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11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Bay Window

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the home. For many homeowners, one of the features they look for in their kitchens are bright open windows that let natural light in.

One of the best examples of these window types is a bay window—a multi-paneled window that is often projected outward from a structure. It’s great for having wide panels and the space inside the home can often double as a seating or storage area.

If you have a bay window in your kitchen, we have rounded up these kitchen curtain ideas to beautify your kitchen space.

A breakfast nook with bay windows, 11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Bay Window

1. Roller Shades

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For kitchens with large bay windows with a beautiful trim framing them, a good way to accentuate this is by using roller shades to provide light into the kitchen. These simple roller shades can easily be pulled up and down without blocking the design of the bay windows.

Aside from this, roller shades are practical and easy to install on these tall kitchen bay windows.

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2. Café Curtains

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Some kitchens may have smaller bay windows situated in front of their sinks or breakfast nooks. An excellent example of window treatment for spaces like these is cafe curtains—they can block the area for privacy while allowing ample light to come in through the windows. It’s also a beautiful style that many interior designers have been favoring in recent years.

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3. Bold Design Curtains

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With a window that offers a lot of natural light, it only seems fitting that it should be dressed in window treatments that make a mark on the guests. Bold curtain designs are a delightful addition to any kitchen bay windows as it draws the viewer to see where the window leads to.

It can also brighten up an otherwise neutral space without having to do much in terms of redesigning your kitchen.

4. Roman Shades

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Roman shades are classic fabric window treatments that is both an elegant and modern touch to any home. In the case of kitchen bay windows, Roman shades are great because they do have a more casual feel than similar window treatments like roller shades.

They are also perfect for kitchen bay windows since Roman shades come in different designs and textures, depending on whatever matches your design aesthetic.

5. Valance Curtains

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On some occasions, valance curtains are perfect to use against the big kitchen bay windows. These would look great in kitchens that have a bigger than usual bay window area that can accommodate seating, like a small breakfast nook.

It only covers the topmost part of the windows and can be paired with other window treatments to control the light coming in.

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6. Paneled Curtains

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The more common window treatment readily available for bay windows are paneled curtains. They are the basic window treatments that many homeowners can buy at any home store. They are easily installed by using curtain rods and can be used for any type of window, including bay windows.

7. Tie-up Shades

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These tie-up shades have risen in popularity because of it’s casual design. If you are looking for window treatments for your bay windows that don’t require being handled too often, these tie-up shades are perfect.

Because of the method of adjusting these window treatments, it may be a bit cumbersome to handle them all the time so it’s best to leave them as it is.

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8. Roman Shades and Paneled Curtains

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Layering window treatments can make your kitchen bay windows look better. For some homeowners, layering together Roman shades and paneled curtains makes it easier for them to control privacy and light in the room. You can try this pairing or try out other layered window treatments to suit your space.

9. Rattan Bay Window Shades

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These rattan bay window shades are great for kitchens with a more tropical, airy vibe. The rattan shades are great for letting in small pockets of light without blacking out the windows completely, and they are easy to roll up and down whenever necessary.

10. Café Shutters

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These café shutters are great for kitchen homeowners who like to have a more semi-permanent private feel to their windows. The shutters provide better security and privacy than other window treatments, although it does filter too much light coming in. 

11. Custom Fitted Bay Window Curtains

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Another option you can do for your kitchen bay windows are custom-fitted curtains. Some homeowners and designers do this by installing adjustable rods to the windows and measuring the panels specifically for this purpose.

The curtains are often made to order and are custom fitted to ensure that it matches the space and design of the room.

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Final Thoughts

If your kitchen has large open bay windows, there are many options for window treatments and curtains to choose from. They can be practical and simple, but they can transform your kitchen space. Bay windows are pretty big and let lots of light in and maximizing this is a wonderful idea.