11 Living Room Color Schemes With A Navy Blue Couch

Modern and stylish with an aura of calm and soothing elegance, a navy blue couch effortlessly draws the eye to itself in the living room. It has no issue getting all the attention in the space, capturing your interest while inviting you to sink into its plushness.

The bold and rich hue has been a favorite among professional interior designers and homeowners alike for its timeless appeal, going with practically any style from any era.

So when you have a navy blue couch, you want it to serve as the focal point of your living room. You want the color scheme of the entire space to work around it.

Here’s a bit of good news: navy blue is quite versatile! There’s a wide array of colors that compliment navy blue, ranging from light to dark, from warm to cool. It’s best to decide on a color scheme that matches your couch that will help you decorate with more ease and cohesion.

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite colors that go with navy blue to help you get started on creating your living room color scheme.

A blue couch with a gray throw, white throw pillows and blue walls decorated with paintings, 11 Living Room Color Schemes With A Navy Blue Couch

1. Navy Blue & White

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, and white is the most superior classic of all. White walls can create a crisp, clean look that highlights the lines of your couch and the richness of the navy blue color. The best part is you can pair this combo with any style: from mid-century to contemporary to nautical.

Interior of an elegant minimalist and nature inspired living room with a blue sofa matched with white walls

2. Navy Blue & Off-White

Elegant interior of a modern home with a minimalist approach to the design

While white is often the go-to choice for most color combinations, it can give off a stark and institutional look. Off-white is a great alternative to this, matching seamlessly with your navy blue couch and providing a versatile backdrop where you can experiment with different designs.

3. Navy Blue & Gray

A blue sofa with a blue upholstered ottoman in the living room with gray walls

Modern styles are all about simplicity and sophistication, and this pairing captures that essence perfectly. A light gray wall brings out the cool tones of the navy blue couch for a contemporary look that makes you feel calm and serene.

4. Navy Blue & Pink

Navy blue sofas and chair matched with pink throws and white painted walls

Opposites certainly attract with this color combination, and it could not be more pleasing to the eye. Masculine and feminine, warm and cool, navy blue and baby pink meet to create a gentle contrast that you simply can’t look away from.

5. Navy Blue & Pale Blue

A long blue sleeper sofa with wooden pegs and a patterned blue carpet

Just like denim on denim, blue and blue can match well with each other! The light, whimsical hue of pale blue can emphasize the richness of navy blue, resulting in a beautifully balanced look that almost mimics the sky and sea. You can use pale blue all throughout the space, such as for decor and accents.

6. Navy Blue & Dark Blue

A blue sofa inside a blue walled living room

Moody but never drab, this monochromatic scheme is one for those with a flair for the dramatic. It creates an air of intrigue while still retaining comfort for everyday use. Top tip: add contrast with hints of light shades in the furnishings so as not to overwhelm the space.

7. Navy Blue & Yellow

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A cool, deep navy blue and a bright, sunny yellow? Now that’s a dynamic pair! This color scheme truly brings the fun, easily livening up the living room with a striking contrast and making the environment feel energized. 

8. Navy Blue & Gold

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No other hues showcase luxury quite like navy blue and gold – so having them together just makes sense. Best of all, there are endless ways to use gold across your space to complement your navy blue couch. Top tip: don’t have gold decor? Use gold spray paint for an instant transformation!

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9. Navy Blue & Orange

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As complementary colors, navy blue and orange bring out each other’s best qualities. The fiery passion of the orange highlights the quiet depth of navy blue, resulting in a contrasting yet cohesive look. Lighter shades of orange in rugs or other decorations along with a navy blue couch are perfect for coastal or boho style.

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10. Navy Blue & Brown

A blue walled living room decorated with a boho inspired design and wooden furnitures

Got a taste for retro styles? This gorgeous duo is for you! Wood furniture and brown accents make navy blue feel more grounded, helping establish a welcoming vibe. Paired with live plants and botanical-themed art, you can have a nature-inspired theme even with a navy blue couch.

11. Navy Blue & Black + White

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Contemporary doesn’t have to mean bland and minimalist. Pair your navy blue couch with black and white and you’ll have a sleek modern look that’s still eye-popping. Plus, you have endless black and white patterns to choose from and different ways to incorporate them in, such as through your throw pillows. 

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In Closing

A blue couch with a gray throw, white throw pillows and blue walls decorated with paintings

A navy blue couch gives you so many stunning color scheme options to match it with. The goal is to make sure it stands out, ensuring the walls, furnishings, and every detail in your living room blends well with it while holding their own style-wise – towards a truly visually pleasing aesthetic.

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