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Rug Is Too Big—What To Do?

There is no doubt that area rugs add comfort to your home. It shows off your taste being a designer. Some people avoid area rugs because the size won’t fit the space – either it’s too big or too small. Got the wrong size, we got you. We have tips for you on how you can resize your rug to find a perfect match for your space.

You can consider resizing your rug. This simple solution will help you to complement the size and shape of the rug for your space or room. Resizing a rug will make you feel you customize your needs. Make the most out of your purchase.

The rug is too big or small for your room, leave it. Resizing complements your room, show it off!

A huge rug and leather sofa inside an industrial inspired living room, Rug Is Too Big—What To Do?

Why do you need to resize a rug?

There are two reasons why you need to resize your rug. The first is for you to create your own design. Wrong rug size ruins and distorts the overall appearance of your room or space. Having a too big rug will spoil the view of the room making your accents less visible and attractive.

The second is for safety. If the rug is too big, it will create a potential trip hazard to your area. Folding the rug to fit the space is not a good idea because it could damage the rug or impede walking.

How to resize a rug – The DIY Way

If the rug doesn’t fit the space, you do not want to roll it up and keep it away. There are ways to resize it by following these steps, below.

Step 1 – Measure your rug

Spread the rug in a clean, flat, and open area. It will be easy for you to cut if the tough side is on the top and the soft side faces downward. Before you cut, you need to measure it to determine how much you want to cut it off.

After you measure the length and the width of the rug, do some markings. You can use upholstery chalk or tape. Double-check the markings as you do not want to overcut the rug.

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Step 2 – Cut the Rug

Using heavy-duty scissors or a carpet cutter, then cut the rug carefully following your marks.

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Trimming the rug using scissors

Step 3 – Seal the Edges

Now, you have two separate rugs. Using your brush and adhesive, brush off the edges of the rugs. Applying adhesive will join the loose ends to prevent fraying or unraveling.

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Professional Rug Binding

Remember, depending on the rug construction, the DIY approach of cutting and binding rugs may not be recommended. If there are unfinished edges, safety hazards for tripping could result.

The openly cut edges can cause rugs to unravel. Without proper binding, the yarns or fibers will start to loosen up and will start to fall out.

If your rug is too large and you consider a DIY way, follow the above steps to resize. You may want to consult the expert or approach a repair company before making any cuts. A professional will give you options to cut and bind your rugs that will complement your space. 

How to reuse excess rug?

Upholstering a wooden chair

You can use a portion of the excess rug to drape or cushion furniture. Reupholstering is another way to maximize your excess rug. For example, you want to reupholster your ottoman. You will end up having an item that perfectly matches your rug.

  1. Start off by having a clean portion of the rug, enough to cover the area of the furniture.
  2. Lie the rug on a flat surface.
  3. Use a hammer or screwdriver to detach unnecessary parts of the ottoman.
  4. Lie the ottoman on the center of the rug.
  5. Cover it side to side with your rug tac using a staple gun.

Affix the rug on the corner of your ottoman rounding it with crisp folds. Staple it in place. Trim all the excess to achieve an aesthetical look.

How Do You Determine The Size of the Rug

Wrong rug size – this is one of the common mistakes of people when buying a rug. Oftentimes, they will just spend money on good deals of surface flooring without having the thought of covering it.

This is an obvious issue that needs to be addressed. However, rather than hiding your floor, an area rug will accentuate it.

  • The recommended rug size should be based on furniture configuration rather than the specified room size. Some layouts looks better when a certain amount of floor is visible. This is common when you place a rug in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.
  • For areas without furniture, the rug size is dertermined on how much space you want to be exposed.
  • If you are having trouble in visualizing how the rug size would be, here is a simple trick. Before you purchase a rug, measure the floor space. You can have an outline of the rug taped out to help you see how it fits the floor.

Take your time to plan for the area rug. Only you can determine the right rug size for your home.

Sizing a Rug for Various Rooms: The Do’s & Dont’s

We have broken down everything you need to know for choosing an area rug.

Living Room

Sofas, accent chairs, and furniture legs should sit on the rug. The rug should extend at least 6 inches under every piece of furniture.

An oversized round rug inside a tan and bright living room

For smaller spaces, only the front legs of the furniture should sit on the rug. The back legs should be on the floor. This works well if the sofa is against the wall.

Luxurious modern condominium with floral beige wallpaper matching the sofas and rug


The legs of your bed and the surrounding furniture such as nightstands or bench should be on the rug. Leave a space around the edges of at least 18 inches to 24 inches.

For a king or queen-size bed, a 9×12 foot rug is ideal if you have a bench at the foot of the bed. If not, 8×10 foot rug will work. For twin-size bed, go for a 6×9 foot rug or make it bigger.

The rug should cover the two-thirds the size of the bed. This means that your rug should start off from your nightstands.

Ultra modern bedroom with a rug underneath the luxurious king sized bed

You might also consider using a runner in the bedroom. This is a great choice if larger rugs won’t fit the room or if the room is asymmetrical. Take note that runners should not extend beyond the bed itself.

Dining room

There is only one simple rule that you should follow. You just have to make sure that all chairs sit on the rug. Ensure that the rugs extend 36 inches beyond the sides of the table.

Ultra modern dining area with white curtains on curtain cove with white backlight

Final Thoughts

A huge rug and leather sofa inside an industrial inspired living room

Before you purchase a rug, ensure that you have the correct measurements of the floor space. If you have a small space, simply create an illusion of expanding the room by choosing large size rugs. For too big rugs, now, you know how to resize, cut, seal, and reuse the excess.

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