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11 Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Kitchens have different sizes of windows depending on the design of the home. Kitchen windows need curtains that could offer privacy, decorate the area, and are easy to clean and maintain.

There is a wide selection of kitchen window curtains out there to select from. You can choose bright plain colors or interesting patterns. Kitchen curtains decorate your kitchen window frames perfectly as they come in an array of fabrics that are readily available in home fittings and furnishing stores.

You can find cotton, linen, voile, acrylic, brocade, polyester, velvet, lace, rayon, and silk curtains. Not all these fabrics are suitable for the kitchen. The best-suited fabrics for kitchen curtains are linen, cotton, or linen blends. Sheers, lace, and rayon can also be used on the kitchen windows for a rich and elegant look.

As curtains suit both long and short windows, odd-shaped kitchen windows are easier to decorate with curtains other than blinds. Shades are also very attractive on kitchen windows.

Nonetheless, the best kitchen curtains ideas have to go well with the rest of the home decor, not just the kitchen. The size of your kitchen window will help determine the most appropriate window curtains or drapery. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen windows.

White rectangular table with white high-backed chairs in the kitchen-living room of the laksheri cottage in classic style, 11 Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas

1. Woven Wood/Bamboo

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Bamboo and woven woods are eco-friendly and bring a natural feel to your kitchen. They are associated with tropical and coastal climates. They are ideal for a tropical-themed interior.

Although they are not technically curtains, blinds for the kitchen differ from those in the living rooms or bedrooms. They usually cover half of the window to allow light into the kitchen. Blinds can be installed at the top rail or in the middle of the window. The installation will depend on the length of the window.

2. Roman Shades

Modern brand new luxury kitchen

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Roman blinds are made of heavy drapery which works as shade. These blinds help display beautiful curtain fabrics and designs in your kitchen. There’s no issue with privacy with these curtains because they completely block out everything when drawn.

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3. PVC Roller Blinds

Modern bright kitchen interior with white horizontal window blinds, wooden cabinets with white countertop and household appliances

PVC roller blinds are preferable for the kitchen because they are easy to clean. They are airy, light, and provide privacy. When properly installed, they tuck away neatly when open or closed.

4. Full Cafe Curtains

elegant light curtains (tulle) on the window in the kitchen

These curtains are practical and easy to maintain. Cafe curtains give an eclectic feel and cover the full length of the window. If your window faces a neighbor’s house or a busy street, these full cafe curtains provide the privacy you need.

5. Half Cafe Curtains

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Half cafe curtains are hung in the middle or 3/4 way up the kitchen window. They offer some privacy while allowing light to get into the room. They can stay drawn to keep prying eyes from seeing what is happening in the kitchen.

6. Tier Cafe Curtains

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Tier curtains come with the top and bottom parts but leave some space in the middle for light and visibility. The top part is often shorter than the bottom one. You can have matching rods for the tiers as a home decor statement.

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7. Balloon Valance Curtains

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These curtains are puffy like window treatments with ribbons that hold the curtains in place. The full-length curtains are held up to cover just a fraction of the window. The excess fabric creates a balloon-like feature at the top.

Valance curtains cover the kitchen window top in interesting designs. They present an opportunity for you to showcase beautiful curtain fabrics, patterns, and designs because they’re stationary.

8. Swag Valance

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Swags are Victorian-style valances that have an aristocratic flair of the Victorian era. These curtains bring some pomposity while letting the light into the kitchen. The rich embroidery is what makes these curtains attractive.

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9. Box Pleat Valances

Kitchen counter with granite top and valence on window.

Box pleat curtains never seem to go out of style. They have a prim and proper look as the fullness of each pleat is neatly tucked away on the reverse side.

A box pleat valance needs a heavier fabric such as polyester to keep it intact. Box pleat valance curtains cover the upper part of the window and leave the rest bare.

Like most valances, they don’t offer privacy. They are decorative and suit windows that overlook a serene surrounding. Hence, it will help if you pair box pleat valances with other window treatments.

10. Solid Voile Sheer Curtains

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Solid sheer curtains are plain and mostly white. You can try different solid colors of sheers that work in unison with your interior decor. These curtains work as accents on the kitchen windows whilst being fully functional.

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11. Floral Print Sheers

Window with curtains and flowers

Floral print sheers have a playful feel and give the kitchen a homely look.

As you can see, sheer curtains are versatile and can be easily incorporated into the kitchen. They can be plain or have different floral patterns. Sheer curtains are for both long and short kitchen windows. They add a stylish look to the surroundings without weighing the decor down.

In Closing

Cheery kitchen drapery is what makes your kitchen stand out. Ensure that the curtains or drapery don’t clash with the rest of the home decor especially in open-plan kitchens.

Kitchens as the nutritional core of the home should be inviting at all times. Therefore, the right kitchen curtains give a soft touch to the kitchen decor. They give the kitchen a wonderful aura and functionality.