hanging or floor shelving or cabinets
  6. window seat
  7. more windows
  8. shutters
  9. plain walls

With all the different ways to decorate a central window, you are free to choose how to enhance the home interior. Hopefully, any of these designs would help you improve the look of your walls. To get more inspiration, check out the following images below and see how you can improve your room.

Modern living room interior with sofa - How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle
How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle
How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle
How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle
How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle
How to Decorate A Wall With A Window In The Middle

9 Ways on How To Decorate Walls on a Center Window

You could use different materials to enhance your wall decor, although a central window makes it trickier. See the nine simple techniques to make your walls stunning even while featuring a center window. 

1. The Power of Sheer Curtains

Render of Living room

There are a number of ways to dress up a wall with a window in the middle. One option is to use sheer curtains. This will allow natural light to flow into the room while still providing privacy.

If you want to add some color or pattern, consider using fabric panels instead of sheer curtains. Nevertheless, the style from the curtain can surely complete the plainness of the walls.

2. Gorgeous Lamps and Classic Wall Clocks

Scandinavian interior design living room

Another great way to make your walls stunning is by adding a few pieces like lamps or wall clocks. In the picture above, these two items help to bring a new shape to the room.

The traditionally circular shape of clocks and lamps helps obtain a balanced design on each side of the window. In this case, it secures coherent home interiors even with the division of the center window.

3. Picture Frames, Paintings, and Artwork

Picture of a domestic sofa in the living room

You can also appreciate the additional style you can get from hanging decor like picture frames. It would help to bring more color to the room while it provides a new design to the wall.

Besides that, paintings and artwork prevent the room from looking dull. So, you can always utilize these decorations on the walls. Just make sure that the frames occupy the same space and size on each of the walls.

4. Indoor Plants 

Modern living room interior with sofa

If you prefer not to hang anything on the walls, you can still use other features to decorate the area. Similar to the picture, you can add shelves of indoor plants on one side and potted plants on the other. Indoor plants as decorations are very useful to add more nature-like hues to the room while it gives a new theme. 

A beautiful potted plant can really brighten up a room and help to soften the look of a window. So, these ornaments can indeed guarantee a brighter ambiance as the window radiates the sunlight from the outside. 

5. Sleek Shelves or Cabinets

Picture of Domestic Living room, Cozy Sofa, and decoration.

Another delightful technique of decorating your walls with a center window is by adding a few shelves on each side. You can use movable shelves that you can temporarily add to each side.

But you might also create a built-in structure on the walls with full top to bottom shelves, similar to what a library looks like! With these two ways, you can both maximize the area and add more items on the shelves.

6. Spacious Window Seats

Beautiful bay window with bench.

One exciting option for your walls is to install a window seat. It can be a great spot to relax and read a book or take a nap. If you don’t want to add a full seat, you can also add a few pillows for extra comfort. 

This technique would help you have extra spaces to sit and rest while enjoying the sunlight and breeze from the outside. It even helps to use the spaces on the sides and even on the center window.

7. Additional Windows

Octagon type room with dark paint and an animal skin rug

If you want to take your central window to the next level, you can always do a renovation. Some homeowners prefer to use more windows as the new accent for their center window.

Like in the picture, you can create right and left windows to complement the center window. It would be a nice way to attract more light from the outside while it still helps in adding more aesthetic style to the room. 

8. Shutters

Scandinavian farmhouse style

Another way to improve your walls with a center window is with oversized shutters. If you notice here, both sides of the walls are plain. But then, the window itself has wooden shutters.

In this case, these dual-purpose window covers help to bring more style to the room. It even let you match its color with the living room’s theme and color scheme. So, if you prefer simplicity without compromising the designs, windows covers would your best option. 

9. Plain Side Walls

A bright room with no furniture, a gorgeous apartment with white walls and windows in between

Plain walls are also good for the sidewalls of your center window. For one, they’re a blank slate that you can customize any time you want. You can paint them any color you like, add wallpaper, or even apply a textured finish.

Another reason is that they’re versatile. You can use plain walls with your center window and they can be paired with any type of furniture or decor. Finally, plain walls are affordable and easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for a minimalist, affordable way to decorate your walls with a center window, consider painting your walls a new color or adding some wallpaper. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make! 

How do you decorate a center window? 

There are many ways to decorate a center window.

Seasonal or Holiday Decorations

One way is to add holiday decor like evergreen trees or wreaths. You can also add garland, lights, ornaments, and bows.

If you want to decorate the window for a seasonal look, you can use gourds, dried flowers, or dried corn cobs. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the decorations are secure and won’t fall from the window.

Trim Curtains

Another way to dress up your center window is by adding trim, such as lace or ribbon, to make the curtain look more elegant. If you like this idea, just make sure that the curtain or trim is long enough to cover the window completely.

Window Treatments

Finally, you can also add a window treatment to your center window. A window treatment can be anything from curtains to a valance. You can choose a treatment that matches the other decorations in your home, or you can choose something completely different.

It includes roller shapes, drapery panels, bamboo shades, floral fabric covers, and other decorative covering.

How do you decorate a wall between two windows? 

One simple way to decorate a wall between two windows is to install a window seat. Similar to the suggestion earlier, this home interior can provide a cozy seating area as well as add some extra decoration to the room.

If you don’t want to install a window seat, you can also use decorative molding or trim to dress up the space. 

Another option is to hang curtains or drapes between the windows, which can add color and style to the wall. Whatever method you choose, be sure to customize it to fit your individual needs and style.

How do you decorate a room with lots of windows?

From the suggestions earlier, window treatments would be the best idea. For example:

  • sheer curtains,
  • hang drapes,
  • panels,
  • blinds,
  • and other covers for the window.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to think about the style of your room and the amount of sunlight you want to let in.

Final Words

Decorating your home would be fun and interesting as it allows you to express your personal style and personality. By decorating your walls even with a center window, you can create a space that would reflect who you are and what you love. 

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