Should Stairs Be Darker Than The Floors

Other people believe that the stairs should be darker than the floors. On the other hand, some individuals tend to neglect this idea as long as it looks good with the home interior. Which of the two sides should you be on? The good thing is we’ve prepared comprehensive research to find out the answer to this home design question. 

Stairs could be in any color. Using a darker shade for stairs than the floors is not a requirement. It is only vital for you to consider if the stair color will surely blend in with the theme of the house, specifically the floors. Check out the different styles you can mix and match:

  1. The same color of stairs and floor
  2. The stair color is darker than the floor
  3. The stair color is lighter than the floor
  4. Stairs with dual colors
  5. Carpeted stairs with prints 
  6. Bright-colored stairs

Want to know which color combination would look good with your stairs and floor? See how these different ideas present an excellent color scheme for your home. Stay with us to learn which of these colors would look most incredible for your house interiors.

Dark mood setting stairs leading into the deck, should stairs be darker than the floors.

6 Ways To Choose Colors For Your Stairs and Floors

You can always select the colors you want for your home. Other homeowners set their color schemes, allowing them to use schemes consistently throughout their houses.

So, if you also have a specific color palette in mind, don’t hesitate to show it on your stairs and floors. To help complete your home interior, here are the different ways of color matching your stairs and floors.

1. The same color of stairs and floor

Kitchen View with modern and simple color of stairs and floor

The safest and simplest way of choosing hues for your home is a very similar color. In the other cases, it could also be the same material and finish.

With this color combination, your stairs and floor would highly complement each other. They will even look more connected to each other without missing any room angle.

Luxury hall with same wooden design floor and stairs

Your stairs and floors could both have the same wooden materials. Some prefer marble designs for their floors and stairs. Others also use carpets to cover the whole area.

Luxury new home with modern glass staircase and first floor landing

Whether you are using different materials, as long as you bring in the same color, the room looks gorgeous. It even gives ease of adding other furniture and decor due to the monochromatic tones of the floors and stairs.

2. The stair color is darker than the floor

Luxurious hallway with oak material used for staircase and marble interior design

Like individuals believe, stairs with a darker color than the floor really look good. You can enjoy the stylish dark tones of stairs as it becomes the center of the attraction. Darker colors for the stairs also help to make it the highlight of the room. 

Suburbs spacious hallway with lighter wooden shade

You can use different ways to have darker stairs. In the first and second examples, you may try using a white floor or a lighter shade of wooden floor to elevate the darker shade of the stairs. It helps make the stairs stand out while the floor keeps its sleek touch. 

stylish house main scheme color of dark stairs and light floors

One secret to maintaining a stylish house is to pair the color of your stairs to different items inside the home. You may match the stair’s dark color to the color of the doors, furniture, and other decors. It helps to keep the main color scheme of the house quickly. 

So, if you wish to make your stairs the focal point of the room, feel free to paint darker tones for it.

3. The stair color is lighter than the floor

Modern home trend staircase with elegant flooring

Your house would still look amazing even without going with the trend. So, despite others not believing in a  light color for stairs than the floors, you can still try it. 

In the picture, the floor gives a darker brown tone while the stairs offer a brown wheat shade. The stairs have a lighter touch than the floor, but they complement the whole area. How? The stairs have uniform tones with the walls! 

Another incredible way to level up the look of your stairs is to use neutral tones, lighter than the floor. The picture below shows gray tones for the stairs while the floor has a dark brown color. With this simple trick, you can still make the room look stylish!

Paired colors of stairs and floor with difference in darker hues

Never be afraid of pairing colors for your stairs and floors. Remember, stairs in a lighter color than the floor also work the same as the darker hues work. 

4. Stairs with dual colors

Modern contemporary home interios design with dual tones color in stairs and floors

The modern and contemporary home interior even suggests dual tones for your stairs! One color could be light, and the other could match the floor. How interesting is that, right? 

The picture above shows how you can use white tones for the stairs. But then, adding a few wooden accents on the steps makes a great deal with the design. These wooden accents even resemble the flooring!

By trying this new technique, you can use two colors that would likely give rise to a unique style and design. In the picture below, you could use natural wood tones for the staircase. To bring more elegance, elevation and staircase could be in crisp white tone.

Illuminated staircase in modern house

By just playing around with colors for your house, you can create stunning home interiors. As a result, you will enjoy the stylish design of the dual-tone stairs that will look great with your floor.

5. Carpeted stairs with prints 

elegant carpeted stairs with fabolous design

Another fabulous stairs color you could try is adding carpet and rugs to the stairs. It seems to be a traditional staircase for homes, but it still keeps an elegant touch to the area.

So, you may try adding rugs on the staircase like the above picture shows. You may use blue printed rugs, which bring new color and accent to the space.

Your staircase could also hold a lighter-colored carpet. In the picture below, it displays the same tone and color to the sidewall and ceiling. So, it maintains the color scheme of the home.

Printed gorgeous carpet design for stairs

If you like to add more color and decor to your staircase, printed carpet is the way!

6. Bright-colored stairs

Neautral shades and tones in stairs

Now that you learned the different ways of mixing and matching colors, you can now start having the fun part! Besides the neutral shades and tones, you can also add vibrant colors to your stairs.

You may use bright colors like yellow, orange, and pink. Other mesmerizing hues for stairs include mint green, shades of blue, and sharp red! 

Bright red color stairs with exquisite home interiors

Even though these bright colors might not thoroughly look traditional, they can still flaunt exquisite home interiors. The only thing to think of is to use plain floors in neutral colors.

Nevertheless, you can always choose fun and pleasing vivid tones for your stairs as long as it exhibits color patterns.

Should stairs be the same color as the floor?

The colors of your stairs and floor don’t necessarily match. It would be best if they only looked good together while keeping an aesthetic touch to the area.

So, in planning the colors for your stairs, you should never forget to consider the color of your floor. In this case, you guarantee a more harmonious color scheme for your home.

Which color is best for stairs?

Some of the best colors for the stairs comprise crisp white, dark gray, and two contrasting tones. Experts also recommend classic, elegant colors like emerald green, walnut brown, and natural wood tones.

With these color tones, you can elevate the whole design of your home.  

Should you paint stair risers?

Another way of adding design to the staircase is through the stair risers. So, you can also paint them with different colors or the same tone. 

Using the same tone would help have a more consistent style of the stairs. But then, using a different hue would help to distinguish between stairs and the risers.

Anyway, both ways can help to aestheticize the house. 

Take Away

Stairs and floor color schemes are essential. So, you should take it seriously. You might have missed choosing the right color, but just remember that you could use either darker or light colors.

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