15 Living Rooms With A Fireplace And TV

A fireplace and television combination gives a homey vibe to your living room. However, the positions and home interiors suitable to fit the two are pretty challenging. To provide you with awesome ideas, we created a list of 15 ideas you can do to improve your living room with a fireplace and TV.

If you make a few changes to improve your living room, it will provide you with a better ambiance. To make it more welcoming, try different styles and arrangements for your furniture. Adding different accents also offers strong appeal.

Check out here the different ways to make your living room extra stylish by just moving two pieces of furniture – a fireplace and TV.

Modern inspired living room with wooden hardwood flooring and white painted walls, 15 Living Rooms With A Fireplace And TV

1. The black long fireplace below the TV

You can put your fireplace just below the television which is a common style. However, you can use an electric fireplace installed just to your stone wall. It even complements your big black flat TV mounted on the wall.

Sectional leather sofas with a gorgeous gray tile paneling on the TV and fireplace

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2. Fireplace by the center

Huge spacious living room with a fireplace decorated with stone cladding

Another way to keep your fireplace front and center is by installing it just in front of your large sofa, next to the center table. It gives a sleek look to the living room while it provides the warmth you all need. Hang your television on the plain wall, then use a moving holder for the tv so you can easily rotate it to any angle, perfect for the sofa.

3. Fireplace to the lower left of the TV 

Ultra luxurious modern living room with wooden paneling behind the marble cladding for the TV

You can also improve your living room by adding a marble accent for the television. But, the main feature of the room to enlighten the whole look is through the side fireplace just below the television. This electric fireplace brings a stunning and aesthetic touch to the room.

4. Corner-styled fireplace

Ultra modern living room with concrete block paneling and wooden hardwood flooring

You can even enhance the look of your living room with a corner-style fireplace. It saves a lot of space while it brings both warmth and light. This fabulous wall-mounted fireplace also includes logs on the side, bringing a lovely style to the area. To complete the room, you can also hang your television just in front of the sofa. Soundbar and wall-mounted shelves also spice up the room.

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5. Hanging fireplace

A gorgeous Christmas living room with a Christmas tree on the side of a fireplace next to a TV

Here’s another exciting way for your fireplace! You can now use a modern hanging fireplace in matte black. It gives a fabulous style that is different from the usual wall-mounted fireplace. You can even place it just beside the television or other furniture! This fireplace has a gorgeous round shape, adding a distinct style to the room.

6. Fireplace and TV in same levels

Luxurious ultra modern living room with white sectional sofas with fireplace on the side

Positioning your fireplace and tv in a horizontal line also provides a unique touch! It gives you a gorgeous straight horizontal line that blends in nicely to the wall. If both the TV and the fireplace are wall-mounted, it creates a streamlined interior. Like the image, you can put your television just in the center and the fireplace on the other side.

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7. TV on top of the fireplace

White designed living room with white couches and a fireplace with TV on top of the mantel

The usual style of the living room gives you a fireplace on the ground just in the middle of the room. However, you can even add your television above instead of a painting or a figurine. This simple but interesting idea for your living room provides a vintage and modern combination. So, you can always keep your fireplace and just add a tv above it. 

8. Fireplace by the window

Gray sectional sofa s with a round coffee table inside a modern contemporary living room

You can also place your fireplace on the wall adjacent to the window. Unlike the typical fireplace, the fireplace by the window gives you both light from the outside and the fireplace. It even gives the space for the television to be placed in its normal position. The trick to making this setup work is two two-seater sofas in the L position. 

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9. TV on window

Interior of a white inspired living room with a small fireplace and a sofa with throw pillows

In contrast to the previous one, you can put the fireplace on the wall and the television adjacent to the window. This idea also keeps the look for the fireplace by the window. Yet, it lets you put other decors just above the fireplace, including plants, vases, and mirrors. On the other side, your wall-mounted tv sits nicely between two windows, giving a modern vibe to the room.

10. TV hanging above a long fireplace 

Luxurious modern fireplace room with a gorgeous fireplace with TV

This style gives a distinct but stunning look. Why? It gives you a usual wall-mounted TV, but it showcases a long bar for the fireplace. How gorgeous it looks, right? In this style, the room flaunts a contemporary, futuristic, while the fire looks like it is floating on the bar. Moreover, it both keeps the gray theme for the whole interior. 

11. Side by side 

Gorgeous rustic inspired living room with beige painted walls and a fireplace with leather sofa

Another side by side position for your tv is by putting them next to each other. But then, in this picture, the fireplace placement is more embossed than the tv. It gives an unequal phase for the two, but both provide a fresh new look. So, if you wish to separate the two pieces of furniture while still blending in together, this home interior might suit well for your living room.

12. Fireplace with clock accent

Wooden paneling living room walls and flooring

Besides the use of tv and fireplace to make new arrangements, you can also add to the main decor of the room. In this case, it highlights the big round wall clock. If you keep the tv on the wall and a fireplace beside it, you can insert an element supporting the whole setup. Other than the wall clock, paintings, images, or picture frames can also do the trick.

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13. TV on the cabinet

Luxurious rustic living rom with a firpelace, open space kitchen with a breakfast bar and wooden floor matched with gray sectional sofas

One distinctive look for your living room is the television sitting on a cabinet. It gives a traditional style to the room, but you can also update it with a wall-mounted TV. It brings a more modern look with extra space between the cabinet. You can also use the fireplace attached to the wall, creating the illusion that it is part of the wall.

14. Fireplace on bricks

Gorgeous luxurious modern living room with wooden flooring, a white sectional sofa and a fireplace

Homeowners never let go of the side-by-side style. Yet, they are coming up with more ways to improve it. One way is through the use of bricks. It adds an aesthetic look to the room without putting too much attention on the fireplace. Moreover, the black fireplace blends in smoothly to match the black TV, soundbar, and speakers.

15. TV and fireplace on the bricks

Rustic inspired living room with beige colored sectional sofas with a fireplace decorated with stone cladding

If your fireplace can sit gracefully on the bricks, why not add the TV itself? In this picture, you can add the TV just above the fireplace. It offers a unique style for an accent brick wall with both the television and fireplace.

How to improve your living room?

You can also move and rearrange your fireplace and TV depending on your interests. You may also try the suggestions above in your own living room. See how these ideas can help you make your place extra special by just moving these two things. 

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