11 Small Bathroom Wall Ideas

Space is not an issue with your bathroom, because you can still make it look pretty and comfy. Check out the simple but effective wall ideas to make your small bathroom extra pleasing.

Small bathrooms with the bathroom sink, toilet, and shower (and sometimes small bathtub) can work perfectly fine. Large and wide bathrooms are not a must, especially if you wish to have a tiny, minimalist home. 

Many homeowners maximize their mini bathrooms with proper style and interiors. Starting with their walls, sink, cabinets, and other decors, they can bring the best out of their small bathrooms!

Find out here different bathroom wall ideas you may also do to your home. See which color schemes, styles, or space-saving tips you can use for your bathroom. 

Bathroom with white painted walls and a long wooden countertop vanity, 11 Small Bathroom Wall Ideas

1. White and Wooden Walls

Rustic inspired bathroom with white walls and wooden vanity and flooring

Your small bathroom should not just be so plain and simple! Play with other accents like wooden panels. Similar to this tiny bathroom, you can use white walls with wooden frames for the windows.

Moreover, this tiny bathroom has its bathtub attached to its sink. Toilets are also just beside the shower. This small area has occupied enough space for everything! How fabulous, right? 

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2. Black and White Tiles

A washing machine inside a narrow bathroom with a black cabinet vanity

Another space-saving bathroom is when the sink is big enough for one person. Then, you can even add your washer! However, to make it look decent, a simple black wall with white bricks could be added.

You can even complete the whole interior with good lighting, cabinets with mirrors, and soap and brush holders on the sink. 

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3. Two Neutral Shades

A gorgeous rustic bathroom with wooden cabinet area for towels and a glass wall shower area

If you have a narrow bathroom, it’s not a problem at all! You can use two-colored walls. In this picture, you can use grey and white walls, highlighting one side of the bathroom. It also gives the illusion that they are separate rooms, letting them look wider than what it really is. Yes, it’s amazing! 

4. Wood and Tiles

A gray tiled narrow bathroom with a wooden backsplash

Another trick to enhance the style of your bathroom is through woods and tiles. Both the tiles and wood panels capture your attention, without noticing the bathroom’s narrow and small area. This design gives a contemporary look, elevating its aesthetic appeal. 

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5. Dark Grey Finish

A modern narrow toilet area of a modern luxurious bathroom

Another interesting look for you is the use of dark grey walls paired with wood accents. See how the toilet is just beside the sink. Then, you just jump off to the shower with one to two steps. To make the room extra accommodating, the fabulous tiled walls include big round mirrors and sleeking wooden sink. 

6. Light Blue Walls

A mansard bathroom painted in light blue colored and white cabinets and fixtures

Besides the use of modern and neutral tones, you can also enjoy soft and pastel colors. With the simple bathroom just below the arc roofing, you can make it look extra welcoming with soft blue painted walls. The wall even pops out its colors due to the white bathroom interiors for the toilet, sink, and cabinet. 

7. Full Dark Blue Walls

Rustic inspired bathroom with a dark black wall on the vanity

Besides the elevated blue feeling, dark navy blue tones could also enhance your small bathroom. To make it more exciting, you could add gold and brown accents to the walls. This bathroom is enough for convenience and for aesthetics. Who wouldn’t want a fresh, clean, and stylish bathroom? 

8. Half Pink Walls

A pink and beige color combination bathroom with wooden vanity

Another exciting idea for your small bathroom is by giving it a fun, light color like pink, peach, purple, or yellow. As for the picture, it brings the classic light pink touch for the lower walls and floors.

In this way, the bathroom looks entertaining without noticing its whole size. You also don’t need to worry about its arrangement, even you have a full-size bathtub!

9. White and Green Combinations

A mint green bathroom with white tile walls matched with a green shower curtain

It’s also lovely to see dual combinations of white and greens in your bathroom. The refreshing mint tones, complementing the white tiled and vertical panel walls, seize the whole look!

The arrangements of the sink, toilet, and bathtub are enough for the area. It even allows you to add a small cabinet. This tiny bathroom not just gives a welcoming appeal but a very stylish look. 

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10. Beige finish

A narrow bathroom with white vanity and a glass wall and bathtub

Other than playing with bright colors, you can also go back to neutrals. One neutral tone perfect for small and big bathrooms is beige. Its classic and iconic color gives a simple but uplifting style perfect for your contiguous interiors. As a result, it keeps the sleeking style for your small bathroom.

11. All-white Wall 

A small narrow bathroom with carpeted flooring, white walls and a huge window on the side

Besides the fascinating pastel tones, your tiny bathroom also deserves an all-white look. In this bathroom with arc walls, you can simply use white painted walls for more elegant appeal.

It looks more compact because of the decor going on inside the bathroom. So, if you wish to add extra colors and accessories, white walls would not hurt at all!

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Elevate Your Small Bathrooms

Bathroom with white painted walls and a long wooden countertop vanity, 11 Small Bathroom Wall Ideas

Never worry about having a small bathroom. Why? It is because you can also make it look stunning in different ways. 

Similar to what was mentioned above, you can also choose the right colors for your walls, interesting decors, and great interior arrangements. Then, the trick goes nicely for others to refrain from noticing its size. As a result, they would get hooked on the overall look.