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11 Ideas For Bathroom Walls – Not Just for Tiles Anymore!

Break away from the classic option with these 11 bathroom wall materials other than tiles. They come in unique colors, styles, and patterns, giving your bathroom that wow factor!

It’s not that tiles are becoming the thing of the past because they remain the practical choice for bathroom walls. But there is nothing wrong with exploring and trying new alternatives. Who knew what you’ve been missing out on? 

If you got the slightest idea about the bathroom wall trends, fret not! That’s what this post is for. Below we gave a brief description for each of those, check them out! 

Contemporary luxurious bathroom with a white countertop vanity, 11 Ideas For Bathroom Walls - Not Just for Tiles Anymore!

1. Artsy Vinyl Wallpaper

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Vinyl wallpaper is water-resistant which deters mold and mildews, making it ideal for bathroom walls. Also, it is washable.

Choose from textured, patterned, to floral vinyl wallpapers! The downside is hot-steam might loosen the glue over time, causing them to peel off the walls. 

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2. Cozy Wood

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Woods are susceptible to rot and split. That’s why despite their decorative appeal, they are excluded from bathroom wall options. But that can be the thing of the past!

Now, we can consider water and rot-resistant woods such as Cedar, Mahogany, and Hinoki. Thanks to resin, a viscous substance with an impermeable characteristic!

They are available in deep earth tones and warm red colors, but of course, you don’t necessarily have to stick to their natural hues. Feel free to paint them to achieve the vibe and feel you are after! 

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3. Luxurious Shower Panels

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These are easy-fit waterproof shower walls that can breathe a luxurious style into your bathroom! They come in a variety of colors that can fit just about any interior scheme.

The installation can be quite complicated, but rest assured that the finished project will be worth it! You can always ask the assistance of a professional if you can’t do it yourself.

4. Mediterranean Bricks

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Gone are the days when bricks were intended only for the exterior due to their limited colors and styles. Now, we have a great variation that couldn’t make them any more perfect for interior decorations! They particularly project that Mediterranean ambiance. So if that’s your thing, this wall is for you! 

5. Stylish Laminated Panels

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With laminated panels, you will never run out of design options. You can go from traditional, rustic, to ultramodern! Worried about them coming loose too soon due to humidity? Don’t be!

They have multiple layers, making them resistant to moisture. The drawback is the installation doesn’t come quick and easy. You need medium-density fiberboard prior to attaching the materials. 

6. Posh PVC Wall Panels

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Its contemporary style makes PVC wall panels a popular choice for modern settings. Also, it’s easy to clean and maintain. In just a few wipes you can remove the splash of water.  And probably, the best part is it’s hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion. You can count on it to last for up to 10 years! 

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7. Spa Style Stone Slabs

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Stone slabs provide a spa-like ambiance in the bathroom with their unique colors and are aesthetically-pleasing aggregate. They make a great choice not just for walls but also countertops, sinks, and floors.

Choose from marble, onyx, slate, and more! But, they have to be sealed to keep the stones from crumbling away. 

8. Moisture-Resistant Paint

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Want a polished look for your bathroom? Then go for paint that consists of resins that conceal imperfections on the wall. The levels of sheen include satin, semi-gloss, and glossy finish.

Sheen is described as velvety, semi-gloss as sleek with a little clarity, and glossy as reflective with a satiny appearance. 

Glossy is the most popular choice not just for its look, but because it also deters moisture better. However, you can opt for whichever sheen suits your fancy. 

9. Eco-Friendly Cork

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This is durable, water-resistant, and hypo-allergenic, making it one of the best alternatives to tiles. But it’s yet to gain as much popularity as the other wall options. Why not?

Cork is quick and easy to install and can be painted to attain your desired decor scheme. Above all, it poses no threat to your health and the environment. 

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10. Glass-Like Acrylic Sheets

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Acrylic sheets are waterproof plastic materials with a glass-like sheen. They are available in different colors. The installation is effortless, you glue and stick them on the wall. No need to worry about them peeling off shortly, they adhere well on any surface. The downsides are limited designs and sensitivity to scratches. 

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11. Handy Stainless Steel

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Functionality is the selling point of this wall option. It’s made specifically with shower niches to accommodate your bathroom accessories, forget about those soap or shampoo holders!

It’s not behind the styles either. So if function and aesthetics are your initial preferences for bathroom walls, stainless steel is for you!

Final Thoughts

In choosing bathroom walls, there is no one size that fits all. Feel free to experiment and mix up the materials until you achieve the style and vibe that you are looking for!

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