Does The Couch Have To Face The TV?

For as long as you can remember, couches seem to have been facing the TV in every living room you’ve come across—yours included. It seems like a no-brainer decision since most people like to turn on the television as soon as they plop down after a tiring day. But is this the only structure that makes sense, or are there more interesting design choices that can transform not only your living space, but also your interaction around it?

Your couch can face the TV, but that seems like a tired—even dated—interior design. Making your TV the focus of your living space discourages connection, hinders interesting conversations, and condones unhealthy digital consumption habits. If you want to switch things up, it’s more ideal to make the couches face one another perpendicular to the TV and make a huge window or a piece of artwork your focal point.

Rearranging your furniture this way does not only transform the look of your living space; it also changes its energy especially when you have guests around. There are many other ways to make your space look more inviting and intimate, and we have gathered expert design tips that can elevate your interior—both in appearance and energy.

living room in newly constructed luxury home - Does The Couch Have To Face The TV

What Pieces Should Be the Living Room’s Focal Point?

Paintings or Art Pieces

Real photo of abstract paintings hanging on white wall above a gray sofa in a living room interior with big windows

Place your art pieces at the center of the living room—just above your TV. Instead of the television, your guests would automatically zoom into the art piece perched on your wall, and it can make for a great conversation starter.

Art pieces also reflect your personality, as well as your artistic preferences that can impress your guests.

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Huge Window with a Great View

Interior of a modern, bright and airy living room.

If you live in an area with a scenic view, take advantage of this and make it your living area’s accent point. There is no better design element than nature itself, whether it’s a view of the skyline or simply the trees and greenery that line up your street.

Windows also let in sunlight, which can instantly brighten up anyone’s mood and encourage pleasant connections.

Indoor Trees and Plants

Living room with TV on a black marble wall with dining table and decorative wood planks on the wall

You can opt to take a piece of nature into your home and make it your living area’s focal point. Instead of the television, your gaze—or your visitors’ gazes—will be drawn towards the refreshing look of greenery in your living area.

You can put your indoor tree directly in front of a south-facing window so it will flourish even more.

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Dramatic Wallpaper for an Accent Wall

Green table with plant between pink chair and blue sofa in floral living room with wallpaper and poster

For a more economical approach, you can instead put your TV in a perpendicular position from your couch, then match it with an eye-catching wallpaper at the back.

When you and other people come in, your wallpaper will get all the attention especially if it has intricate designs. This is a better alternative than having everyone simply sit down and turn on the television, thus making conversations stuttered and plain.

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Stylish Fireplaces

living room in newly constructed luxury home

Fireplaces make a great focal point as they give off a cozy and intimate vibe that can uplift conversations. You can perch your TV beside or above it, although you will need to take precautions to make sure your TV does not get heat damage.

You can install a patterned tile on your fireplace to make it look more visually alluring, or you can simply put up cozy rugs and love seats around for a more relaxing feel.

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Unique Light Fixtures

Modern interiors of a large living room. Living room with sofa set in

Hang an elaborate light fixture on the ceiling to liven up your living room. This might not completely take away the attention from the TV, but it would make your space look more unique and make for a good conversation piece.

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Mix up all available accent points

Modern hipster apartment interior. Open space loft, living room with dining room and kitchen in the back.

If you have the materials to create multiple accent points that can take the focus away from the TV, you can maximize them by peppering each one around your living space.

You can perch an indoor plant on top of a window with a beautiful view, or you can put up pieces of artwork above a mantle with your TV on the side. The television offers enough stimulation as it is, so it’s important to have other interesting points in your area to encourage more connections.

Final Thoughts

The living room should be a space where everyone can freely share their thoughts and life stories. Your television may have stimulating visual content, but nothing beats human connection and fun conversations.

A simple rearranging of furniture gives you more chances of having meaningful interactions with one another, instead of getting distracted by what’s happening on the TV. A few tweaks can change the energy of your space that can potentially create lifelong connections.