Light Vs. Dark Living Room Furniture: What To Choose?

Selecting furniture in the living room is a big decision. Couches, tables, and cabinets are some of the major items in the living room and are usually the most expensive. What to choose between light or dark furniture? We have researched some important details for you.

Light-colored furniture makes the room feel larger; it blends into the scene for a light, airy feel. On the other hand, dark-colored furniture is a good choice for a spacious room to make it feel cozier and inviting. Dark-colored furniture can feel overcrowded in smaller spaces.

There are exceptions to every rule, as they say. So, keep reading so you have options to choose and we will wrap up the discussions for you.

Bright and modern designed living room with a sectional sofa with multi colored throw pillows and wooden coffee table, Light Vs. Dark Living Room Furniture: What To Choose?

What are the things to consider?

Before you select furniture, whether light or dark, you must think of these considerations to come up with the right decision. The shade or the color of the furniture has a big impact, but it also affects how you use the room and how often you clean it.

Mood & Ambiance

The mood of your living room depends on the color of the furniture. To help you come up with a decision between light and dark, think about the types of gathering you tend to host. Also, think about what feel you want to emphasize.

For example, you have guests in the morning over coffee, then you might want to look for a casual and airy space to serve it. Pale-colored furniture could achieve this for a small living room or breakfast nook.

Brightly lit living area with white sectional sofas and wooden furnitures

If you want to spend your evenings with a cozier feel, you might want to use darker neutrals for your furniture pieces. These colors provide a warm tone to your seating area.

A large luxurious modern contemporary bright living area

Some people have two living rooms: informal and formal. They make use of informal living rooms for family gatherings and day-to-day guests, whereas the formal living room is for evening guests and typically, more intimate.

A dark wooden wall paneled living area with a matching brown sofa and wooden coffee tables

To make a distinction, the formal living room is better with dark furniture because it creates an intimate and dramatic feel. A casual living room, on the other hand, is an ideal setup for light-colored furniture.

Size Matters

The size of your space can also create an impact on how dark and light furniture should be perceived in your living room. If you have a large living room with mostly light-colored furniture, then dark furniture accents can ground the space.

On the contrary, a small space with dark furniture might be domineering. In this case, it is better to have light-colored furniture to make the space feel airy and open.

Style Choices

The style that you want to achieve affects how you select the shades of your furniture as it needs to work together with your entire home. Light and dark furniture pieces have a variety of styles, but some are better paired with certain colors, too.

Light colors for a casual feel such as having a Scandinavian style. Dark colors emphasize a dramatic style, so would coordinate with the modern or rustic style.

Definition & Contrast

If you have already decorated your living room, you can simply choose a shade that will complement your existing color palette.

Creating contrast is important because it prevents you from over decorating your room, especially in your living room. You do not want to make it feel too bland or too flat if you have dark floors and walls.

Balance the color and the furniture you want to arrange. If you already have light furniture, add dark-colored furniture to balance the room.

Why dark furniture for living room?

A dark blue designed living area with a gray sectional sofa and a wall decorated with white canvas

Here are some reasons why you should choose dark furniture for your living room.

  • Dark colors gives a sense of weight. Having a living room with full of dark furnishings gives sense of magnitude and depth. This is one of the reasons why dark colors are associated with serious interiors.
  • To achieve a sense of elegance, seriousness and grandeur, dark furniture is a way to go.
  • Dark furniture conceals dirt and stains.
  • Dark furniture depends on the surrounding decor to have the right complementary colors and styling features.

Why should you choose light-colored furniture for the living room?

Contemporary living room matched with beige walls and a off white colored sectional sofa

So, that’s some of the reasons why you should choose dark over light-colored furniture. What about choosing lighter pieces?

  • Light exudes warmth. It provides a great sense of magnitude, brighter interiors, more airy, and cheerful feel.
  • Light-colored furniture creates a lighter mood. Things such as sofa is a natural way to socialize, and the point here is that, you can do the color contrast and make it more inviting.
  • Light furnishings in contrast to dark shows off dirt and stains which makes it easier to spot when cleaning.
  • Light furniture is versatile since you can place it in any part of the house.

The Final Verdict

Bright and modern designed living room with a sectional sofa with multi colored throw pillows and wooden coffee table

So, what is your ultimate choice? It depends on the type and style of the living room you want to achieve. Before you decide, you may want to consider the things mentioned above.

If you are still trying to figure out the right color furniture for your living room, you can ask for advice from experts. For sure you can come up with an excellent living room setup.

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