How To Hang Curtains With 9 Foot Ceilings

Most of the time homeowners assume they have a standard ceiling size when it comes to selecting window treatments. It gets more complicated when you have a vaulted ceiling. This means that you have to take extra effort to look for the right curtain height. But, how can you hang curtains on a nine-foot ceiling? We found methods that will work for you!

For high ceilings, there are many ways to hang curtains. You can hang curtains a few feet lower than the ceiling, using the dropping method, which makes the room feel cozier. Or hang curtains high, and widespread around the window frames.

Figuring out the right method to hang a curtain can be tough. If you do not know the curtain type and style for the room you want to achieve, then it can be difficult for you. We are here to guide you along the way. Just keep reading.

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How to Hang Curtains for High Ceilings

Though there are rules and measurements associated with interior design, it is important to know that finding your style relies on personal preferences. When it comes to window treatments, what you should do will depend on the curtains’ effect on the room.

If you love seeing curtains that puff from your nine-foot ceiling to dramatically reach the floor, go for it! Those design rules, however, and a few key measurements can help you achieve the right visual effect for your living space.

You need to be aware that curtain positioning can affect the feel and the ambiance of the room. Here are some ways how you can hang your curtains.

High and Wide

This is one of the most common ways to hang your curtains and is often used to widen the room. Start with giving six to eight inches of space above the window and extra curtains on both sides.

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High Up

For a high ceiling, you would want it to look more elegant, and grandiose. You can hang your curtain closest to the ceiling and this gives an illusion of expanding the room.

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This curtain hanging method balances a very high ceiling by hanging it far away from the ceiling. So rather than bringing it closer to six inches away, you might see a curtain closer to the eight-foot mark.

The drop ceiling hides an extra ceiling that is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It creates a cozy feeling too.

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What kinds of curtains look best on high ceilings?

The cool thing about high ceilings is that you can find different ways to style windows. While most of the curtains look good on a high ceiling, here are some design tips to make the most of your room.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are lightweight fabrics that cover your window giving a soft and smooth ambiance. It adds a whisp of fashion to your interior.

Sheer curtains give you privacy measures and are also a great match for your window treatment.

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Dark Neutrals

Bold, neutral-colored curtains define the space and create a perfect ambiance of the room. These curtains are perfect for different occasions whether it is a family gathering, intimate talk, or formal meeting.

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Bold Prints

If you have a small room with tall ceilings, choose a curtain with large prints. Curtains with larger prints help define the room, giving it a bigger virtual vision. If you want to shrink the room, go for smaller prints.

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Going with stripes in the room makes your room appear taller. However, it is not always a great thing. Stripes can detract attention from the room, especially if the stripes are bold.

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How to hang curtains from vaulted ceiling?

The angle of the vaulted ceiling can impose different problems. These problems include hanging curtain partitions between rooms and not having wall space on your large window to attach a standard curtain rod.


A slanted ceiling with a standard curtain rod installed on it causes the fabric panels to slide. There is an easy way to cure this dilemma. After the curtain is pulled up, pull the panels to the side and secure them with tiebacks to create access between the space.

Try magnetic tiebacks, no installation! See these on Amazon.

Tab-top Curtain Hooks

Tab-top Curtain Hooks Tab-top curtains will fit the longest side of the ceiling’s angular span. You may alter or create a design to fit into the angle by using individual hooks.

  1. Measure the distance between the curtain’s tab-style ties. After that, count the tabs and use a hook for each.
  2. Keep the hooks separated by three inches less than the tab’s distance. For example, if the tabs are spaced 12 inches apart, then space the hooks nine inches apart.
  3. Tie each tab to a hook to hang your curtain panels.
  4. Mount a tieback on the opposite walls to secure each panel.

Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod

Determine the direction of the ceiling joists. If the curtain rod runs across a joist, screw into it to secure the attachment point. A joist will hold the weight of your curtain panels. For medium or heavyweight fabric, use anchors before inserting screws. If you will not use the header, mark it with a pencil.

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To make your ceiling appear high, you need to hang higher curtains. Your room will look bigger and wider. The type of curtain will depend on your preference. You will get the best result as long as you know what style of room you want to achieve.

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