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11 Living Room Color Schemes With Gray Furniture

They say gray is a neutral color that shows no emotions at all. It is actually quite the opposite. The color gray screams sophistication, calmness, and minimalism. Gray and its different shades can be paired with most of the colors. It will never be out of style.

Gray is a balanced color and it can fit well in your home. With the various color options, owning gray-colored furniture can be somewhat confusing as to what type of color should you paint your walls to have a perfect outcome. Well, look no further because we have narrowed down the list to 11 of the best colors for your gray furniture!

11 Living Room Color Schemes With Gray Furniture

1. White

If you want to achieve a minimalist type of design for your home, white is the perfect choice to go with your gray furniture! White and gray gives a great combination as it serves a calm feeling. This is a recommended paint color for someone who likes their place to look tranquil. 

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2. Cream

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When combined well, cream and gray will definitely go together! Cream paint for your wall provides a soothing appearance inside your home. This will make your house look clean and modern. Don’t forget the gray rug with a touch of cream!

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3. Peach

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The sophisticated effect of peach-colored walls will surely match your gray furniture. Peach fills your room brightly that really goes along with the color gray. To add more accents, try using a peach pillowcase for your throw pillows.

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4. Sage Green

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Want something that looks fresh in the eyes? Try using sage green paint as it makes your home look crisp and gives a relaxing mood! While you are it, putting a pot of your favorite plant is a good idea.

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5. Blush Pink

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This one is for the ladies and for those with a feminine heart! Show your chic side by mixing your gray furniture with a pink color that will absolutely make your living room interesting. Add some baby pink drapes to have a more extra look.

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6. Denim Drift

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This shade of blue mixed with gray is a big check! This tone absolutely complements the neutral shade of gray since it gives a cooler and deeper look to your living room. Of course, you have to choose the best floor lamp on this one to get a brighter light.

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7. Butter Yellow

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Feeling hip and funky at the same time? Give your room the sunshine feels by painting it with a light shade of yellow and adding your furniture in different shades of gray. You can never go wrong with a yellow and a gray couch!

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8. Bright Orange

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Indeed, opposites do attract! If you thought orange would not go well with gray, it’s time to change that idea! Due to the versatility of the color gray, you just need to look for the right shade of orange to pair it with.

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9. Purple

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This one will never be out of the list! Purple can undoubtedly rock it with gray because it does not come off too strong for its shade. Try mixing it up with your perfect gray floor and pick your best couch!

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10. Beige

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Oftentimes, people mistake beige as an off-white color but it is actually a shade of brown. Gray and beige actually look good when combined in a room and it gives a quiet and soothing vibe. Clearly, it is a suitable color to paint on your wall.

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11. More Gray

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Want to make your home look modern and more stylish? Complement your gray furniture with its own color! Level up your living room by blending it with the different shades of gray.

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Final Thought

Although gray can look neutral and boring to others, there will always be ways to make it pop! You just have to find the perfect match for your furniture and let your creative side do the magic. It is up to your preference and how you express your own definition of art.

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