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11 Living Room Color Schemes With Gray

Everyone knows that gray is timeless. It is such a sophisticated color that any color can work well with it. This color is a neutral color that can complement most shades in the color wheel. Not only that, gray is on top of the list with the best colors for your home.

However, too much gray all over your home can look too monochromatic. That is why you should add one or two more colors for this color scheme. You can set gray as your primary color and add accent colors to liven up your living room.

If you are looking for accent colors that can go with gray, we have researched 11 colors just for you!

Colorwheel of mixed color combination of furnitures and gray walling, 11 Living Room Color Schemes With Gray

1. Black And White

If you want to add elegance to your living room, black and white is the color for you. This color scheme is the best to achieve a modern style home.

Basic combinantion color of black and white in a living room

You can add a black couch and a white coffee table as your furniture.

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2. Brown

Brown furnitures with color combo with light grey interior

You can match gray with earthy colors, like brown. We recommend using a light shade of brown to complement your gray living room. This color scheme will give warmth to your room.

A brown accent chair is an ideal statement piece to bridge brown and gray together in your living room!

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3. Cream

Neautral color of cream and light grey combo in interior design

If you want a neutral color lighter than brown, you can use cream. A cream color looks a bit like the color of sand. It is a nice match for your gray room since both are neutral colors. Featuring a cream sofa as the focal point of your room really draws this combination together.

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4. Dark Green

Emerald polished green furnitures and light grey interior

If you have an existing light gray wall, a dark color can be an excellent match. Dark green is one of the calmest colors, making it a beautiful pair for your gray living room. Use this color for your pillows and accent wall.

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5. Gray Of Same Shade

Balanced gray color scheme of furnitures an interior design1

Create a balanced look in your living room with an all gray-color scheme. This color choice is okay as long as it is your accent color. For instance, your floor should be a different color to avoid a one-color-only room. Placing gray furniture in a gray-walled room, however, is very chic!

If you’re furnishing a small space in gray-on-gray, this accent chair might be of interest!

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6. Gray, Blue, And Pink

Mixed color scheme with sweet cool ambiance of furnitures and interior design

Have a mix of sweet and cool ambiance in your living room. This tri-color scheme will suit your room if you like pastel and dark shades. Paint your walls gray, and add royal blue and pastel pink accent.

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7. Yellow

Bright light yellow color living room with gray interior

It is not only about neutral and light colors. Bright colors can also make your gray living room pop! A cheerful yellow combined with gray can make your room look more inviting.

A simple throw pillow can brighten any gray living room.

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8. Shades Of Pink

Gray walling and pink sofa living room style

Make your living room look stylish with gray and pink! This color combination is great for adding warmth to your home. Consider using different shades of pink for your accents.

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9. Red

Bold and daring color combination of red and gray interior

Some people do not like red since it is a bright color. If your favorite color is red, this is good news for you. Gray and red will look daring and bold when combined!

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10. Bright Orange

Funky and retro style of living room with color combo of orange and gray

Another bright color you should consider is bright orange. This vibrant color can complement your gray living room. But we recommend that your walls must be light gray for orange to be a perfect fit.

A retro lamp would be the perfect addition for a funky orange living room!

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11. Dark Gray And Light Gray

Shades of gray color combination in living room

Nothing is cooler than this combination. Create a sophisticated look in your living room by matching two shades of gray. You can paint your walls with dark gray and light gray for your furniture, or vice versa.

Mix and match gray shades on the sofa easily with throw pillows!

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How Can You Color Coordinate Colors In A Room?

Choosing the perfect color scheme is a tough decision since your goal is to create a harmonious effect in your living room. Here are some tips that you might want to know about coordinating colors!

  • Make use of the color wheel.
  • Don’t be scared of using colors that are opposite to each other.
  • Select a color accent.
  • Arrange your colors correctly.
  • Do not complicate when designing to avoid a distracting look.
  • Use your floor colors as a basis.
  • Be mindful of how the colors will affect your room.

Is It Okay To Paint All Rooms The Same Color?

A room with only one color may look bland. We recommend that you plan a color scheme with at least two colors. Decorating your whole house in a monochromatic color will not look friendly and inviting. Also, it may be hard for you to look for accents with the exact color.

In Closing

Colorwheel of mixed color combination of furnitures and gray walling

It’s fun playing with colors. Pick a color scheme that suits your personal preference. Finding the perfect color combination will make your home visually pleasing!

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