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Should Bar Stools Match Your Dining Chairs?

Do you think bar stools must match your dining chairs? We have been wondering about that, too! That is why we have already researched the internet to feed both our curiosities.

Generally, the bar stools don’t need to match the dining chairs entirely. But they must have similarities, at least. They will perfectly complement and suit each other if there is an existing likeness.

Do you want to collect more tips about bar tools? Very well, we suggest you keep reading as we dig deeper for more information.

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Why You Don’t Need To Match Bar Stools And Dining Chairs

Today, being identical or too similar is already out of style. So, when you plan not to match your bar stools with your dining chairs, it will result in something different. It will give you an attention-grabbing appearance.

In addition, it makes the whole space complete with each area self-sufficient since it provides more extraordinary character and makes it more visually attractive.

Mid-century modern kitchen with custom wood cabinets and blue accents.

Fuller Look

Having different seats for your bar and dining will help your home achieve well-enhanced dimensions. And you may want to try a different approach to mixing colors and shapes, just like using the same color but putting various forms of bar stools and dining chairs.

Also, you can match the same style but with different mixtures. With these techniques, you can give your space beauty and fullness, which is not dull to look at.

More Character

No one would want to settle for an ordinary-looking space. That is why you should do some mixing and matching. Never underestimate the effect of having different combinations. In clarification, the differences make the bar stools and dining chairs unique, after all.

Visually Attractive

When the decorative components are identical, the space’s visual appeal decreases. Matching can be excellent in other cases, but not in choosing the bar stools and dining chairs.

Contrastingly arranging the bar stools and dining chairs can create a visually exciting set-up. Keep in mind that the greater the contrast, the greater the potential.

Complete and Self-Sufficient Spaces

To put it simply, both the bar and dining area have their purpose. That is why they should have unique looks.

Come to think of it; if you are going to make their appearance and furniture the same, they will all blend and miss the opportunity to look unique individually. The key here is to make them self-sufficient even if you remove the other.

However, you don’t have to make them completely different. It would still be best to leave some similarities, so they don’t look awkward.

What Bar Stools should match

You can combine the bar stools with any furniture of your choice; nevertheless, we highly recommend the following to perfectly complement your bar stools:

  • The tiles of the room
  • Kitchen finishes
  • The dining tables and chairs

Choosing The Right Bar Stool

Because of many factors to consider, this process can be challenging. Aside from finding a suitable bar stool height, you will also try to figure out what kind of comfort and style would fit your taste.

Bar Stool Heights

There are three heights for bar stools:

  1. Counter height
  2. Bar height
  3. Extra tall

Check the measurement guides below for more insight on bar stool sizing:

Counter HeightStool HeightStool Type
35″-37″23″-28″Counter Height Stool
41″-43″29″-32″Bar Height Stool
33″-36″44″-47″Extra Tall Bar Stool
Source: Overstock “Bar Stool Height Guide”

Bar Stool Seat Diameter

When the seat’s diameter is big, we can sit more comfortably. However, it will take more space, which is not good since it will go against the industry standards.

Most stools measure 15, 17, or 21 inches in their width. When deciding what stools width you will choose, consider how many of them would fit in your bar counter. In addition, you will need to allow space at least six inches between stools for best seating comfort.

Indeed, you can now determine the most suitable seat width choice for your bar stools with the above considerations.

How To Choose The Right Bar Stool for Your Kitchen

Ready to choose the most suitable bar stool for your counter? Follow these steps:

1. Measure

First, you need to measure the height of your bar table or counter from the floor to the underside of your counter to determine what bar stool height should you choose. Keep in mind that this step is the key to having a comfortable seating set-up.

In addition, do this twice to make sure that you get the proper measurement.

2. Quantity

Of course, you should not put as many chairs as you want; that would be too messy and awkward to look at. The industry standard that you need to follow is to have at least 26 to 30 inches of space between the centers of each stool. This space will already be enough for people to move comfortably.

3. Style and Features

various different set of chairs stools stand along the wall by the window

There are many bar stool options in terms of style, color, height, and form on the market. And all of them are available in the three height categories. To give you examples of them, check the list below:

  • With or without seat backs
  • Bar stools with or without arm rests
  • Upholstered or non-upholstered
  • Swivel or non-swivel
  • Adjustable or stationary

In addition to the color choice of bar stools, you may want to consider choosing the colors on the color psychology in food marketing. It will allow you to have the best color for your kitchen and affect how you feel about the foods you eat.

Backless Bar Stool
Front view of stylish kitchen with white walls, wooden floor, wooden and white cupboards and bar with stools.

Although excellent, this stool is the simplest option if you are looking for a minimalist type of furniture for your kitchen.

A backless bar stool is made from metal, acrylic, or wood. However, this may not be suitable to be your seat when you are on a coffee date since it is not that comfortable in long-term sitting.

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A Bar Stool With Arm Rests

If you are into comfort, this type of stool would be the best option to choose. Compared to backless stools, armrests provide better support. In addition, this type is wider than other styles, so you might not be able to put more seats as planned.

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Upholstered Seat Bar Stool
A row of empty orange leather upholstered swivel stools at a counter in a cafe

This bar stool type provides a nice flair which makes them look formal and sophisticated compared to wood or metal options. If you and your family eat every time at your kitchen counter, this would be a luxurious option.

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Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel bar stools are most recommended to have an extensive range of motion. You can get into it easily and interact with people seated beside you. Additionally, you can swivel the seat back and forth from the television or kitchen.

Tip: For a flexible option, you might want to consider buying an adjustable bar stool. In that case, you can choose whatever height you want for your bar stool. They are installed with hydraulic pumps that move upwards or downwards, so you can organize comfortable seating for all.

Types of Bar Stools

Where do you plan to use your bar stools? Is it intended for your home? Or are you planning to build a restaurant? For your additional information, we have two types of bar stools to consider, and they are:

1. Commercial

This type of stool is highly recommended for public spaces such as bars and restaurants. They are intentionally designed for heavy use.

If you use stools for a commercial setting, be sure to purchase high-quality and durable ones and ensure that a warranty applies.

2. Residential

These stools are only intended for homes, and it is not durable as the commercial stools. However, these are still perfect because of their numerous designs and styles.

Bottom Line

Every homeowner’s kitchen should be set up correctly to achieve an attractive spot. Since we have finally finished digging deeper information about bar stools, you may have probably decided how to style both bar stools and dining chairs as well.

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