Should Coffee Tables And End Tables Match?

Coffee tables and end tables are a great addition to the overall design o your living room. They are not only for aesthetic purposes but also serve some functionality as well. This two often come hand in hand. In this article, we have researched if both of these tables should always match together.

The answer to this is very subjective, it depends on the look you are trying to go for and your personal preference. You can have a reference point on your design, but you will have the last say as to whether or not they should match. Matching and mismatching can go either way, it is not always a guarantee that if both tables match, it will immediately make your design better.

Are you interested to learn more about coffee tables and end tables? Continue reading as we discuss related questions such as should you have matching side tables, how do you mix and match tables, how high should tables be, and many more. We will also be suggesting other write-ups at the end of the article.

modern room withsofa,pillows,plaid,table,books,plant interior design. - Should Coffee Tables And End Tables Match

Should coffee tables and end tables match?

modern room withsofa,pillows,plaid,table,books,plant interior design.

As we have mentioned, it all depends on the look that you are trying to pull off. Are matching coffee tables and end tables pleasing to the eyes? Absolutely. Are you obligated to have them matched? No, you are not.

As far as we’re concerned, there is no rule stating that your coffee and end table should always match. To an extent, there should be some sort of coordination, especially if you are trying to decorate the room in a manner to impress or attract your guests.

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to decorating coffee tables and end tables. In some appliance stores, you can buy them as a bunch or a set. This makes sure that these two go hand and hand.

There are design setups that purposely use contrasting colors for the end table and the coffee table. In this instance, mismatching them would be great, as having contrast is one of the main principles of interior decorating.

You do have the freedom to freely express yourself, though. Your taste might not be everyone else’s cup of tea, but that’s fine. As long as you remember that tables more often than not are usually the centerpiece of a room. They are located in an area where people are designated to hang out and spend time.

They can make or break the overall aesthetic of your room. Being mindful of their shapes, material build, color combination, and contrast will all go a long way, as some shapes and colors will either be too contrasting or too plain.

Should you have matching side tables?

Side tables are the tables that are placed beside a couch. This is where lamps or purifiers are placed. They both serve a utilitarian and design purpose.

Most of the time, if you have two side tables (one on each side of the sofa) they are both the same color and materials. It is very rare to see side tables purposely mismatched. Although there are designs that are like these, you will still see some sort of resemblance from both side tables.

If you look at it from the perspective of pillars that are holding a building, you will not see a design of two different pillars or columns in the same row (unless it is of avant-garde design).

This can be true in this situation if you treat the two side tables as two columns on each side. The two must match each other as it would be weird and not pleasing to the eyes. It would also represent an appearance of disorganization in the room.

But of course, like everything else, there are exceptions. Going for an alternate look on your side tables, especially if the design of your lounge area is circular or u shape, having an alternate design of table on each end adds more personal touch and depth to its overall appearance.

You can also use the argument of self-expression and personal preference when designing your own setup when it comes to side tables.

Again, as stated previously, you will have the final say in what will be the outcome of your design, but these are things that you might consider before letting out your creativity.

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How do you mix and match coffee tables and end tables?

Interior of the living room.

Mixing and matching in interior designing does not mean that you will put objects that are entirely opposite or in contrast to each other and just join them together as a piece.

In this section, we have compiled some tips to consider when trying out a mix and match design for your coffee table and end table.

Find something similar between the two different objects

As we have discussed, even though you are going for a mix and match design, you must always find something similar between the two. This can either be a similarity in color, height, size, or even brands.

Find harmony even if they are not the same

This tip is synonymous with the first one. Finding features that will complement each other will give you good results. This will radiate a natural sense of harmony between the coffee and the end table. This will dramatically improve the overall aesthetics and quality of your setup.

Add symmetry

Symmetry can be achieved not just by having everything the same size but also by balancing your table with something on top of it. Symmetry can be achieved when a short end table has a tall lamp on it and vice versa. The same goes with your coffee table.

Learn how to balance by contrasting

When you say balance, you will not pair heavy and chunky tables to a heavy and chunky-looking couch. Same as with your end tables and coffee tables. Depending on the type of couch or sofa that you have, you should learn how to balance and even out the looks of these pieces.

Sometimes, mixing might not be the way to go

Contrast as we say is good, it is one way to add elements to your design. But if you are having second thoughts or you think that your design is too risky, then going with a matching pattern, and following a central theme is the way to go.

Avoid mixing two completely different styles

Having two completely different motif designs like an old western-style theme and a more modern house design will likely result in a very unappealing outcome. If you will be trying to mix and match designs from a different era, make sure they don’t have very long gaps between them.

What is the difference between a coffee table and an end table?

Modern living room with cupdoards

Coffee tables are the ones that are usually placed in front of the sofa or couch. This is where you place your snacks or foods while sitting as it is conveniently placed in front of you. These tables are usually couch level and have either a flower vase or a type of ornament as a design on top of it.

While the end table can either be tall or short and is usually placed at the sides of the couch. This is where you can find either a decoration lamp, a flower vase, or some type of air freshener and purifier. It has easier access to those sitting at the edge as they are usually the height of a sofa arm.

Both differ in designs and location. Coffee tables are usually longer and lower to the ground while side tables can either be round or square and are higher and much more relaxed to access.

How do I choose the right size coffee table?

Wooden table and big grey couch with pillows in living room of trendy apartment

One way to gauge how big your coffee table should be is by considering the overall space of your living room. One great rule of thumb is by having at least two-thirds the length of your sofa.

Your coffee table should at least be 1 or 2 inches shorter than the height of your sofa’s seat cushions. This will help in comfort by giving you enough legroom under the table without your knees hitting it.

This also helps the position of the table to avoid obstructing your view, especially if you are watching television. It is also the optimal height when reaching for coffee, snacks, or other things that you need to reach on top of the table.

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In Conclusion

Matching your coffee tables and end tables does not always have to be a concern. This is especially true if the look that you are going for will result for them to not match. Just be careful with the combinations that you pick as these can make or break the overall look of your setup.

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