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11 Living Room Color Schemes With Gray Couch

Gray is often attributed as a dull and depressing color. But for some people, it is the exact opposite. No matter which side you’re on, you cannot deny that if paired with the right color scheme, gray can be attractive as any other existing color. After all, it is a mixture of the darkest and lightest color.

When choosing the color pattern of a very important part of the house like a living room, basing the other colors that you will incorporate from one of its most integral features like the couch, is a smart move, as couches are often the centerpieces.

In this article, we will be showing you 11 different color schemes for your living room that would bode very well with your gray couch. We will be showing you cool color combinations that could boost the aesthetic appeal of your living room from zero to a hundred real quick.

A Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and beige colored furniture, 11 Living Room Color Schemes With Gray Couch

1.Lighten Up Gray

This is what’s amazing with the color gray, pair it with a lighter shade of its color and adding more lightly toned color objects like a white plain canvas, white tables, and vases will give you an open and well-lit ambiance to your living room.

Mock up poster in Living room

2. Make Gray Pop

Interior of living room with white sofa

You can opt for a darker shade of wall color like the one above and what this does is makes your couch stand out particularly with this monochromatic color combination. Add a splice of blue throw blanket that is coordinated with the wall. This will give you a minimalistic yet fashionable setup.

3. A Feminine Touch Of Gray

Real photo of a living room interior with a sofa

Gray is one of those colors that for a majority of its uses in design might come off as masculine. But if paired with the proper color scheming like this example, the floral wall design plus the matching floral pillow and pink blanket adds a more feminine touch to a mostly masculine hue.

4. Take A Walk On The Gray Side

Gray room with yellow accen

The perfect way to lessen the stress in choosing the color combination you can use with a gray couch is just by going monotone. Some would say that this approach might appear dull, but brightly colored accents like yellow and white just give that needed color splash to make your schemes interesting.

5. Find Balance In Contrast

Picture of modern living and kitchen area

Another great way of contrasting is by going with darker tones of gray with your couch and pillows while painting your walls and ceiling white. This is one way of balancing the room making it not too bright and not too dark. This is a perfect example of harmony between light and dark shaded colors.

6. Stay Neutral

Living room interior with gray velvet sofa

If you are all about that minimalistic lifestyle, then this color scheme is for you. The gray, white, and green color combinations are just perfect with each other. They emit a laid-back and relaxed feeling in the room. The subtle stripes on a white floor also add composition to the room.

7. Different Shades Of Gray

Living room with gray sofa and round coffee table

Another iteration of going all out on the gray is by having different shades of color scattered around the room. The light gray wall helps in making the room easier to lighten up as it bounces the light away from itself. While the brown center table adds a more earthy tone that is subtle yet pleasing in the eye.

8. Combine Gray & Pink

Livingroom Interior with sofa

Here is another version that is more on the feminine side. The pale gray and white walls, drapes, and ground help illuminate the room, in this style, you would only need to turn on the light during nighttime. The pink pillows and blanket add that feminine touch to the design that’s just comfortable with the eye.

9. Earth Tones

Grey sofa with pillows near window in stylish living room interior

You can never go wrong with earth tones. This color combination of gray and different shades of brown gives an organic feeling. The beige-like floor also helps in illuminating the room. This color scheming also makes it easier for you to add another color without worrying about compatibility as these neutrals pair with nearly all hues.

10. Go Gray, Bold & Bright

Spacious modern lounge with grey sofa and colorful pillows and poufs

If you are more on the decorative and experimental color scheming side, a dab of yellow, pink, and teal can go well with gray. This offers more liveliness and a more retro look for your room.

11. Play With Gray & White

Grey couch with dark blanket standing in bright interior with metal table and simple poster

If you are having a difficult time in the mix and matching of other colors and don’t want to go monochromatic on your scheme, this type of color combination is just a classic and shouts luxury and wealth.

In review

There are multiple ways for you to decorate a room with a gray couch, this is because gray can easily fit in with almost any other color. It all boils down to your personal preference, so don’t be afraid to express yourself and be creative with those color schemes.