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Should Wood Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

Are you confused about choosing the right color scheme for your living space? Well, do not worry because we have researched everything you need to know, in particular about coordinating wood flooring with cabinetry!

Wood floors could be lighter or darker than cabinets. Darker floors paired with lighter cabinets are the usual trend; however, you can also opt for lighter flooring and darker cabinets. It all depends on personal taste. Whatever you choose, you must follow certain color schemes.

When it comes to interior design, the right color schemes, and decorations create unity and harmony. Balance and rhythm are significant factors you have to achieve when refurbishing. Luckily, we are here to help you!

Trendy gray and white modern kitchen furniture showcase, Should Wood Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

Lighter or Darker: Coordinating Floors & Cabinets?

Color schemes affect the way you spice up your living area. The general rule in interior decorating is all about patterns that create visual harmony.

In choosing the right color scheme, you must keep in mind that if your flooring is lighter, your cabinets should be darker. The opposite holds true as well. Contrasting colors is an aesthetically pleasing technique.

However, in this modern era, darker flooring paired with lighter walls and cabinets is a popular choice. It creates a soothing and cozy atmosphere.

If you wish to use the same color, you can opt for different shades. For instance, a dark brown wood flooring is best paired with medium brown-toned cabinets. Grayish dark wood floors look nice when paired with light gray cabinets.

Take note of the color of your walls because it also affects the overall design of your room. Neutral colors like white, beige, or cream are the safest choice because they are easier to pair with different hues.

Color Schemes in Interior Design

Blue + Beige

Modern classic luxurious kitchen and dining room

Who wouldn’t love blue? Almost anyone adores this color, and we can see why.

Soft blue has a cool effect in a room especially when it is paired with natural beige tones. Various shades of brown, from wood flooring to dining tables and chairs, give a certain feel for inner peace.

If your vibe is a light grayish wood flooring, then you could go for white cabinets. One way to pull this off is with blue walls and beige furniture like dining table and chairs.

Green + Rich Red

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For a bold look, you can try out this red and green combination. We promise it won’t give off a Christmas vibe!

If you have rich redwood flooring, you can opt to pair it with green cabinets and red shelves. A yellow painted wall would definitely give an accent to your room.

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Walls painted in hunter green look great with chestnut brown wood flooring, and red decors and couch. You could also opt for a gray carpet with fewer decorations for a more minimalistic look.

Gray-Green + White + Black

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To achieve a more earthy vibe, try gray-green paired with black and white. Brownish wood flooring matched with gray-green cabinets sets an earthy homey vibe. White walls and the granite countertop is the go-to color to pair with this idea.

You can also add floating wooden shelves to maximize your space. You can add frames are decorations you can add to give your room character.

Gray + Sand + Blue

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Another color palette that looks great with wooden flooring is gray, tan, and blue. These color tones create a modern coastal vibe, so if you are up with a seaside ambiance then you should definitely try this!

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To evoke a feeling of beach and ocean, nature-inspired accents such as driftwood, green plants, and white marble can be added to your room. It offers a rich refreshing atmosphere that can keep you relaxed.

Brown + White

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Contrasting colors are used in this design. Dark brown flooring is paired with lighter-toned cabinetry. White walls and ceiling give a pristine effect.

Blush Pink + Black

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Pairing a strong color like black with a warmer pastel like pink creates a great contrasting effect.

Any living space could have a darker to a lighter motif. If your flooring has a darker hue, make sure your cabinets have a less dark shade so that your walls and ceiling can have a lighter tone.

Other than neutral colors, light-toned pastels are used for creating contrast.

Black + White

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A classic black and white will never go out of style. These strong neutrals provide the intense backdrop for many tones, decors, and styles.

Simple yet elegant – a black and white combination is a chic way of having a more casual interior design. A way for such a color scheme to work is through layering up texture by varying up paint finishes.

Do cabinets have to match kitchen flooring?

It is never advisable to match floors and cabinets. Both your cabinet and flooring don’t have to be the same color and material. What we need to do is to make sure they complement each other.

You need to coordinate elements, tones, textures, and styles to achieve a cohesive and balanced look. There are certain ways to keep personal touch and preference when it comes to design.

1. Experiment and Research

The best way to have an idea when refurnishing is through research. Magazines, Social Media, and the Internet are some platforms that will assist you. Some magazines and websites even have interviews with high-end interior designers.

You should take note of the colors and styles you want. Ask yourself some questions. Do you intend to have a traditional, modern, contemporary, or farmhouse-style kitchen?

How will you match cabinets, floors, and walls? Should they have the same color? What materials would they be made of? Knowing the theme you prefer will make it easier for you to refurbish your kitchen.

2. Start With Countertops

Beautiful kitchen in luxury home with island and stainless steel

Pairing your walls and cabinets with countertops is the easiest way to achieve unity in your kitchen.

Some people prefer marble and granite countertops that is why most kitchens have wooden floors and cabinets. Marble, travertine, and slate are kinds of tiles that are also paired with marble countertops. The contrast in materials is what creates balance.

3. Think in Three Colors

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One way to pull this off is by choosing two dominant colors that complement each other. Afterward, you have to choose a third color to establish an accent.

The dominant colors must be simple. Neutral tones are the best choice. You can have your walls painted in white, beige, or cream.

On one hand, when it comes to your flooring, you can select from the different shades of brown if you prefer to use wood as the go-to material.

Now that you have chosen two dominant colors, you now have to pick a third palette. In this example, choose the colors best suited for brown and white.

Remember to try the different colors together in a part of your home before committing your entire kitchen to these colors.

4. Choose Timeless Flooring, Countertops, and Cabinets

White gourmet kitchen with black countertops

To ease kitchen renovations, you could opt for timeless themes and decorations. Use accessories that are easier to replace such as towels, curtains, drapes, and other items. This way you can easily revitalize your kitchen.

Another way to avoid hasty refurnishing, you can opt for classic colors such as black and white. These neutrals can be easily paired with any color and material.

Wood is a fine choice for flooring that will never go out of style. It works well with a traditional, modern, or any other setting and style. There are varieties of wood flooring you can choose from. Maple, oak, and cherry are some of the most common and popular wood floorings.

In Closing

Walls, cabinets, and flooring are aspects of interior design. These three are distinct from each other but they play certain parts when it comes to interior decoration. Once put together, they ascertain an effect on the overall ambiance of the house.

Once the final material, design, style, and color have been chosen or selected, the final consideration should be made in regard to the unity and overall blend of the said materials. An eclectic approach is an alternative, as long as the diversity of appliances complements each other.

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