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Should Living Room And Dining Room Rugs Match?

Your home should be clean, organized, and comfortable. Incorporating a rug in the living-dining areas can do all of these things. If you have rugs in your dining room and living room, should they match each other? Well, we have found the best answer for you from interior design opinions.

Choosing the right rug in your home can entirely change the look and feel of a room. You can mix and match rugs as long as they complement the room and each other. Or they can be the same design, style, and appearance depending on your preference.

There are a lot of choices about rugs and it can be overwhelming. Keep on reading to learn how to best coordinate the floor space in your living and dining rooms.

Modern bright interior with matching dining and living rugs, Should Living Room And Dining Room Rugs Match?

How to choose a rug?

Here is what you should do first before you mix and match your rugs.

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Finding rugs is not an easy task. Thanks to the online world, you can find a variety of options to choose from in the comfort of your home. The unlimited selections can be overwhelming. What’s the secret to finding the perfect rug for your home?

Size Matters

Too small rugs create an unsightly floating effect and too large rugs will make the room look overstuffed. You might want to avoid such scenarios and use measurements of the room to help you choose the best rug size.

Be Choosey

Rugs are available in different sizes, colors, styles, patterns, and designs. It can often become synonymous with specific interior designs. You have the option to choose from modern, contemporary, or bohemian styles. It is all is up to you!

Be Functional

Every room inside your house serves different functions and amounts of foot traffic. In finding the perfect rug for your space you must consider these things:

  1. If you have pets and/or kids, choose a rug that can stand the chaos of your everyday life.
  2. Machine washable rugs are your on-the-go rugs for a busy household.
  3. Natural rugs are for bustling areas and they are readily available for a budget price.

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Is it okay to mix and match rugs?

Isn’t it nice to match your rugs in your dining and living room? Well, definitely it looks good. For example, if you have adjoining rooms, treat them as the same room.

It is reasonable to have the same rug in different rooms. If you want a simple aesthetic, you can repeat the same color, style, and pattern for each room.

Mismatching Rug Tips

  • It does make sense to have different rugs in your dining and living room, especially if the rooms are separated, and feature differing décor. However, if the rooms are adjacent to each other, the rugs should complement the rooms.
  • If the decorating scheme changes between the two rooms, this is another reason that you should use different rugs in each room. For example, if the dining room is attached to your living room but there is a barrier between them mismatched rugs will work.
  • Easily mismatch rugs by differentiating their sizes, materials used, patterns, and colors. However, when you mix colors, the vital elements are to coordinate a feature of the room such as curtains, throw pillows, or an accent chair with the rug’s pattern and/or color.

How to mix and match rugs in the same room?

Wooden, round dining table in the corner of an open space living room interior with nordic furniture and decor

Generally, rugs are the statement piece of the room. Choosing the right rug can be one of the tricky processes for home decorating. The decision makes it more difficult when you try to position where you multiple rugs in the same room.

Below are some tips on how to mix and match multiple rugs in the same room:

Mixing Textures

If you are not sure which patterns would match together and worried about rugs clashing, you can always choose the coordinated ones. Here, we see different yet coordinated-color runners demonstrated in the kitchen with matching textures.

Domestic Kitchen and Dining Room

Mixing Patterns Within One Color Pallete

If you want to mix and match rugs, stick with the same color pallete. This is a good rule of the thumb. It allows you to choose from different patterns without you being left behind. Using bold colors, for example, you can coordinate these with neutral colors.

Modern Living Room

Using Themes

Choose your theme. Most interiors have their own style and theme. You will notice that all of the surrounding decor of the rooms coordinates with each other.

Pouf with pink plate with coffee mug and croissant in blurred foreground in real photo of room with fresh plants, rug on the floor and open door to balcony

Tie-in Geometric Shapes

Incorporating rugs in different shapes is also a great option. Have two rugs with the same pattern and try it with another option mentioned above. In this way, you can provide a more visual effect in your space.

Scandinavian interior design living room 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

How to coordinate rugs for living room and dining room?

We all know that choosing rugs can be overwhelming. Choosing coordinating rugs can be difficult too. Again, these tips below will help you go a long way to achieving a beautiful and stylish interior.

  • Use a dominant colors across the rugs when you mix patterns. Mix diffrent shades and tones with the same color keeping the dominant color consistent throughout.
  • The rugs’ textures should be the similar. Do not use a low pile rug with a shag rug, for example.
  • Two rugs work well in one room if they are positioned near one another. Next to keeping the dominant color, the key is to vary the scale of the patterns.
  • The furniture and the decor must coordinate with your rugs keeping the dominant color visible.
  • If you enjoy colorful rugs, make sure that your furniture is toned down all in one color -neutrals are great for accuentating wiht colorful rugs. You do not want your home to look like a circus.

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How to match the area rug with furniture?

Bohemian living room interior with brown furnitures and beige walls.

Matching a rug with furniture is another conversation. You do not want to ruin your room just because your rug and furniture do not compliment each other.

Here are some things which you may think about matching your rugs to your furniture.

Rug Size

Rug size is considered to be one of the most vital factors to look for when you want to fit the rug in the room having furniture. When you look for a rug, the bigger, the better.

A lot of people get rugs that are too small, making the area look smaller than it is. You might want to avoid this by measuring the furniture sitting on the rug and comparing the dimensions of the rugs that you want to purchase.

Rug Color

Matching the color of the rugs and furniture can be tricky and frustrating. The fun starts when you buy a rug and approach it this way – to find hues on both rug and furniture that coincide with their physical characteristics.

The colors will help the rug to make the room appear smaller or larger. Light colors make everything larger while dark colors make both furniture and room look smaller. Do not forget to think about this before you buy a rug.

Rug Material

Make sure to look for the type of rug that fits your lifestyle. Ideally, it should be easy to maintain and comfortable enough for your intended use.

You can look for machine washable rugs for high-traffic areas. You can consider high pile rugs if you’ll be seated down on the floor often, or lower pile rugs for primarily walking atop. If you are mismatching textures, try coordinating rugs of different materials in the same color scheme.

Extra Rugs

How about using more than one rug? This is definitely possible as long as you did it right. Once you have decided on a color scheme, find rugs with a similar style, color, pattern, and material.

You do not have to look for rugs that have exactly the same color as long as it has the same hues. Make use of more than one rug for your living room or dining room and match them together.

In Conclusion

Investing in a rug is a great way to add style to a certain room in the house. There are rugs with an endless number of colors, styles, and sizes. You don’t just buy it in a hurry. You want to give more thought to it especially if the rug needs a considerable amount. It is also a great idea to seek help from an expert.

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