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11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Large Windows

Kitchens with large windows offer so much convenience. It provides freedom for the light and air to pass. It enhances the kitchen to have a very wide-feeling space. Not only that, it offers you a scenic view from the outside which can be very enjoyable as a homeowner.

However, large kitchen windows can sometimes be a disadvantage if you’re the type of person who wants some privacy in the room since nosy neighbors can be around! Or, if you just want to block out some light to set a different mood.

Choosing the right curtain style that will match the vastness of the windows can be difficult because you need to find one that will suit your kitchen’s style. Not only that, you need the right fabric that will be ideal for your window frame.

Not only that, installing curtains in large windows can cause a few struggles since it requires a great amount of height to attach them. What’s more, you have to prevent it from wrinkling and ensure that it doesn’t fall off, especially if you have children around the house who like to play and hide behind the curtains.

Nevertheless, kitchen curtains offer the pleasure of aesthetics and functionality. Window treatments generally give a great impression of your personal taste within the kitchen.

Here are 11 curtain ideas that you can make use of when styling your large window kitchen.

Kitchen interior with served for a dining table for four persons, and the window curtains, 11 Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Large Windows

1. Full Length Sheer Curtains

There are two great sheer curtain options that will suit your kitchen:

Floral Sheer Curtains

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Floral sheer curtain adds a feminine glow to your kitchen. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and at the same time, it regulates the entrance of light and wind inside your kitchen. There’s a lot of floral patterns you can choose from according to your prefrences.

Plain White Sheer Curtains

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White sheer curtains are plain and simple. This curtain type is considered classic and one of the top choices for homeowners. However, if you are concerned about the fabric’s transparency there are other colors that can match your ideals.

2. Bright Colored Curtains

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Bright colored curtains add an accent to your kitchen. Kitchens are often utilized as functional rooms because it’s where all kinds of household activities happen. A bright-colored curtain can lighten up the dull area for a light and friendly environment to work in.

3. Velvet Curtains

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Velvet curtains are perfect for the winter season. These filter light from coming in, and most importantly, keep the warmth inside your home. Velvet curtains look luxurious and stunning. Putting one in your kitchen gives the room a bold statement.

This velvet curtain from Roslynwood has a soft faux velvet fabric and is made from a Polyester blend.

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4. Burlap Curtains

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Burlap curtains add a rustic touch and texture to your kitchen. It gives off a farmhouse vibe that makes your kitchen feel warm and homey. Burlap curtains are breathable and resistant to mold and mildew.

5. Main Curtain With Valance

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This curtain style took its inspiration from the Baroque period. It’s timely, elegant, and stylish. Not to mention, it incorporates a grand gesture into your kitchen with its theatrical look. This is just perfect to wow your guests and gives off that classic appeal in your kitchen.

6. Geometric Patterned Curtain

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Geometric patterned curtains give your kitchen an edgy statement. It gives character to it. And like this Bohomenian pattern above, it’s fitting to any retro and modern styled kitchen.

7. Tie-Dyed Curtain

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Tie-dye curtains provide bright and vibrant colors in your kitchen space that sets off a funky and hippie-chic look in the area if you aspire to this type of aesthetic. This is one of the most unique curtain styles you can ever put in your kitchen because of the busting colors that will radiate in the whole kitchen.

This tie-dye curtain from Gesmatic is made up of 100% high-quality Polyester. It has no odor, and most importantly, it can provide a total black-out shade for the area.

See this Gesmatic’s tie-dye curtain on Amazon.

8. Bamboo Blinds With Curtain

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This curtain style mixes a summery and zen look in your kitchen. It incorporates the perfect shade and light because you hold the privilege of how much sunshine can come through. Aside from that, bamboo with natural fabrics gives the atmosphere healthy energy for you to indulge in relaxation.

9. White Ruffled Curtains

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Ruffled curtains provide the perfect balance of lightness and air in the space. It kind of looks heavy, but this curtain gives your kitchen a romantic look because of the ruffles that complement it.

10. Damask Satin Curtain

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Damask satin curtain is probably one of the simplest ways to design your large kitchen windows. The print complements both traditional and modern houses. It offers sophistication, especially in the dining area.

11. Reyna Window Curtain

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If you don’t want to be heavy in texture, then this is the curtain style you should opt for! It’s dainty and best suits kitchen and dining areas with a shabby-chic theme.

To Sum It Up

Large kitchen windows require full-length curtains and while there’s a ton of styles that you can choose from, the choice is your call. So long as it gives you an ample amount of function, light, and air according to your convenience and liking.