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11 Living Room Color Ideas With Oak Trim

Old homes in the 70s and 80s usually have interiors boasting of oak trim which modern designers deem today as “outdated” and “old-fashioned.” However, you can use oak as an accent that can give the room a unique personality.

Finding the right color for your living room may be challenging especially with wood trim to consider, but playing with textures and shades will make the experience more fun and artful.

Old styles still have a charm from which we can take advantage—it all depends on how we can make the interior blend with each other. Here, we will show you the right colors that can bring out the beauty of your interior and shades that will liven up the space with contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

A bright yellow inspired living room with white furnitures and plants, 11 Living Room Color Ideas With Oak Trim

1. Creamy White

A living room with carved patterns on the walls and gray mid-century designed sofa

The combination of white and wood has taken the world of interior design by storm. Together, they create a refreshing visual that softens the wood’s rustic look with the color white’s modern-classic flair. You can emphasize the oak’s yellow undertone and lean into ivory and cream shades.

2. Green-gray

Interior of a bohemian themed living room with wooden furniture's and decorative macramé and accessories

You can integrate earth and neutral tones to go with your oak trim. Wood naturally complements these colors, giving your home an earthy appeal that ties up the whole interior. Choose warm grays with a bronze undertone and play with various shades of green to blend with the oak trim.

3. Dark Brown

A long brown sofa and empty paint canvases on the side in a living room with wooden flooring

Deep neutrals make a large living space feel more cozy and intimate. Dark brown seamlessly blends with oak trim, and the deep shade draws the attention to the fine wood trim.

4. Taupe or Tan

Interior of an empty living room with polyurethane coated flooring and dark brown walls

Lean into the softer side of brown tones to make the space feel larger and airier if you feel like the space might be too cramped. Taupe shades pair well with any color of oak wood since it is a neutral color. This combination will tie up your interior and make for a refreshing vision.

5. Sage Green

A gorgeous modern contemporary living room

Sage green is another earth tone that brings out the versatile beauty of fine oak. This soft shade will sightly reduce the rustic appeal of oak and make the space feel more modern without reducing it to a completely contemporary or minimalist style.

6. Charcoal Gray

An elegant wooden oak themed living room with wooden flooring and furnitures

If you want to completely lean into a modern vibe, choose this moody tone to go with your oak trim. This color will make wood look more sophisticated instead of traditional, and the industrial elegance will blend into your leather upholstery and sleek decorations.

7. Dark Green

Interior of a green and boho inspired living room

Dark Green is a deep earth tone that nicely complements rustic oak wood. The elegance of green is toned down by the oak trim, making it cozier and inviting instead of intimidating.

8. Cranberry

Wooden side chest with a small plant and brown leather sofa

Deep red tones like cranberry make oak stand out. This is because red is a stark contrast against the wood’s brown and yellow tints. However, this bold combination will not clash with one another—it will simply highlight the wood while giving off a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

9. Terracotta

An elegant wooden oak themed living room with wooden flooring and furnitures

Terracotta is a more muted shade of orange that will not clash with oak, but still give it a contrasting effect that brings attention to the wood. However, the oak’s color will still play a role in this—darker tints will blend with terracotta easily, while lighter oaks will be more emphasized.

10. Cornflower Blue

A blue accent wall matched with a wooden texture wallpaper and a white sofa

You can go for cool contrasts such as cornflower blue to pair with your oak trim. The refreshing blue shade will balance out the strong warm tones of wood and make the room feel whimsical. Cornflower blue is an excellent choice if you want to experiment with interesting color combinations without going off-track.

11. Mustard Yellow

A table with different types of plants

Mustard Yellow is a good option if you want to lean into nature-themed tones while maintaining an air of elegance. the rustic appeal of wood will pair well with yellow especially if your oak already has yellow tints. This combination will make your home feel like a cheerful, inviting environment.

Final Thoughts

Oak trim has a certain uniqueness about it that makes us feel more at home. Wood, especially oak, is a classic interior piece that has been beautifying homes for centuries. Combined with the right colors, it can transform our space into something that reflects more of our personality.

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