11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Double Windows

Any sensible person will agree that choosing the right curtain for the kitchen is just as important as choosing the perfect kitchen appliances. The perfect curtains set an atmosphere that energizes and inspires you to whip up the best dishes you can enjoy, and at the same time protect you from harsh sunlight without compromising the natural light entering the room.

Kitchens usually have double windows to easily let out smoke or smell. You would want to pair this with a light curtain that would be easy to remove, wash, and put back up; with a light or neutral color that reflects light and blends easily with your kitchen interior.

Below are some curtain ideas you may want to consider for your double window.

Spacious kitchen with white cabinets and colorful tiles classic contemporary style, 11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Double Windows

1. Tier Curtains

Outside of a cafe.

Tier curtains, more popularly known as cafe curtains, usually come in light and neutral colors. They are hung in rings, draped from the middle of the window to the window sill. They are made with light materials such as linen, polyester, and sheer, perfectly suiting kitchens.

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Full Window Cafe/Tier Curtain

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These cafe curtains can be as long as 45 inches, which means they are usually installed in bigger kitchen spaces. When kitchens are surrounded by bigger windows, a longer cafe curtain can let in light, let off smoke, and still prevent the space from feeling overheated. Full cafe curtains still have the aesthetics of a classic half-window, but they span from the top portion to the bottom of the window sill.

Half Window Tier/Cafe Curtains

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This is the original form of a cafe curtain, originating from roadside cafes that often hung their curtains from the middle to the bottom. These are the most commonly used curtains since it matches the space of most kitchen interiors and is easier to manage.

For double windows, you can put one panel at the top and one at the middle—or the bottom, whichever is your preference. This way, you can take advantage of natural light while still keeping your privacy.

2. Valance Curtains

A modern kitchen with a country feel.

Adding valances to your double windows is a quick way to add an elegant flair to your kitchen. This window treatment refers to covering only the topmost part of the window, with the fabric mounted on boards, rods, or poles.

Adding a layer of drapery is optional. The fabric can be made with any material, from cotton to polyester to a more expensive chintz fabric.

For your double window, you can consider layering it with sheer curtains or even overshades. This can give your window a more sophisticated look without compromising function.

3. Shade Curtains

Hanging chair on a wooden patio of a modern house with white kitchen interior.

Shade curtains are also a practical design that goes well with a double window in any kitchen. It’s a window treatment in which a fabric panel fits the size and shape of your window.

You will need to tug on a cord or a roller to lift the shade and let more light in, so you might want to consider getting a shade in a lighter color to still have natural light reflected inside without too much heat.

Dual Shades

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Dual shades are a great option to put in your double windows since it gives you the option to have one panel opaque, and one with sheer. It’s both stylish and practical; a versatile option for any kitchen.

4. Sheer Curtains

Interior of modern white wooden kitchen

Sheer curtains are made of translucent and delicate fabric, giving it a flowing look. This is ideal for spaces where heat is not a problem, and where it is encouraged for fresh air can freely come in. Sheer curtains give kitchens a subtle makeover that can be styled in multiple ways if you wish.

For example, If the exposure bothers you, you can layer it with other fabric such as a shade panel or a tier curtain. You can even pair it with blinds which you can close whenever you want for maximum privacy.

5. Blinds

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Unlike shades, blinds are not made with one single panel. To let in light, you can roll them up or tilt them so that each panel opens up. Blinds are usually made of flat and sturdy materials like bamboo, wood, vinyl slats, or aluminum. They are fairly easy to clean, making them a reasonable choice for your kitchen.

6. Wooden Panel

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Incorporate a rustic appeal to your kitchen by adding a wood panel at the top portion of your window. It may not be a curtain exactly, but it functions like one as it shields you away from the sun. For a double window, it can be a flexible window treatment that you can layer with any type of curtain fabric.

7. Burlap Sacks

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Embrace a rustic farmhouse appearance by playing with textures using burlap sacks. You can let them down freely or tie them up with a ribbon, creating a valence effect. Pairing it with shades or blinds adds dimension to your window, making it a stylish window treatment.

8. Crocheted Kitchen Curtains

Lace Curtains

Crochet curtains are always a great idea when upgrading your kitchen. They come in unique and eye-catching patterns that decorate your space as well as give you privacy. Making it yourself can also be a fun way of recreating leftover lace fabrics, giving you the freedom to experiment with colors and styles that are perfect for your kitchen windows.

9. Trellis Curtains

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Opt for a polished style and dress your double windows with chic trellis-patterned panels that blend in with your kitchen. Get it in neutral or light-colored tones to reflect light and for a more contemporary appeal.

10. Floor Length Curtains

Interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style with white furniture and a dining table.

These long, elegant curtain panels are ideal for kitchens with large floor spaces. If you have large double windows, these can act as a good insulator that you can move or shut when needed.

11. Embroidered Curtains


These budget-friendly curtains give your kitchen a dainty and elegant flair. There are many unique patterns you can pick out, ranging from bohemian and geometric to soft and floral. You can layer it with shutters or shades to achieve maximum privacy.


Learning to layer is important in styling any double window. Finding the right fabric and determining the perfect textures to pair can make or break your kitchen’s atmosphere.

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