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9 Types Of Candle Scents [And What Materials Create Alluring Odors]

Scented candles—these pleasant-smelling, relaxation-inducing little jars of scented bliss can instantaneously change the feel of the room. A well-placed scented candle in your living space can transform it by giving it a little bit more personality.

Scents are known to evoke emotions and feelings, and you might be wondering how you can bring this into your home. There are many different scents of candles available for your home, including those found in these nine categories:

  1. Floral
  2. Fresh
  3. Citrus
  4. Fruity
  5. Woody
  6. Earthy
  7. Spicy & Sweet
  8. Masculine
  9. Exotic

Scented candles are created from pouring highly concentrated oils together with wax and shaping designs by using molds to contain the mixture. The alluring odor possibilities are endless!

Picking just one can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of scents that are commonly used in candles. We have also listed the materials used in creating them because they can also affect how they deliver the scents in your home. Continue reading to discover more about scented candles.

Composition with burning aromatic candles on table near color wall, 9 Types Of Candle Scents [And What Materials Create Alluring Odors]

Types of Scents for Candles

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There are quite a number of scents that are available for candles. Most of the time, candles are purchased blindly online, with only the scent description to help the buyers discover the fragrance of this candle.

While it’s useful to a fault, it is also important to know where these scents fall on the fragrance wheel in order for us to be directed to the scent we are looking for. Here is the list of scents that are typically used in scented candles and the aromas they give off.

1. Floral

Florals, as the name implies, are scents that are derived from flowers. This particular scent is one of the more popular choices for scented candles because the aroma is often very soft and relaxing to the senses.

Floral scents are rich and varied and can go from mild and delicate, to intense and exotic depending on the fragrance blend. This scent is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, or anywhere in the house where you’d like to have a romantic feel to it.

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2. Fresh

Fresh scents are mostly derived from aroma notes that are clean, fresh, and herby. It is akin to smelling something brand new, like freshly washed linen or a whiff of nature’s freshness from a mountaintop.

Most fresh scents are very mild and crisp, and they can create an energizing and uplifting feel to your space. Candles with fresh scents are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and wardrobes because they are great for keeping the dank mustiness out of the space.

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3. Citrus

Citrus scents are one of the most popular candle scents out there. Derived from citrus fruits, this scent is very bright and energizing, perfect for when you need a mood lifter.

Most citrus scents are layers of multiple citrus fruits to provide that bright, zesty feel, and it is perfect for spaces like kitchens, offices, or hallways because it can really brighten up the feel of the room.

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4. Fruity

Taken from its name, fruity-scented candles have fragrances that are derived from fruits. They are mostly sweet-smelling and refreshing, and it is often connected to invoking happy emotions in a room.

Fruity scents are very pleasing to the senses, and it is perfect for kitchens, kid’s bedrooms, or any place where you’d like to have a cheerful atmosphere.

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5. Woody

Woody scents invoke a feeling of being outdoors and carry notes of woods and smokiness. Most woody scents are on the deeper, more intimate side of the fragrance wheel. It invokes a feeling of warmth and peacefulness.

It’s perfect for spaces wherein you can curl up under a warm blanket, like a living room on a cold winter night.

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6. Earthy

This particular scent is very deep and grounding, very close to its name. Earthy scented candles are similar to woody scents in the sense that it gives off the feeling of being outdoors.

The fragrance notes of these earthy candles are great for invoking peacefulness and balance. This makes candles with this scent perfect to use during meditation and yoga because they can make you feel calm and at ease.

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7. Spicy and Sweet

Spicy and sweet-scented candles are something that will remind you of fall. Most candles that fall under this scent carry notes of warm spices such as cinnamon and clove, reminiscent of oven-baked pies and Thanksgiving sweets.

This scent can give your space a warm, cozy feel, making your room feel very intimate. Use spicy and sweet candles in dining rooms or kitchens during the fall season to bring warmth into your space.

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8. Masculine

Masculine scents are quite bold and unique. Oftentimes a layer of multiple fragrances that are more woody and earthy, masculine scents also carry notes of whiskey, tobacco, musk, or sometimes, the scent of campfires.

It’s a well-received scent that many males enjoy and it carries deep, smoky scents that are perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a mancave.

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9. Exotic

Exotic scents, just like their name implies are quite unique and exciting. This particular scent is very indulging and rich, and it gives off the feeling of luxuriousness and warmth.

Most fragrance notes that exotic scents carry are quite sweet and it reminds you of delicious edible notes that give you a heady rush. Some fragrances that fall under this category are coffee, caramel, vanilla, or chai.

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Scented Oils for Candles

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Scented oils are what give a scented candle its beautiful aroma. For many candlemakers, there are multiple oils that can be used to fragrance a candle, and both of them have certain qualities that work best for the materials they use.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are highly concentrated synthetic compounds that have been mixed with a scented carrier oil. Because these fragrance oils are synthetically made, they are often cheaper and are stronger in scent than its counterpart because they are made to deliver the scent faster.

Essential Oils

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Essential oils, on the other hand, are concentrated liquids derived from organic plant matter. It is highly concentrated and from its name, it essentially carries the essence of a plant, root, or flower. Because of this, essential oils can be quite costly and are mostly used for aromatherapy applications.

What Materials Are Needed To Make Scented Candles?

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Many candlemakers nowadays take great care in creating their hand-poured candles. Essentially, there are a few basic needs to make a candle—wax, wicks, fragrance, and color, as well as molds or containers you will use to shape the candles.

With candlemaking rising in popularity over the last couple of years, a lot of materials have been used to create candles. Wax, in particular now has a few choices including beeswax, paraffin, vegetable wax like soy wax, and gel.

Each of these materials provides different burn times to candles, and they carry scents differently. Depending on what kind of candle you’d like to make, there are different waxes one can use to create them.

Candle Wicks

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Along with the kinds of wax to be used for creating candles, there are also different types of wicks that can be used. Cotton wicks are very popular and are widely available, and they come in different types.

If you’re looking for something a little different, wooden wicks are also used in candlemaking and are gaining popularity because of their sustainability. It also gives off the soft, crackling, and popping sounds of wood-burning, adding another layer of sensual experience to the user.

Can You Layer Candle Scents?

One way of elevating and transforming your space is by creating a unique and special scent of your own design. With scented candles, you can do this by layering your fragrances by burning two or more candles at the same time to give off a bespoke scent.

In order to do this, one should know the scent profile you are most attracted to. Taking these fragrances together, you can layer your choice scents by adding complementary or contrasting fragrance notes to create that unique scent.

There are no rules to pairing, so be daring and experiment with different candles to create the perfect blend for you.

Final Thoughts

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Scented candles are unique little jars of fragrances that can immediately transform a tired, old space with just a matchstick. These different scents can bring unique emotions and vibes to the room, and they can also freshen up your space.

In some cases, mixing and matching scented candles can create a bespoke fragrance that can be special and attributed to your personality. This is why scented candles are perfect additions to homes and living spaces—every single one is a unique experience.

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