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11 Masculine Living Room Color Schemes

Oftentimes, many homeowners who are looking to have a more masculine feel for their living room space find it a little difficult to pin down a color scheme that is suitable for them.

A masculine living room color scheme often portrays deeper, darker, masculine colors that often point towards heavy hues. This can make the room look a little too dark and depressing.

However, a masculine color scheme can also be light in color, but still have that robust edginess quite a lot of men prefer. A masculine interior design should have practicality and comfort at the forefront, with color schemes simply playing an additional role in it.

If you are looking for some masculine color schemes, continue reading as we’ve compiled a few inspirational examples just for you!

Luxury and modern home with dark stone walls. Leather furniture sofa and armchair. 11 Masculine Living Room Color Schemes

1. Gray

One can never go wrong with using cool grays as the base of your living room color scheme. A very popular choice for many masculine designs is the color gray.

Masculine study with sofa and brown leather chair interesting lighting fixture

This color often brings in cool undertones that work perfectly for your room and using similar hues can turn your room into a modern, monochromatic living space.

2. Browns

Neutral brown is an excellent example of bringing warmth to a living room space, providing a sense of masculinity without being too heavy on the dark tones. You can use many textures that contain the color brown to level up the design of your space.

Luxury Living Room At Night With Sofa, Floor Lamp And Parquet Floor.

Browns are great for rooms that you’d like to feel a little intimate in, as the color’s undertones carry warmth and coziness to your space.

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3. Green and Gray

Stylish emerald green and grey living room interior design with abstract painting on the wall

A masculine space does not mean that it should be completely devoid of color. In this living room, we can see that green makes an excellent complement to the color gray in giving the room a cool, refreshing vibe. The green accent wall provides an excellent splash of color and it packs a punch in showcasing modern elegance.

4. White and Gray

luxurious and modern living room interiors. full furnished living Room.

The neutral colors of white and gray make for an excellent masculine color scheme. The lightness of these colors is perfect for spaces that allow natural light in because it makes the room look bigger and more spacious.

Make a statement by adding a little color—like an accent leather armchair or a dark wood panel for one side of the room.

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5. Gray and Blue

Modern Living Room In The Evening with gray and blue sofa

Dark grays and blues may sound like it’s a deep, depressing color combination, but paired together with good light fixtures, this color scheme works beautifully for modern design homes. The blue couch adds a bold pop of color to your otherwise dark gray walls, but it isn’t very overwhelming or out of place in the overall design.

6. Black

Modern interior design for home, office, interior details, upholstered furniture against the background of a dark classic wall.

A lot of people are not fans of black as a living room color scheme, but for those who are seeking to have a moody, intimate space, this is an excellent color choice. Black walls work beautifully with gray couches and furniture for that strong, robust look.

The dark walls and furniture also provide a sensual appeal to your space, without making it too heavy and scary for your guests.

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7. Black and White

living room in minimal style with artworks, black and white concept

A classic balance of colors, a black and white color scheme is an excellent choice for those who prefer a minimalistic, modern approach to their space. It is the perfect balance of contrast and edges, further showing off the manly aspects of your space.

Choose pristine white walls for your living room to make it look bigger, and add black pieces like furniture and curtains to round out the design of your space.

8. Black, Gray and White

Living room and kitchen in open space modern apartment. black gray and white concept

Another classic color combination, black and gray is a little softer than its original black and white counterpart. Whites and light grays on the walls provide brightness to the room, making it look spacious.

Dark key pieces like a black couch and black lighting fixtures offer strong lines to the space, giving off a very masculine vibe.

9. Blue and White

Stylish living room interior with comfortable sofa and armchair. blue and white concept

For homeowners who prefer a masculine color scheme but on the lighter side, a blue and white combination may be perfect for you. Clean white walls make the space look big, and the light blue couch along with some cool gray accent pieces like area rugs makes the room look like a very comfortable space to be in.

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10. Cream

Modern interior of open space with design modular sofa, furniture, wooden coffee tables, plaid, pillows, tropical plants. cream color concept

Some might disagree that this color scheme is masculine, but cream walls mixed with rustic wood furniture will give off that modern, masculine feel for your home. Cream colors make the space look warm and inviting, and the wood furniture adds a little rough, outdoorsy feel to your space.

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11. White

Vintage tv standing on a wooden cabinet next to a comfy couch in a stylish day room interior. white concept

Having a majorly white living room space doesn’t mean it cannot have a masculine feel to it at all. Choose a white wall and big white pieces to your living room to make it feel bright and open. One key factor in making this color scheme work is adding neutrals like wood pieces to break off the extreme whiteness of the space.

In Conclusion

A man’s living room color scheme should not be confined to simply using dark colors. While it is true that most men are drawn towards these heavier shades, light neutrals also offer the look and feel of a masculine space.

What is most important for a living room to embody a masculine vibe is to have clean lines and furniture that works well for the one who will be using the space.

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