11 Ideas For Bathroom Walls [Alternatives to Paint]

It is kind of annoying to look at the bathroom in your apartment with no colors at all. But what if the landlord says you cannot paint it? That’s too bad!

Of course, you would not want your bathroom to look lifeless. An achromatic bathroom can actually affect your mood especially if you see it first thing in the morning.

A bathroom wall can still be sophisticated even if you do not use paint. It is not the only solution and besides, there are moments where you just can’t find the right paint or can’t achieve the design you want. Here are some ideas for you!

Bathroom with tropical leaves pattern on the wall, 11 Ideas For Bathroom Walls [Alternatives to Paint]

1. Tapestry

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A simple fabric can be good for your wall but is one color enough? No. That is why tapestry is better since it is already designed, you just have to choose from the variety of options. Plus, it comes in different sizes which are good so that you can find one that fits your bathroom.

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2. Wall Decals

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Another alternative for paint is a wall decal! This is easy to install since this is just like a big sticker. What makes this good is the different designs that you can choose from! Cartoons, flowers, paintings, cute animals, you name it. 

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3. Floating Shelves

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If you want something that can be also used for another purpose, try some cute floating shelves! This way, you can also use it to store some things rather than just being a decoration.

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4. Tile Transfers

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Tiles transfers or also called tile decals are also good to design your bathroom wall. If your bathroom walls have existing tiles and you want to make them look better, use these. All you have to do is stick it to the tiles the way you want it to.

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5. Wallpaper

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Are you looking for something affordable that can make your bathroom walls pretty? Wallpaper is the key! The easiest way to re-design your walls is by sticking wallpaper on them. Although you have to make sure that the surface of your walls is smooth.

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6. Curtains

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Yes, curtains! If you do not want to go out and spend money on decorating your bathroom walls, go ahead and use your extra curtains. Just install a curtain rod on the top of your wall and hang the curtains. Not only did you save money but you also gave your bathroom a wonderful transformation!

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Who says you cannot put art on your bathroom walls? If you own paintings, you can place them on your walls! You can also put posters of your favorite band or any other type of art that you have. That would be so cool, right?

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8. Own Artwork

Modern bathroom with beautiful artwork on display

Express your creativity by making your original work. Go get that canvas, different paintbrushes, and show your Van Gogh side! Start painting what you want and what you think will look good in your bathroom.

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9. Decorative Tape

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Yes to instant design! Although you need many tape rolls, this idea can definitely rock your bathroom wall. Just think of patterns that you want to create for your walls and you’re good to go. Don’t worry because you can remove tape easily.

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10. Wall of Memories

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If you like looking at photos and reminiscing about all the fun and memorable happenings in your life, you can put pictures on your bathroom walls. You can buy picture frames and design them like a collage. Place it in your bathroom walls in a specific pattern that you want.

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11. Hanging Plants

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Best for nature lovers! Plants will always look good anywhere you put them. For your bathroom walls, try using a plant hanger and wooden stick that is thick and strong enough to hold your plants. Place it just a few inches below the top of your wall. 

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In A Nutshell

No need to worry since you already have 11 ideas on how to transform your dull bathroom. Art takes time so do your best and put effort into making your walls look fantastic. Free your artistic self by designing your bathroom walls!

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